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  1. What to post / What not to Post in this Forum
  2. The bigger better coffee shop!
  3. I hate easter Monday *abuse trigger*
  4. Yes. I'm pathetic.
  5. The Abuse and Bullying Mini Encyclopedia.
  6. Scared I'll be the abuser
  7. *triggering SH*
  8. Emotional Abuse
  9. sexual abuse **Trigger**
  10. One piece of my life... (("ABUSE" TRIG))
  11. The Past that haunts..Sexual abuse trig
  12. is this anything other than bullying?
  13. I have no clue as to what to do now...
  14. i've been abused and now it rules my life.
  15. what is so wrong with me?
  16. Hes always there*possibly triggering*
  17. Why can't they just leave me alone...?
  18. Why so much in such a short time?
  19. evil therapist
  20. dose this count
  21. does it ever end
  22. should i?
  23. Reporting
  24. So Scared
  25. I know they won't believe me.
  26. did anyone else find tonights House triggering?
  27. will they ever forgive me... did i abuse them? *TRIG*
  28. Why me??!!!
  29. misunderstood emotional abuse
  30. *adult* is it possible?
  31. i dont know what to do (Sexual Abuse)
  32. I wish he would leave me alone.
  33. Physical Abuse
  34. The Abuse
  35. Were you the abuser? Carried on from V2
  36. i think im stupid
  37. Bullying - Why is it me?
  38. reporting
  39. Just need to know
  40. Why does this keep happenin???
  41. Rant-ish thing. Support/hugs, please?
  42. Are you eager to do more to help RYL? Here's how.
  43. Need Help
  44. How can I tell??
  45. The Safe Room
  46. I dont know what to do
  47. Do the memories ever go away?
  48. It was my fault....
  49. dirty
  50. june 15 2003
  51. best way to hide it
  52. I know it's not my fault...
  53. Say Something Nice About The Person Above You Thread!
  54. Dreams
  55. Alittle about me.
  56. Not around
  57. what the hell came over me, why did i think it was worth bothering with?
  58. Emotional abuse
  59. abuse in dreams
  60. Abusive Relationship.
  61. Verbal abuse/desire to control: is it him or me?
  62. The Abuse and Bullying Section. Please ALL Read. *important update on pg 2*
  63. I need help
  64. Why now? *need some input*
  65. Worthless
  66. The Question Thread *replies may trigger*
  67. Worthless piece of dirt
  68. Victim Supportline - pls all read!
  69. bullied! help please
  70. Too In-tune With My Inner Child?
  71. ex
  72. Want Abuse?
  73. Why the hell does this happen? (also mentions suicide)
  74. Helpline needed ASAP
  75. just need... something. I don't know what.
  76. Problems with sex *adult and sexual abuse triggers* -long rant -getting off chest -sorry
  77. Never posted Here Before...Need Replies..
  78. my friend
  79. For everyone who ‘enjoyed’ it ~adult; sexual abuse; SI triggering; unsplat~ *re-posted from v2*
  80. Turned Him in
  81. an introduction
  82. I DID IT!!! *screeches excitedly*
  83. I told but regret
  84. hes' here - *updated below*
  85. confused... can you make sence of this? *probably triggering for something but i dunno what*
  86. question.
  87. Crimewatch
  88. I never told ANYONE
  89. im stupid *trig but dunno what for*
  90. Does anyone? Has anyone? *Possible Trigger For Sexual Abuse*
  91. not sure, opinions and advice pls?
  92. story & a question...
  93. For all those that look for bad things *triggering!*
  94. *Calling all PICZO members!!*
  95. I don't know what to do ... anniversaries and feeling "flat"
  96. Umm This is a first
  98. my story... can anyone out there relate, at all? (the post whore strikes again)
  99. why i'm here
  100. Not sure
  101. Why have I done it?
  102. I hate it ='[
  103. I am just an "IT"
  104. im sorry everyone
  105. ****!!!
  106. triggered at work today
  107. Going away for a bit. An explanation and thanks
  108. My sister and I.
  109. my story
  110. Dreams..
  111. Does anyone else have trouble saying no?
  112. The secrets...
  113. I need to finally talk about this *possibly sexual abuse triggering*
  114. Was it???
  115. confused...
  116. excellent article on emotional abuse I found
  117. Me!!
  118. article on bullying I found. *another good link!*
  119. Bullying and its consequences *trigger*
  120. I am weak (also adult)
  121. all my ******* fault
  122. Finaly YAY
  123. friday night
  124. anyone else feel/think this?
  125. i just need to get this out, ive been hiding it and i dont want to anymore.
  126. cannot talk about it... (might be triggering)
  127. I witnessed domestic violence as a child
  128. Is it possible to get better without dealing with your past? *opinions*
  129. emotional abuse - what would help you [for article]
  130. How do I deal with adult bullying? Possible trigger
  131. how could i forget some thing so bad!??
  132. I dont know.....(ADULT)
  133. an apology
  134. seing my bullies sidekick i cant deal with it
  135. a previous boyfriend abuse of my girlfriend *explicit*
  136. I still can't deal with it.
  137. hey sorry for monopolising pretty much every on this board
  138. i feel dirty
  139. Everything reminds me of "it"
  140. i cant take it any more
  141. Haunting Memories and a Fear--advice wanted
  142. Its Happened Again
  143. not sure what this is poss trigg emotional abuse as well
  144. suddenly fell out of love, time of year?
  145. Ahhh i am in need of hugs
  146. Friday night scared me... I think I'm ready to talk about it **GRAPHIC**
  147. really in need of some hugs and reassurance plse
  148. why did he have to tell them?
  149. Definition Question and Related Problems
  150. Heard from my abuser :(
  151. Counselling for abuse?
  152. what to do ?????
  153. not coping generally
  154. Messed up... need hugs *long/graphic* *triggering*
  155. FInaly Had enough
  156. Guilt for not reporting it
  157. Hit By Mark! Or Known As My So Called DAD!
  158. repressed memories
  159. Information Needed: Impacts of Abuse on Families
  160. I just had to let this out to somebody. sorry. :/
  161. Um not really sure if this goes here :/
  162. Feeling vulnerable
  163. I know I haven't been on here in ages ...
  164. recently remembered
  165. *ADULT* Is it sexual abuse?
  166. Having Issues with counseling...I don't know what to do!!!
  167. life after abuse..?
  168. Learning to accept myself and ignore others.
  169. URGENT.
  170. Having a little problem here...(long text)
  171. Scared *Trig mayb*
  172. Abuse in Hopsital
  173. Letter to Him (religion)
  174. :'(
  175. "Forgive yourself letter"
  176. Just a note *safe*
  177. picture perfect worthless broken
  178. My Father's Best Friend
  179. Monster (need some advice and support please) *updated*
  180. is this abuse or just discipline?
  181. Emotional abuse and disipline
  182. My Story
  183. I Feel Like I Don't Belong
  184. Something you would want to tell people
  185. 5 years on he is still there
  186. the police *sexual abuse trigger*
  187. Is this abuse? (long, small mention of SI)
  188. Drama play about children witnessing domestic violence.
  189. For people who are being bullied..
  190. It's like a gateway has opened...
  191. My Story.. Adult?
  192. Stop Child Abuse Poem
  193. can anyone else relate to this?
  194. Police?
  195. night terrors
  196. telling her
  197. They tell me to get over myself
  198. Jhonny
  199. younger abusers??
  200. childhood abuse
  201. This Is A Letter To My Abuser,He Will Never Read It Or Anything
  202. :'(
  203. erm.....flashbacks
  204. Abusive Parents/Shouting/Bullying?
  205. Running in the family
  206. Scared I Suppose
  207. Sorry i've not been around
  208. Running into your abuser *Poss. Triggering*
  209. support
  210. Not going to court.
  211. A Question
  212. Getting Abused and confussed
  213. confused
  214. Is this sexual abuse, and could explain my depression?
  215. Bully-proofing at school
  216. Worried sick
  217. help
  218. not sure if this should go here, but...
  219. I think it might be starting again!!!
  220. Octopus Man
  221. Is this abuse or not?
  222. Is it True? Help.
  223. it hurts
  224. Hearing him.
  225. It wasn't my choice but I wasn't very clear. Is it my fault? (WARNING: Graphic)
  226. Venturing into this part of RYL
  227. Seeing him again - don't know what to do - and flashbacks (*sexual abuse/ may trigger*)
  228. i need help...*maybe graphic*
  229. Will these feeling ever go away?
  230. So much to tell him, but I can never find the words...
  231. HIM
  232. did i screw up???
  233. So much evil...
  234. I hurt so bad. Should I feel ashamed for this?
  235. I thought it was normal, am I wrong for that??
  236. some men suck. totally.
  237. online bullying/harassment *advice needed*
  238. I don't how to describe it...
  239. I don't know if I belong here or not
  240. Girlfriend raped
  241. Really embarassed. *poss trig*
  242. Hypnotherapy?
  243. not again
  244. Is it abuse?
  245. Sometimes, time really isn't a great healer...=/
  246. Question about sexual abuse and counseling.
  247. im confused :S
  248. I showered
  249. Websites For A Friend. *SI Trigger?*
  250. i told