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Grief and Trauma Information and Advice
The stages of grieving

How to survive bereavement and the process of grief Read More... - 4595 Views

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Grounding can be as simple as stamping your feet or clapping your hands to remind you where you are. However if these don't work there is a longer, more relaxing method... Read More... - 2395 Views

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Some information on flashbacks. Whilst this article is specifically directed at flashbacks from sexual abuse, assault or rape, I think that the advice given would be equally suitable for someone suffering flashbacks of any trauma. Read More... - 3994 Views

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How can someone get over trauma from early in life?

A look at trying to understand trauma, and how to get to grips with it. Read More... - 2289 Views

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Rainbow Bridge

A sweet bit of perspective of the death of a pet Read More... - 2207 Views

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This article links to resources on grieving, bereavement, losing a child (through childhood, infancy, miscarriage and abortion), helping children and young people cope with death, coping with traumatic deaths (murder and suicide) and also help for people who've recently lost a pet. Read More... - 5768 Views

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Getting over Losing Someone

Separation through death is not the only way we experience grief. Any event or incident that evokes disappointment, pain and hurt can result in grief. This article explains grief and how to overcome it. Read More... - 3291 Views

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