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Welcome to - Supporting Self Injury Awareness
Welcome to RecoverYourLife: One of the biggest and best Self-Harm Support Communities on the internet. Although we are known for helping people suffering with Self Harm, we also welcome and support people with other issues such as Eating Disorders, Mental Health problems, those dealing with Abuse, and many more! We do not condone any pro-activity or encourage anyone to hurt themselves in any way, and there are a few rules to hold that in place.

We strongly believe in an open and non-judgemental atmosphere which we feel has helped so many people already. Whatever you feel you are struggling with, remember: You are not alone. Our members have proved many thousands of times that there is hope - RYL really can be the stepping stone to getting through your Self Harm.

On the site there is lots to explore! Articles on the Main Site, the Forums, Chat and Live Help, which is run by the Supporters, are the key places where you can find the support you need, any day at any time. We're open 24/7 all year round.

As well as the support side of the site, we also find that distraction and the feeling of community works just as well. We have regular community competitions, reviews on books and media, and a monthly eZine which is certainly a good read! We have various teams of staff on RYL who dedicate their time to give that little extra back and support our webmaster in the functioning of the site. These teams include Moderators, who moderate the fourms and chat, Supporters, who go out of their way to help others in need, First Aid Advisors, who offer advice on wound care and more, members of the RYL eZine, and the Community Team, who represent the community in the changes and improvements that keep RYL the best it can be! So welcome, and please take a look around!

Community News

 The new eZine is OUT NOW. Click here to read the September 2013 issue.

 Our hearts are with the families and friends of Ami and Dan, two loved members of the site who passed away recently, everyone is at RYL is sending you love and light, and our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time. If you are affected and want to speak to someone; please contact the Supporters on or use the Live Help Function. 

 Want to get involved in the eZine? Then get in touch! Either PM one of the team members or look for the threads in the General boards and Picture boards! There's the Pet Parade, Member Interviews, Art Competitions, Photography competitions and more!

 Thanks to everyone who put their name forward to join the Supporters, we have now stopped taking nominations. Please keep a look out in the future when we are next taking on new members.

Thanks to everyone who put their name forward to become part of the eZine team. We have now stopped taking names for now - if you have put your name forward, expect a PM in the next few days.

Want to join the Supporters? click click here or alternatively, if you need to contact the Supporters for support and advice, then click here to find out more.

The eZine is recruiting! To find out more information click here

 The latest eZine is out! You can read the Summer 2013 issue here.

 Tig and What_the? have been made new forum moderators many congratulations to them!

 The latest EZine is out now you can find it here

 Happy Easter to all on RYL, hopefully the Easter bunny comes and brings you lots of chocolate treats!

Chat is hosting an RYL Easter Weekend Party see here for more details.

RYL's Annual Easter Egg hunt is launched tonight! 

A happy Self Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) to all RYL'ers, (01/03/2013)

A complete guide to chat has been published here



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