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To be fair to all other players, please delete all but your highest high score on each game (mods will do this if not). Please also note that to retain fun and competition, all high scores are reduced by 10% every month - so you will always have a chance at the top spot!

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News & Events
Arcade scores have been reduced by about 10%
01:06, 1st Feb 2020
Hannah_x is the new Candy Tetris champion!
17:40, 10th Jan 2020
packfan1 is the new Zookeeper champion!
23:08, 6th Jan 2020
Lyanna is the new Mahjong champion!
12:28, 2nd Jan 2020
Arcade scores have been reduced by about 10%
01:13, 1st Jan 2020
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Jason's Pong Serendipity. Vs. Canary
5795 - 7115
Asteroids lostatsea2025 Vs. MissWay
170 - 2760
Asteroids Maleficent Vs. MissWay
2630 - 4030
Asteroids Wonderment Vs. MissWay
13640 - 7480
Asteroids Un_Forgiven Vs. MissWay
1080 - 1880
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