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Update - please read :)

Hi everyone,

We wanted to write a message addressing the numerous post reports regarding the advertisement of another forum, and some of the comments that have been made regarding this. Firstly, thank you for your PRs as we really appreciate when members do try to help us out. We would like to clarify our position on this and hopefully clear up any confusion. The chat mods have started a new forum which can be found at with mental health information, a forum itself and also a chat facility :)

RYL members are of course more than welcome to join this site in addition to or instead of RYL. As far as we, the forum moderators, are concerned, this is a separate site from RYL and not a Ďnew RYLí Ė the two sites can exist at the same time. RYL will continue to welcome old and new members and be moderated by the forum moderators. I am personally unaware of any tension or discontent between teams Ė we are more than happy for chat to have done this, so the suggestion thatíd weíd fractured or were unhappy is news to me!

We would ask that members of TGL minimise their advertising of the site as whilst links are welcome, the spamming of links is not. We do not remove links unless they are flagged as spam (which has happened with a TGL link on one occasion), when they are for personal gain, or when they are also accompanied by criticism of RYL which is unhelpful to current/new members of RYL. It doesnít provide a welcoming environment, nor does it give a kind impression of the people advertising TGL so this may be something to reflect on. It is also completely unacceptable to send the moderators private messages insinuating we donít want people to get support, as this isnít the case at all, and as Iím sure you can imagine we get several unpleasant messages as moderators anyway.

Itís common knowledge that RYL is quieter and of course itís difficult for us to make changes when the webmaster is no longer active. There is a limit to what we can do about this, and that doesnít mean weíve given up or arenít doing things behind the scenes to try and rectify it. I think forums generally are a less used space and so RYL is more of a nostalgic and familiar place for the people who have been using it as teenagers who are now adults. Itís wonderful that a new space has been created, but that doesnít mean this one is going to disappear (or should). What I would ask you all to remember is that weíre a team of volunteers doing our best. Many of us work in high stress jobs that take a lot of time and emotional energy, and itís only fair that RYL isnít top of the list all of the time because of this.

This post will be stickied and any other queries will be redirected to this thread. We hope that this makes sense but do feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.

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Thanks for addressing this Mali and the rest of the mod team here. As one of the co-founders of TGL (Muir being the other) I just wanted to respond.

Firstly, I would like to echo the point about TGL members minimising their advertising here. It doesn't serve to help anyone. Our primary reason for creating TGL was to continue to provide a supportive environment for people. I know that the mods here are trying to do the same thing by taking care of this place, and that it isn't an easy job. Moderators on both websites are volunteers and put in a lot of work behind the scenes. I hope members across both websites can be mindful and respectful of that.

The reason for moving wasn't due to any tension or animosity between forum and chat mods on RYL. Chat had already needed to move away from RYL as no one here had the power to update the software. We wanted to update things, have a social media presence and stronger community content. As Mali has mentioned, it is difficult to do those things here, so we felt a move was the best way forward.

People are of course welcome to join us, or remain here, or both! We understand that RYL will always be some people's place, and that's okay. It was ours too for a very long time and we appreciate all the work done by Harley, his family and all of those who have been part of the various teams that have volunteered here over the years.

Neither us or the mods here want arguments across the sites. That only makes both places seem less inviting to people, and thus makes it more difficult for those trying to seek support. It also gives moderators more work to do and I think we all have enough of that already. Please everyone - remember to be respectful of the rules, the moderators and of course, each other.

I hope these posts have clarified things for everyone and we can all continue forward happily. Thanks everyone.

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<3 <3 <3 thanks both for taking the time to talk through everything so well. I have nothing to add.

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