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Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa tends to affect females in later adolescence and early adulthood unlike anorexia which tends to start at a much earlier age. The effects of anorexia can be dramatic and therefore sufferers tend to get help much earlier than those with bulimia. However bulimia is as dangerous as anorexia and therefore getting help is a priority. Talking about your problems, and furthering your will to stop are both massively valuable actions that will need to be taken for successful recovery.

Thankfully you are able, at least until your happier within yourself to do this in the RYL ED Forum anonymously, safely and in a truly supportive, understanding environment. Be honest and make an active effort to seek out ways to help yourself - and RYL holds the keys to getting out of this, but it will take work.

The articles in here are solely focused on Bulimia Nervosa, they cover a range of topics but are very specific so you may find the articles in the other section helpful, particularly those in the healthy eating and recovery sections.

Check out these pages:

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