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Lunch is an important meal to fill us up as our energy levels dip. Some people like a big lunch others a smaller one, some people will have food cooked in school or go to a restaurant but here are a few choices that are healthy tasty and not to expensive to prepare.

Jacket Potatoes

Baked Potatoes are full of nutritients and the skin is packed with fiber. They make a great warming lunch J

The most simple filling is a bit of butter with Cheese melted on top but there are so many other fillings and topping so here is a yummy list of them!

  • Bacon bits and Sour Cream – Fry the bacon till it is truly crispy, break into pieces add to potatoe with lashings of sour cream – yum
  • Baked Beans with Cheese – Yummy, Healthy and Full of Fibre
  • Bolognaise Sauce - with cheese on top a fab source of protein 
  • Cheesey Potatoes – Any kind of cheese (Cheddar, Brie, Mozzarella, Stilton etc.) put on top of the potato and wait for it to go gooey.
  • Chilli Con Carne - with grated cheese on top, great source of protein and good for spice lovers
  • Cold cottage cheese - with onion and chives, or lightly dressed coleslaw I confess to loathing cottage cheese with a passion but this is a good source of calcium and a popular easy to make recipe!
  • Curry – everyone has there own simple curry recipe’s, or know of a fab sauce available from the local supermarket, Google will have recipes by the millions and the curry can be eaten fresh on the first day and on a potato the second day!!
  • Leeks and Mushrooms in Cheesy Sauce – My mummy makes this on cold days and it’s a real winter warmer – Fry the leeks and mushrooms in butter, add flour till it makes a paste then add milk stirring constantly so that it becomes a ‘thick liquid’ when you add cheese, Yummy and full of calcium.
  • Pesto Bacon and Cheese – When the potatoe is done take out the inside mix with pesto and add cheese and bacon before putting filling into the potatoe skins and heating until the cheese melts.
  • Pizza sauce and grated mozzarella – Open a tub of Tomato Passatta, Mix in some Garlic, Season with salt, pepper, sugar and oregano. A great source of Vitamin C 
  • Prawn mayonnaise – Buy some Frozen Prawns – (defrost according to the pack) Make up a sauce of Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Paprika – mix in the prawns et voila.
  • Rattatouille – A yummy filling stuffed to the brims with vege goodness and all the vitamins and minerals that it brings.
  • Salsa makes an interesting topping and is full of vege goodness.
  • Sautéed mushrooms – Fry them up with butter and put on top of the potato yummy with garlic
  • Tuna mayonnaise - another classic open a can of tuna add mayonnaise (sweetcorn, cucumber etc to taste) and if you like cheese cover in cheese!

Lastly remember that Jacket potatoes complement many meats and don’t need to be topped or filled to be yummy.


Sandwiches are a traditional lunch choice of many and most of us have our favourite filling. The varieties are endless from the choice of bread to the choice of filling and so on. I have separated the list below into 4 different sections so you can pick and choose depending on your mood.

  • Cheese - The most traditional toastie full of protein and carbohydrates
  • Cheese and Ham – A twist on the traditional cheese toastie and a good source of calcium and protein
  • Tuna and Cheese – Tuna is a brilliant source of protein as well as being jammed packed with Vitamin D and Omega 3
  • Mozarella and Pesto/Sundried Tomatoes/Fresh Tomatoes - This toastie is full of vitamin c, calcium and is yummy and summery
  • Cheese and chicken - This toastie is great because depending on your mood you can change the type of chicken you have, from plain grilled chicken to chicken tikka to barbecued chicken all of these of full of protein.
  • Cheese and Marmite - Full of B Vitamins as well as other minerals such as Thiamin thatwill keep our skin looking healthy 
  • Cheese and Baked Beans - This sandwich will help you achieve one portion of your fruit and veg target they are full of fiber and contain other essential minerals and vitamins.

Hot Sandwiches:

  • Sausage Sarnie - Hot and Warming serve with lashings of Ketchup, Brown Sauce or another sauce you prefer.
  • Bacon Butty - Simple, yummy and full of protein
  • Steak sandwich - The additions for this are huge - cheese, mushrooms, onions and so on.
  • Sloppy Joes - are sandwiches with a bolognaise sauce and maybe some chili sauce added, Other variations would be with baked beans on top or canned spaghetti

Cold Sandwiches:

  • Ham Sandwich – Mix with a choice of the following Mustard, Cheese, Cress, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickle, anything you desire.
  • Chicken Sandwich – Mix with mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, Bacon, and Stuffing
  • Tuna – Mix with mayonnaise, cucumber, sweetcorn, lettuce or add salsa
  • Bacon Lettuce and Tomato - Pretty simple timeless and yummy
  • Coronation Chicken – chicken coated in a curried mayonnaise sauce - sometimes fruit like dried apricots or raisins are added.
  • Chicken with salsa in a tortilla wrap - guacamole is also a nice addition to this and whilst a wrap is 'authentic' any bread will do.

Vegetarian Sandwiches:

  • Cheese and Tomato - simple dish that can be different each time depending on the cheese used
  • Egg Mayonnaise – add curry powder or paprika to make it slightly spicy
  • Peanut Butter/Peanut butter and Jelly (jam for the Brits!!) - nuts are brilliant for us containing numerous vitamins - eg. E and B as well as being packed full of protein. This sandwich can be changed to incorporate marshmallows, chocolate spread and others.
  • Salad Sandwiches – Mix your fave salad items together in sandwich and voila! Add Salad cream to taste!

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