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New Friend

I work at an auction. I hold stuff up while people are bidding on it, then take it to whoever buys it. A lot of the people come every time we have an auction (Sat. and Wed.) and I've gotten to know a few of them quite wel. So, I was taking something to one of the regulars and as I handed it to her she touched my arm and said, "Oh, did your cat scratch you?" I froze and then mumbled a "yeah, umm.. cats." and scurried off. After that every time she bought soemthing I was holding she kinda eyed my arms and smiled at me.
After the auction I was outside smoking and she asked me to help her load a dresser and I, being the tough show off, said of course. By the time we got it loaded, and I got paid most of the other people were gone and she was like "We need to have a chat." I felt cornered but I told her I would rather talk outside so we wandered to the end of the parking lot and then started to talk. She asked me why I cut, and I tried my hardest to explain. She said that she doesn't think less of me because of it. She wants to help me quit.
She hugged me. I usually won't admit it, but hugs always make me feel better. And get this:
She. Didn't. Ask.
People are usually scared to touch me, and won't hug me unless they ask first, but she just hugged me.
So, this was totally an awesome day.

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Thats wicked, ive always said a big squishy hug can always make someones day :D

Glad you've made a new friend, sometimes the wierdest circumstances can bring the bestest friends

Carly xxx

I tried to be someone else, but nothing seemed to change
I know now this is who I really am inside

[I don't wanna die, but i ain't keen on living either]

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I am also glad you made a new friend!!

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That's awesome! Hugs are great for making people better. =]
I'm so glad that you made a new friend and I hope that with their extra support you're able to quit.

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perfection is a flaw
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aww thats so sweet. glad you made a new friend =)

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Wow that's great. It's so great to know that there ARE people like that out in the world and you don't always have to be afraid :)

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