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BMI/Numbers/Weight Triggers - newbie says hello and vents frustrations!

hi everyone!
Im new here and thought I would introduce myself.Ive recently come out of hospital about 9 weeks ago with anorexia it took me 5 months to put on 2 stone,9 weeks down the line and I have nearly lost it all and been told Im going to have to ga back in really frustrated with myself while I wasin hospital I went for an interview to do mental health nursing at uni and somehow got offered a place for sept..this isnt going to happen npw as there is no way i will get cleared by occy so annoyed that even the one thing that I really want to do hasnt helped me turn this around..I didnt think my behaivours could get any worse than before I was admitted in sept but they somehow are i feel totally out of control and really dont want to have to go back in hosp ...sorry for theramble when Ive only just joined

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Hey hun, firstly welcome to the ED Board!
I'm sorry that you're feeling so bad hunny, but without your present hun, you don't have a future. You're still young and there is plenty of time to go to Uni and stufy the courses you want to learn. But right now hun, you need to look after your health and happiness. If the people in your support network believe that going back to hospital will help you hun, then I'm sure that it's the est thing to do.
Stay strong and have hope sweetheart, things will get better, and YOU will get better.
I hope you're ok, stay safe

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small light
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Hey hunny, I'm Freddie *cuddles*
Firstly you come first in getting better. Uni and everything else, although very fulfilling, can be gone back to fine later on. I hope that we can support and encourage you here. Keep going :)

F r e d d i e

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Welcome to the ED bored hun ,

Things will get better dear , please keep fighting xxxx

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hey - welcome to RYL

When your forced into getting better (which i'm assuming you were) then you are going to relapse when you leave.

you have to commit to fighting your ED and want recovery 100% or you wont be able to atain it. i for along time only ate when others made me..though i said i was 'recovering' i'd never eat when people were out at work or whatever.
As time progressed and circumstances changed as did my thinking about my ED..When i finnaly commited to recovering FOR MYSELF only then did i truely start to improve.

recovery, and being 'alone' in that - ie not in hospital, not being watched by somone HARD, really really hard but its worth it.
if you can make a commitment to yourself to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to fight anorexia then recovery can be yours.
but untill that time you wont find health or happiness and there will be alot of missed opportunities and wasted time.

That might seem harsh..but sometimes we need a kick to get us moving.

i wish you all the best

“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.”

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