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Originally Posted by nonperson View Post
It does. Lockdown has been a bit of an acceptable excuse for me to withdraw from society/people/family even more than before.

And I don't know. I just keep plodding on. I'm kind of lucky that my life hasn't been disrupted that much really. I can't work from home so my daily routine isn't very different other than learning an entirely new way of working.

Things are ok sometimes but I have been thinking recently that it's all probably affected me more than I realise.
Same re the withdrawing from stuff.

I think a routine is really good and helpful. I hope all the changes at work are going okay, I remember when my old work re opened after the first lockdown and it was really nerve wrecking and stressful to adjust to all the new things.

Also same re thinking this might have affected me more than I figured.
I think the full impact will be hitting us all once we move past this in some shape or form.

Cat - agreed re schools all opening at once. That seems so ridiculous.

Camden - I am sorry that there is so little being done where you live. How are you doing with everything? I know it has been quite the struggle for you.

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