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What happens when you tell the whole truth?

Sooo. Apparently I'm an idiot & deleted my previous posts because I feel ridiculously vulnerable

I may potentially be having a face to face doctors appointment, due to privacy at home & the nosey bitch which is my neighbour. The last straw was her asking if I should be in the gym with my "issues" I find out on Tuesday if my GP's happy for me to go in..

My GP knows briefly that there's laxative & diuretic usage. but she doesn't know the full extent of it. Plus the exercise is on the increase & my mental state is on the floor. Throw very intrusive thoughts into the mix. I am doing fantastically

Like.. what happens if I tell her everything? Dosage/amounts of meds used? I've lost a decent amount of weight & have already had bloods & ECG done on the 28th of April.

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I can't say for certain (esp as I'm based in the US) but it's possible they might advise for more support or other care based on ECG and bloods results, along with amounts of meds and what meds. I wish I could give a definitive answer but I unfortunately can't. I think being honest is the best way to move towards recovery even though it can be so, so scary. They want the best for you too!

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