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The BIG Welcome to RYL thread!

Hello and welcome to RYL!

We hope that, whatever reason you have for being here, you get some support and assistance that you need. RYL can be a bit big and overwhelming at first, so we hope this thread can help you find what you want.

Please read through this entire thread before you start posting. It contains information that will help to reduce the learning curve of being a new member.

This thread has some basic information about what you need to know for RYL as a whole, but please remember to check the stickies in each board for individual board rules.

This thread contains:
- What to post/what not to post in this forum
- First post suggestions
- The guide to chat
- How to stay safe online

Remember that if there's anything you can't find, have a look in The Guide to RYL.

Good luck!

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What to post and what not to post in the Introduction Forum.

What to post.
  • Your introduction, which is normally a little bit of information about yourself, but never post personal information such as your address or phone number.
  • You can also reply to other people's introductions, hug their threads, and welcome them to RYL.
What not to post.

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First post suggestions.

A good way to start out posting is to make an introduction thread and tell us a little about yourself. Don't be nervous - lots of new people join RYL every day, and we love getting to know the new members. Unsure about what to say? No problem, we can help!

Are you stuck on what to post on for your first post? Do you want your first thread here to be different and individual but aren't sure how? Well have no fear - in this thread you can find some ideas on how to make your first post stand out from the others.
  • Include the basics such as your name/nickname, where you're from, how old you are, etc.
  • Why are you joining RYL?
  • Do you have any cool hobbies or interests? How do you like to spend your free time?
  • You could also include what some of your favourite movies, music, books, TV shows, etc. are.
  • Is there anything about you that makes you stand out in a crowd? A rare talent? An odd interest? A funny habit?
Here's an example of a post so you can get some ideas:

Hi, my name is Benjamin, but I go by Ben.

I'm from California, and I'm 16 years old. I found RYL while searching for self-harm help, and I also suffer from Bipolar Disorder. When I'm not on the computer (which I am a lot :P) I like to skateboard and play with my younger brother. I collect bottle caps and love reading mystery books. My all-time favourite movie is Mrs. Doubtfire, my favourite music is basically any punk rock, and I love any sort of mystery book. I love watching AFV (America's Funniest Home Videos) and cop shows.

A few random facts about me: I'm colour-blind, I have 5 dogs, and I can burp the entire alphabet frontwards and backwards, which I am quite proud of, though my parents aren't so much :P
By The Community Team

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The Guide to Chat

The RYL chat can be a great place for finding someone to talk to, for talking about problems, but also for diversion. It can help to make you feel less alone or cheer you up, even if nothing of importance is discussed. To find a balance between these intentions with which people use the chat, it is divided into different sections, for two reasons:

1 - when someone needs support/someone to talk to, it can be distracting to have general conversation going on in the same room, which we want to avoid, and
2 - quite often people use the chat as a distraction, and don't want to be triggered by serious conversations or graphic descriptions.

When you enter chat, you'll first find yourself in 1. Completely General and, from there, can select the room you'd like to go to by clicking on the button with the door and arrow at the top of the chat window. And this is how the RYL chatrooms are divided:

1. Completely General is, as the name suggests, a room for trigger-free, general conversations about whatever comes to mind.
2. Mostly General is for both general chatting and support, but if the room gets crowded, support conversations should be moved to a different room. In that pattern,
3. Mostly Serious is for both types of conversation as well, but if general chatting interferes with support, it should be taken to room 1 or 2.
4. Completely Serious is for support only. General conversations should be taken elsewhere.

If you are looking for support, but there is no one in the support chat rooms, don't hesitate to speak up! No one will mind if you ask for someone to move to another room with you or talk via whispers or private chats.

And just as a reminder, please be familiar with the RYL rules (link at the top of the page) before entering chat, as these rules apply to both forum and chat.

We hope this answers some questions - above all, have fun in chat! :)

If you're totally new to Chat, it may be an idea to have a read-through of the Chat rules (same to the ones you agree to when first joining) so that you know exactly what you can do :) The intial Chat screen will tell you how to move from room to room.

Okay, I'm in a room but everyone knows everyone else! I don't know what to say!

If you look closely at some of the messages sent in Chat, people are just generally talking about something that happened during their day or something random. Don't be nervous about starting a conversation of your own by just bringing up a topic - people will catch on and start chatting to you :) You may also want to check out the Chat Members Introduce Themselves thread so you'll recognize some faces when you first come in. Another good thing to do would be to say your name (if you don't mind using your first name in Chat) and say a little bit about yourself as well.

A good thing to remember if you're joining Chat for the first time is about text speak. Abbreviations like "Lol" and "Brb" are coolies but tlking lyk dis is aint kwl n not allwd in chat rlly. Try to avoid using text speak if you can as this will help a lot when you first enter Chat too :)

What do I do if I need to talk seriously or need support, though?

The Chat Information thread will tell you what is mainly allowed to be talked about in each room. If you are in a General-only room, just ask if someone can move to a Serious room with you or if you can PM them.

If you're in a Serious or Mixed-conversation room, then it's coolies to just ask something like "Can I get some support, please?" or "Is it okay to whisper someone?" and someone will reply.

How do I "whisper" somebody?

To the right of your Chat screen, you'll see a looooong list of usernames with their avatars. Right-click on the name of the person you want and select "Whisper", then send your message. When you've got a reply, click on their username in your reply, and the conversation carries on. If you want to talk in your "own" room, just select "Private Chat" and a seperate Chat tab for you and the other user should open up.

Who are the lil green dudes in that list?

The lil green dudes are our very own Chat moderators! They are around to look after you and make sure everything in Chat is going as it should. If you have any questions about the Chat rules, you can ask them too.

What do I do if there isn't one of them in the list and I need to report something?

If you come across anything said in Chat that you feel breaks the rules in some way or you think the Chat mods should look at, there are a few things you can do. First, save a chat log of the incident - this link will take you to a thread where you can find out how to log chat and then what part to send to the mods.

If there are any Chat mods online (they will appear in green on the "Who's Online Right Now bit at the bottom of the Forum homepage) it's best to PM the copypaste straight to them. If there aren't any lil green people on the list, send the log to where it will be picked up by the next available modcake :)

Nice one. What else can I do in Chat?

Just above the box at the bottom where you type your message is a row of options like changing your font/colour or adding a smiley to your message. If you type "/me" or just ":" at the front of your message, it will come up in italics on the chat screen, like an action. For example - "/me waves to everyone". Try it! You can also set yourself to "away" by clicking once on the box saying "I am available" next to the text box. However, don't click this too many times as it sends an alert to the main Chat screen each time it's clicked :) The great thing about Chat is that you can get support at real-time speed, kinda like Live Help but with lots of people! The more you come in, the more people will notice you around and you'll soon feel more at home.

Okay, one last question - why is there a drunk tomato smiley?

It's a pig *nods* and why wouldn't we need one? =D

Written by Sometimes Crazy and Zeitgeist

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Staying Safe Online

This is just a quick post about safety on the internet. Though these forums are a really great place to be connected, talk about what's going on for you, and get the support that you need, you've also got to be careful about what information you provide on the internet.

The majority of these forums are public forums, and therefore you have to consider the personal information you are posting can be viewed by everyone on the internet.

As such, it's a great idea not to share personal details on either the forums / chat / private messages. This includes avoid sharing your;
  • E-mail addresses, including msn addresses.
  • Your full name, phone number, details about your specific location.
  • What school/college you attend.
  • Images of yourself [try not to include images of others, unless you have their permission]
  • Any other information that could be used by people at your detriment.
The moderators here at RYL have a lot of systems [and a strange amount of time] to invest into keeping our members safe, and that is what we are working towards with this post.

While we can make sure banned members remained banned, and troublesome members are kept away, there is only so much we can do to personally protect you. That's why we ask you think before you post, especially on the public forums.

Of course, we're not saying you shouldn't make friends here, we like friends :) but we are saying you should be wary of the internet and that you don't always 'know' who people are. There are by far more genuine people and friends here than there are people you need to avoid, but it is worth making sure you can keep yourself safe.

Also remember, that if someone has added you onto msn and is behaving in a manner you don't like, or that makes you feel uncomfortable, by being rude or inappropriate, block them. If the matter is serious you can contact the moderators here, and if you're doing so it's great to have copies of the log. [Remember, though, that we do not control of everything. However you can report such instances to an online agency, and we can help out with that.]

For more information please have a look at:Of course, if you have any questions / comments / concerns about any of this, please get in contact with a moderator either by contacting them directly (See staff listing), or emailing the team at

Written by Aimee in Wonderland, on behalf of the moderating team.

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