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Finances While In Hospital


So today is day 17 of me being in hospital (though it doesnít feel like that because some of the time I spent unconscious). I was in the general hospital in intensive care and then on a general ward before being transferred to the psychiatric hospital down the road.

Nobody seems to know right now how long my admission will last but Iím worried because if it goes past 28 days I think my PIP will stop? Does anyone know if this is right? Also Iíve nearly used all the sick pay Iím entitled to from work so my pay will stop or be severely reduced. I know that you donít need much income while in hospital but I will still have things to pay like Rent and Council Tax with very little (if any) income.

Is there anything else I can claim if I stay here that long to try and help?

PS The Occupational Therapist on the ward says that he doesnít think the time I spent in intensive care will be counted as part of the 28 days before my PIP stops as I was very unwell (needed assistance to breathe etc) but I think he is wrong and that the time spent in ICU will count??

Thanks for any input........

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I think PIP is meant to stop after 28 days but only if you tell them. They don't automatically find out.

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I'm not sure but I think the ward clerk might let the DWP know when you're admitted and dischargedfrom hospital, though it doesn't always work that way.

It sounds as though you should be entitled to housing and council tax benefit (or whatever the universal credit equivalent is). Definitely get a member of staff's help to go through that process but I can't see why you wouldn't be able to get it. I'm not up to date with benefits knowledge but you used to be able to get housing benefit for the first 52 weeks of an admission.

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Whilst your in general that counts as one admission and then going to psych ward counts as second admission. So if either of those admission goes over the 28 period you then have to let department of work and pensions know you were in hospital. As they are separate admission they don’t count as a 28 day period as you were discharged prior to being admitted to psych ward.

You need to let them know because they do randomly check on people and what they did during a certain period and if it doesn’t match what actually happened you could be done for fraud. It’s best to let them know if your unsure because they can help out as they appreciate you being honest (they’ve helped me before) - but this info is based on training we received at work.

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