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Slowly But Surely Losing My Mind
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Do you ever get the feeling you don't belong?
Of course

Are you a timid person?

If someone said they loved you would you believe them?
Depends on the person

Do you believe actions speak louder than words?

Do you cry at silly things?

If someone called you beautiful would you smile?

Ever got butterflies over someone?

If your bestfriend bitched about you behind your back how would you feel?
Pissed off

Ever been in love with two people at the same time?

Ever vomited because you were in shock?

Do you think the world is a nice place or a horrible place?
I can be both it just depends on the people you're around and your surroundings in general

Do you have a special feeling for someone at the moment?

If your friend tried to commit suicide in front of you how would you react?
I would probably panic and try to stop them in any way possible and talk them down

Ever had a rumor spread about you?
Of course

Have you ever tried to impress someone before?

If you found out you were pregnant how would you react?
Well I'm not a female but if I got a female pregnant I'd probably panic but I'd be happy too

If I say "Pikey" what comes to your mind?

*QUICK* What word beings with S?

Are you happy at this moment in time?
Not really

Have you ever been dumped by text? Did it hurt?
Yes and of course it hurt

What about by Facebook or Myspace?

In your opinion what would be the worst possible way to dump someone?
Ghosting, or admitting that you cheated and don't want then anymore

If someone random jumped on your back what would you do?
Flip out

How do you take out your anger?
I just try to listen to music or watch something to calm down

What annoys you the most out of what people do?
So many things

Ever heard of the duck song? x)

If you had a child and they turned out just like you would you be happy?

If you could choose the gender of your child what gender would you choose?
I don't really know

Do you care about other peoples feelings more than your own?
Not always but I try to

Ever been pressured into something?
Who hasn't?


What time did you wake up?
Around noon

Where were you sleeping at?
My house

What was for breakfast?
Nothing I skip breakfast usual

What did you wear?
T shirt with jeans and a hoodie

Did you go to school?
I'm 33, so no

Did you go to work?
Unemployed at the moment so no

What was for lunch?
Didn't each lunch

What was for dinner?

Where else did you go?
Out for a walk around the block

What did you do there?

Who did you talk to?
My dad and my sister

Who did you hang out with?

Who did you text?
My girlfriend

♪"'Cause I'm about to break down,
I'm searchin' for a way out,
I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, I'm a non-believer
I'm a popular, popular monster"♪

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