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What to post / What not to Post in this Forum

Welcome to the Fun and Distractions forum

This is the place for you to post and participate in random, fun threads ... share jokes, funny websites, pictures and other distractions .... have a ball playing games in the RYL Arcade ... and distract yourself from worrisome thoughts, feelings and urges, by just kicking back and having lots of fun with your fellow RYL members.

What to Post in this forum

* Absolutely ANYTHING that is good, (and mostly) clean FUN ... and abides by the RYL Rules

* Examples of threads that are posted in this forum are -
Word Association threads
'A to Z' threads
'Comment on the poster/avatar/signature above you'
online surveys / tests
ongoing question and answer threads
word by word stories thread
funny movie quotes
'Confucius says ....' threads
'Have you ever .... ? ' threads
The 'forbidden letters' threads
Favourite movies, drinks, music, bands, TV shows etc threads
Online games
Fun websites

.......... and much much more!
What NOT to Post in this forum

* Any post that is looking for support, help or advice - please post in the appropriate support forum .... either in an open topic support forum ... or ... a specific support/advice forum.

* Any jokes, quotes or threads that could be triggering to members, are discriminatory to anyone of a certain race, gender, religion, or disability, or overly 'adult' (R or X rated) in their content

* Any picture, link, quote, game, or any other content that breaches copyright restrictions.

[font=Arial]* Any post that breaches the RYL Rules of Posting[font=Verdana].

If you have any questions, please contact a moderator see staff listings)

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how about research? I saw a thread earlier that the new member wants to make a research here in RYL ...

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