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General Medical Question - Non Urgent - Bump on the head

Hey, my mum had a fall a few days ago and hit her head she thinks, at the time she didnt feel any pain but now shes very dizzy and has a very sore head, she looks awful. She says the pain is coming from where she hit her head, and seeing as i live with her and my 15 year old sister im very worried because i dont know what i should do. Any help would be appreciated.

Tom my amazing partner and our 4 week old son Jack :) <3

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I think your mum should go and see a dr, phone nhs direct or go up to the hosp if she is feeling concust, but this thread will probly get locked as you aren't allowed to post looking for medical advice for any third party...

Stay safe x

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Oooh ok, didnt know that..! Had already tried looking on the internet for help and couldnt find any but thanks for the help :) x

Tom my amazing partner and our 4 week old son Jack :) <3

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As mentioned above. We cannot answer information regarding someone else. This is for various reasons and stated in the Rules of the First Aid Forum;

5. Do not ask for advice for another person (3rd party advice). We can not allow information to be given out to anyone but the person who needs it due to the potential for tip sharing and information seeking. This applies to advice for both members of RYL and non-members.

Example: "member xxx has sent me a PM saying they took xxx number of pills, what should I tell them to do?"

Because of this I am now going to lock the thread. Hope she gets the help that she needs elsewhere.

If you have any questions regarding this feel free to PM me.


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