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Helen's GP has insisted she go to hospital with low potassium

Hi everyone

i am posting this on Helens behalf.

i have had a very short text to say she is in hospital with low potassium.

Of course i am very worried for her [as always] but this is just to let everyone know that sadly this is currently where things are now at.

i will keep people updated if i hear anything else/Helen asks me to post more.

Best wishes and love to all.

Hel PLEASE get better soon.i love you always and forever and you are the best best friend anyone could have whatever happens.It hurts me to see you hurting and suffering so much.You can get through this.You are very ill but you can.Please believe that and please fight.Deep down i know you dont want this.i know you want to get better.Dont let this ED beat you, PLEASE.

xx xx

PS i have just had a bit more info from Helen.Apparrently it was her GP who has made her go hosp.They took blood for her potassium 3 days running but it has kept dropping over those three days and so her GP rang her and insisted she go to hospital.She is there now.Waiting to see what will happen.Things are not good.

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i do not always manage to be around but i wish you all the very best - love and luck to you all!

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I am a cat
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Please get better.

You have so much to live for.

Being in hospital attatched to a pottasium drip is no life, Ive been there my whole life! I know its difficult.

Your such an amazing girl.

Please keep fighting.

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Keep fighting Helen.

Take the help you need x

Thanks for keeping us updated Kath? Sorry if i got your name wrong.

Believe <3

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Never knowing...a helping hand or hell to pay?
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Thinking of you.

'Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.'

['There is only one thing we say to death. Not today'.']

'We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.’ – Oscar Wilde
‘It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back.’ Sydney Carter

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hi i dont know you well but pleaser keep fighting and get well soonxx

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I'm glad you're at least getting some form of help right now, please try and get a bit better?
You know deep down that you don't want this, you have so much that could be yours.

Hang in there beautiful
Love you xx

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Thinking of you Helen <3

[every beginning is also an end]

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I'm sorry you had to post this Kath

I'm sorry you're in hospital, Helen Remember we love you and we want you to get out of this ALIVE OK?

*Hugs you*

Jo (Newlife) is my daughter
Kat (Katnovia) is my sister

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I hope they are nice to you at hospital Helen. Please try to be honest with them and take care of yourself!

Always seem to get things just that little bit wrong.

"don't wish, don't start, wishing only wounds the heart"

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I hope you get the needed support in hospital Helen. Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon ~ and that you also begin to recover with your long term issues. Sending you many hugs and lots of love xxx

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Just breathe.
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I hope you feel better soon Helen :) So many people care about you and want to see you well and happy and ALIVE. Take care xx

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Thank you everyone - i know that Helen will really appreciate the kind words and hugs too.

Just to update people Helen has been seen by the doctor again this morning. Helen wants to go home but he wanted her to stay and so now she has been moved to a proper ward. She is very upset about having to stay and is saying she hopes her heart does stop and that she dies.Obviously we all hope that this really doesnt happen but she is in a lot of danger and people are very concerned and i hope that she can come to realise the very real danger that she is in [if she doesnt already obviously]. And i hope that as she settles more on the ward which she says is at least quieter than the last place they had her that she will become a bit less distressed at least about having to be there and stay. And as we all know she really does desperately need all this help right now.

She has been having bags of potassium and is still having this.They are also concerned that her blood pressure has been dropping thoughout the night.

i have been passing on all your love and hugs and i know it means a lot to Hel.

Take care and best wishes to all.Just thought that id let you know [with Helens consent - i did ask] how things are this morning.

xx xx

i do not always manage to be around but i wish you all the very best - love and luck to you all!

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keep strong helen you can do this x

Believe <3

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Helen sweetie, this is so heartbreaking to read, you're a lovely and amazing girl, and I hate that the ED seems to be taking over. You dont deserve to be ill, we all want to see you happy and healthy.

You have so many people supporting you, on here, facebook, etc, please remember we're all here if you ever need to talk or rant or anything, yeah? We all care so much about you, we don't want to lose you. We're all here, no matter what. I may not understand everything, but I'll try, I promise you that, yeah. I'll always listen, no matter what.

Be strong xxxxx

if you think you know me in real life, no you don't.

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Fight for another day
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Helen sorry to hear your not doing well, please fight this you deserve a better life for yourself xxx

"Recovery is something that you have to work
on every single day and it's
something that doesn't
get a day off."

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I order you to forgive yourself.
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Good luck helen xxx

╰☆╮Are you afraid of the good you might do?╰☆╮

✪ If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness ✪

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I genuinely do feel so upset that this has happened...

Helen you're an amazing person & you don't deserve to be going through any of this. You are in the right place though sweetie,, you'll realize that one day.
We don't want you to die,, we all know how special you & want you to be well & happy & healthy.

Please don't give up,, not ever.


Well content loves the silence, It thrives in the dark,
With fine winding tendrils, That strangle the heart,
They say that promises sweeten the blow, But I don't need them,
No, I don't need them...

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Please keep fighting helen. I hope you get the help and support you needxx

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I don't really know you, but I just read this thread and I hope you can find the strength to fight this.

You survived the abuse.
You're gonna survive the recovery.

- Olivia Benson

Laura, Ginger, Cassi, Luna, Joni, Lena

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Helen has convinced the doctor to let her go.

i do not always manage to be around but i wish you all the very best - love and luck to you all!

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