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Do I have an eating disorder?

Weird thing to start with, maybe, but bear with me.
I've punished my body in various ways most of my life as a means of coping with the fallout of physical and sexual abuse. One of the ways this manifests is in depriving myself of food and/or water for extended periods of time.
When I spiral, one of the first things that happens is I stop eating or eat as little as possible. I don't vomit or purge or binge. There's definitely a mental component to it. I use it to regain control, numb emotions, and punish myself.
Is this an eating disorder, or just a less-than-healthy coping mechanism? Any advice for combating this problem?


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Hi there, welcome to RYL!

We can't advise on whether you have an eating disorder or not I'm afraid, as we're not professionals here. However it sounds like you definitely have difficulties with eating that would be worth getting some help with. Do you have any professional help at the moment?

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I'm seeing a therapist for PTSD, but we haven't talked about the eating problems. I have a friend/mentor who is a counselor, and he's referred to my habits as an "atypical, trauma-based eating disorder."
Just wondering if anyone here has seen or experienced something similar.

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There can often be a correlation between trauma and eating disorders. I know when I was in treatment, many people had both that played into one another. It would be something really important to bring up to your therapist, as it can impact your brain and body and they really need to be aware of it to make sure you are okay physically and mentally.

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This is happening, this is part of you.

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Thanks, that's helpful. I will let her know.

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