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Interested in a new fantasy story? SHADOWSWORN

Been writing for years, but just become serious. Writing a fantasy book, 30,000 words down, only roughly 70,000 more to go aha.

However, I found a serious love and escape in writing.
Books are a passion. A new world. An alternate life. A place to lose yourself in twisting plots, sublime characters and utter intrigue.

To put pen to paper, to see the vivid images in your mind come to life, a thrill to behold.

The beauty of an author's words.

Here's a sample of mine, 'ShadowSworn'.



A whisper on the crisp wind, falling across the barren winter fields, weaving through the trees.
Such a searing sense of dread and despair fell upon her as the old woman crashed to her knees. Fate had come. Terror rattled her bones, and the fear of what was to come made her very blood quiver.

Alas, she knew it would dawn one day. Instead of the slow creep of time she had expected, the dark future had descended. It would always be too soon in her tired and pained eyes. Time was running out.
And as her breath came to a grinding halt, a solitary note followed, a crescendo. A deep resonance that shook her to the core. Then silence.

Across the clearing, two separate sounds reached her ears. It all intertwined with that singular note. Hope. Gripping her gnarled cane with withering hands, she rose to her feet, the music wrapping and binding her in strength. And deep within Nona Lex Exol, it set her heart burning, her fractured and weary soul aflame.

Those distant echoes; a heart wrenching bellow of grief.
And a newborn wail.

Fate had awoken.

1017 years ago...

The destruction of the Narilian lands was almost absolute.

Rubble and fire as far as the eye could see. A sea of corpses strewn across the once idyllic land. There was only one speck of peace left, although one no longer prosperous.

Mariana gazed out at the thousands of refugees, in the large ramshackled encampment that had sprung up on the Tallyr city outskirts. Situated on the island on Tutela, it was the furthest point anyone could run from the death on their heels. The many inhabitants; and few survivors, who had fled the mainland of Narilia, filthy and bloody.

They only had one hope left, for any sort of future. And that was her.

She knew what must be done, to protect her people. Mariana may be young, a mere 17 summers, but a fool she was not.

The two sisters, Lilithe and Linara were darkness personified. They had brought wrack and ruin here without care. And there was no doubt in Mariana's mind that they were arrowing for this location. Not so much for the people. For Mariana herself.

As she looked out over the balcony, she watched the despair tightening around everyone. In the corner of her eye, a figure slipped out of the building with haste.
All she would permit herself, a sole fleeting glance at the peasant woman who ran to quickly join the throngs of panicking citizens. A young baby boy crying in her frail arms.
No one must ever know the truth of it.

She stepped quickly back into the spartan-style room, grabbing the glistening jewel lain upon the bed. She secured the emerald and onyx pendant in place around her pale, slender neck. A family heirloom, one with a gift of life for the innocent lives she had fought to protect.

The thick fog was rolling in. Full of darkness, drenched in fear and agony. She knew it was no natural occurrence. They were almost here.

With a sweep of her hand, she pushed the curtain of ebony hair over one shoulder and drew forth from the scabbard strapped upon her back, a rose crystal sword that promised freedom.

As the only surviving member of her family, Princess Mariana Narilia was ready to take her last stand.

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Do not go out your way to gain a scar!

But a scar is a sign of a fighter! You are still standing!

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