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Koala hugs
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self harm nostalgia

Is it just me or does anyone else feel nostalgic for the days they used to self harm more etc i am feeling like that right now i just miss it and can only think of the good things about it even tho its obviously not a good thing? I dunno im probably totally alone in this

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You're not alone, I understand that nostalgic feeling too. Try not to focus on the "good" things though, easier said than done I know, but you don't want to reinforce it as a good thing. You would have felt bad things about it before as well but it's easy to forget the negative side of it sometimes when in a certain frame of mind.

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You're not alone in thinking that (I don't want to say anything that would make self harm appear like a positive option) - it's strange when it used to be a big part of your life, and then you get to a stage where you find other, less-harmful ways to deal with things.

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