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do not read lol

i write a lot of stupid crap. i used to have a thread for this ages ago, but it was filled with crap so i deleted it. i'll periodically add to this thread until i cbf. i am a thousand monkeys typing on a thousand typewriters, one day ill do something cool.

i never know what to title stuff

(If they go)
Beware the burrow you dug
With the love you gave:
When dug too deep, it's
No more than a grave.

Do not become the tree
That leaves but never barks,
Termites come for dinner
When daylight turns to dark.

If ever you feel an ocean
Start brewing from your emotion:
Take care how much you let them drink-
Your loved ones, you will surely sink.


I like to sit and watch where the ant goes
The single ant on its own, heading towards who knows?
Maybe it's a scout, looking for leftover food,
Or maybe it's lost, forgotten by its brood,
Or maybe it's slow, making its way home-
So I put it on my finger, and now I'm not alone.


In my mind, there's four
Walls made out of skin.
In my mind, there's three
Windows painted in.
In my mind, there's two
Chairs but not a table
And in my mind, there's a
Boy that is unstable.


I am staring at the sky,
It is grey.
As is the smoke, as was this day.

I am staring at the ground,
It is also grey.
Why is everything so grey?

I am staring at the ashes,
They are grey.
As are my memories of yesterday.

I am staring at my hand,
It is not grey.
Why can't everything be grey?


lungful of air choking me
like a stale cigarette
this city night is a blur

colour and screaming
dreams are made and
turned to dust on the sidewalk

nothing but noise and pollution
nothing but cement in the sky

train screeches by
twelve suicides
four hours to dawn
nothing left anymore

but i need you here

edit: dunno how to add specific labels, only "Adult" shows. w/e, dont think it needs one anyway. there's the word "suicide", but nothing implying as such.

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I am currently:

These are cool! I particularly like the in my mind one it has a really good way of making you read it in a certain way.

The grey one too. Powerful end!

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thanks mate.

The sky is blue, grey peeking over the horizon;
I never knew that beauty could be found in short gasps.
Although it's true that the ground bleeds mud when it's cried on-
The moment of beauty never lasts.

Yet I had lost, living in this false dichotomy
And had I tossed this doppelganger of me away:
It may have crossed my mind, brain like a lobotomy-
To try and live just another day.

Somehow I live as my foundations erode and shake,
But I don't give in to my putrid and failing mind.
Like an olive, pitted and crushed in the jar I fake;
The glass is broken, myself in kind.


I cup my only hands outside
Of my only window, and
I try to catch the rain
For a thirst that never quenches.
Yet I only seem to catch the spit
Of those who laud above me.
The hand-cupped spit is all I drink
For the thirst that never quenches.


A river of melancholy diverges
Into the ocean of me.
Although all rivers divide and merge:
There is no end to my sea.

Bony hands can't grasp the shore,
The sand kept slipping through.
Wanton needs, my fingers raw;
The cliff-face seemed too new.

Militant approach to love, forsaken-
As I suffocate slowly.
Never again will this pill be taken:
The only cure for lonely.

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I am the half-remembered dream
Of someone that is awake,
And as the seconds flow
Into minutes, into hours:
The dream flows away just as steadily-
Like sand falling through the gaps
Of a cupped hand.
All I have been and all I will be,
Are the grains of sand that had
Stuck to the tear-stained hands
Of those who had let it fall free.


Mary Sue aside me

We met in a dream,
Countless days repeated.
She came to hold me-
My will defeated.
I cannot fathom
The scent I whiffed.
Her auburn hair;
A paradigm shift.
Backlit eyes staring,
Lips cut like a maw.
A predator, I
Would soon know no more.
She laid me down
And took me to slumber.
We squeezed our hands-
A shotgun's thunder.

i guess it's time to change the thread title.
"Mary Sue aside me", im a creative genius!!! except it's the only one with a title...

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There are four walls and a floor,
Within my mind, a chain-locked door.
There are three drawers and a bed,
With only one place to rest my head.
There are two windows and a mirror,
Yet none of them do I consider.
There is one room and I am in it-
A personal hell with no exit.


One two, one two, one two, one two
Be sure to step with purpose, too.
See a window, slight reflection
Pull down top; neck correction.
Someone walking opposite, oh
Stare ahead, hold breath, don't let it show.

They've passed you, it's safe now
Exhale slowly, mind whited out.
Don't forget to walk, automatic,
Neck bent down, ears filled with static.
Now it's a group, senses heighten-
Pull out your phone, grip and chest tightened.

Safe again, thoughts left in disarray-
Reflection, fix hair astray.
Person, pull back shoulders slightly.
Others around smiling brightly.
Laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing- stop.
They're laughing at you, heart starts to drop.

It's all in your head, calm down, relax;
Don't turn around and reverse your tracks.
You'll lose all progress, places to be-
I wish I was at home, fast asleep.

yes these suck. the second one might be relatable to some people here, idk, it's how i felt as i walked to the shops today to get some codral from the pharmacy LOL

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I looked upon the mirror
In vein, I see myself
And a pitter-patter
Of rain hitting the floor.

The rain's flow quickly thrums,
Fingers held disjointed.
A tinkling on the ground-
Broken glass left pointed.


Sitting on the hardwood floor,
Playing a game of chance.
Pair shook in hand, let them fall;
I'm watching the dice dance.

They both fell to a one,
I guess I'll see it through
Despite my terrible luck-
As I struck: One, two.

I picked them up and dropped
Them down again to the floor,
But I guess my luck stopped as
I stared at the dice once more:

Two. The lowest number.
Again, I'll see it through,
Despite my terrible fate-
As I sate: One, two.

I felt cheated, unrest-
My thirst could not be quenched.
Is this fate at its best?
Yet hands gripped, unclenched.

Snake eyes again, staring-
Maybe I should start anew.
Despite my fear inside,
I abide: One, two.

I could not fathom what had
Occured to me on this night.
Had a saint bowed down and
Tried to rid me of this blight?

My addiction ran course through fate and chance-
So for this night, the dice have their last dance.

i want to try write one about the external world one day
that second one, taken out of the context of the poem, could be skirting a rule idk

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Like a dry sponge.

It's time again,
Night after night
Crippling me
Soon after Ten.

Spoon filled with my
Deadly dessert.
Wrapping me, I
Began to hurt.

The lust has come,
Need fulfilling;
Temperature fixed-
A conundrum.

Ready at last!
Tap tap, tap tap.
Braced as I sat,
Shadows are cast.

Metal and skin
Came together:
This river is like
A long lost kin.

I took the plunge.


(looking at her)

There is an angel at the bus stop-
Not my bus stop, but across the street.
Flaming, red hair and white skin-tight top.
It's a shame that we will never meet.

I look down at my phone, can't be seen.
Last glance I stole: adjusting her skirt-
Navy blue, sprouting legs long and lean.
Even her shadow could make me hurt.

I glanced up again, needing my fix:
At the same moment, she looked downwards-
I caught a flash of blue, eyes a sea.
I thought my mind might be playing tricks.

Sun emphasizing her hair grandly,
I figured a halo might be seen.
As she grasped her black bag handily,
I realised the bus had come near.

I needed to act, quickly, with haste-
Standing up suddenly, arm lifting:
I waved at her, hand nearly a wing.
At the last second, she turned her face

As the vehicle came to stop in place.

(looking at him)

There's a man at the bus stop, sitting.
Mysterious and dark, features sharp,
White t-shirt, stretch black jeans tight-fitting.
'Cross the road from me echos a harp.

I quickly glanced down, checking my phone,
Pretending to, at least. Cheeks flushed
As i think about his figure, honed;
With dark blonde hair, side cropped, top brushed.

Enough time had passed, I looked up-
Eyes sparkled a second, he looked down;
Like honey in colour, light brown.
That glance filled me like a flowing cup.

His expression changed, lips pursed.
Wonder what he was thinking about?
Suddenly, a motion, hands clenched
As he stood up. My heart felt filled out.

Bus arriving, I stood up as well,
Put my phone in my jeans, facing him.
His arm in the air, my chest caved in-
Boys shouldn't cry, but I felt tears swell:

Because he was waving to that girl.

first one might be questionable if you read it a certain way, but it's kinda vague so it should be okay
second one i tried to do two points of view, idk if i pulled it off. the concept seemed cool tho.

Last edited by MoNo : 20-05-2015 at 09:55 AM. Reason: i actually write these on my ipod and i add all the punctuation here, sometimes it sounds wrong because i cant into english.
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who even reads these edition

red apples

the blade pierced within-
juices dribbled down,
a sweet fragrance.
sickeningly crimson.


99 bottles of beer on the wall,
Fortnight recycling left them no more.


I'm the boy who still laces shoes in rabbit ears;
Who goes to a concert, and never claps or cheers;
Who never asks to help, but will never say no;
Who hates new things, but will still give it a go.

I'm the friend that can never fit in a group;
That repeats the same song on an endless loop;
That can't smile for a picture, but can pull a face;
That can disappear from their lives without a trace.

I'm the monster who hates having to help others;
Who selfishly uses people, and his brother;
Who lies, and steals, and cheats without a single care;
Who sees a fresh patch of skin to mar and tear.

I'm the child that wants to live in a dreamland;
That gets scared of strangers and likes to hold hands;
That watches cartoons and likes milk with his cookies;
That's so shy of girls she may as well have cooties.

I'm the man who can't take responsibility;
Who looks back and sees all the lost opportunities;
Who pretends it's okay, but is drowning in fear;
Who wonders and hopes that an end will soon come near.

i'm lonely

Last edited by MoNo : 20-05-2015 at 06:07 PM. Reason: punctuation. also it's COOTIES not COOKIES lmao pls...
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The little flower

A happy little flower
Opened up as the sun
Gave its morning wishes,
In this cool, early hour.

A lovely lady, local
Came upon the flower:
"Oh, how pretty!" she said,
As she plucked herself a petal.

The flower smiled at her
As she turned her back to leave.
The flower felt lonely,
But tried its best not to grieve.

A cautious woman, careful,
Crept slowly to the flower:
"Poor thing, darling," she said
As she plucked herself a petal.

The flower wondered why
She also crept away;
"Please," the flower begged
Unheard, "come back and stay".

A pretty princess, wattle
Strung crown upon her head-
"What an ugly flower!" she said
As she plucked every last petal.

The flower now understood
The cruelty of another.
As the flower looked upwards,
Its last friend had gone, day had passed-

The little flower drooped and withered.

a wattle is some australian tree thing. theyre pretty.

that poem was not about my failed relationships. nope. not at all. i dont take breakups badly at all.

Last edited by MoNo : 09-11-2016 at 08:45 PM. Reason: short story removed, I'm keeping it for something else
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the glass slipper fit you perfectly, but you've stepped so hard it shattered,
and your feet bled every step you took in your castle also made of glass-
but you never noticed the footprints you left behind.
the prince constantly watches the princess and she never knows, she can't see outside.
she lives in her mind and craves for a soul to also live there, but her mouth stays closed, as does her mind.
yet the castle with walls made of flesh she imagines herself hiding behind is still made of glass
it only goes one way, it is a one-way mirror, because she can only see herself.


lying to people, even though
i dont have to
crying about it, even so
i cant stop it

i am a fly attracted to trash,
there's food that smells good.
you were a spider, web provider;
i need you, go away.

incoherence, misunderstanding-
im hungry again.
insolence, mistakes were made tonight:
choke down a meal for them.

i met her at an art gallery
fingers to the base
an exhibition, negative space
get it out of me

we shook hands, and you gave me a hug
disgusting, filthy
i'm sorry i can't hold you close by
crawling little bug

im shredding old tshirts, overworn
rip tear rip tear rip
hold the scissors firm or they might slip
cutting yourself down

i gave a bear a hug, he smiled
please stop hurting me
i made a home for a little bee
and yet i cant stop

cant bring myself to care again, but
im telling a story.
nevertheless, today's gone once more-
on every second line.

stability is fleeting
and so is my ability to be bothered punctuating anything.

Last edited by MoNo : 16-11-2016 at 05:22 AM. Reason: i added italics to make the 2nd poem really obvious, mostly because it reads like nonsense without them
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What day is it today?
I don't know,
Another yesterday?

What day was it yesterday?
I don't know,
Will tomorrow be today?

What day is it tomorrow?
I don't know-
Just an everyday sorrow.


My daylight decaying, I've met your night;
Evergreens blacken-
Even the grass is the same on either side.

Rusty partition is falling apart-
What fence is there left?
You've fallen to the dark side of my heart.

And yet I'm the one falling, cyclical
Game of cat and mouse:
Our days spent in glances and upturned lips.

Back and forth, back and forth, never-ending-
I'm staring too much.
On your bony hand, I'd fashion a ring.

Although something is amiss, incomplete;
My head is hurting.
We've never spoken much, or shared a seat

And I discover the truth, chest tightens.
My heart is hurting,
Because we will never be more than friends.


Her eyes dance, like stars upon a lake;
Wind-strewn hair blowing gently.
That smile is enough to make me hurt-
Because that smile is fake.

Primrose scent: alluring, sweet.
Jaw cut hard like an actress,
And yet her performance is failing.
Just as we will never meet.

Living a lie, an endless battle-
I've seen her face when she cries,
But still she smiles, gets on with her day:
Follows the crowd-like cattle.

She fights herself, skin tough as thick hide
And never looks towards me.
Like a terracotta warrior:
She's hollow on the inside.

friendzone edition
i got super downer so i couldnt write for a few days
actually the last one is kinda terrible, but i was playing with styles

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I Am Healing
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I am currently:

Thanks for sharing. These are so great. You're very talented. I write too. It helps.

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thanks! though i think i'm only decent sometimes, like if i'm really inspired or if the thing pretty much writes itself. when i actually have to think of what to write myself, it ends up quite terribly. good example is what i did just now.

12 hours ago, I saw your face:
Tears in your eyes, we fought at your place.

11 hours ago, the train
I disembarked left me in the rain.

10 hours ago, I'm at our park;
The place we met, our names carved in bark.

9 hours ago. Sitting alone
on the park bench, drenched to the bone.

8 hours ago: Walking, walking.
I don't even know where im going

7 hours ago, at a store:
buying candy, pills and hard liquor.

6 hours ago, on my way home.
Baby why wont you pick up the phone?

5 hours ago, I sent a text
From the train I'm on. My stop is next.

4 hours ago, I was yawning
As I passed my apartment's awning.

3 hours ago, you dont pick up-
so I pick up a pill, lift my cup.

2 hours ago, no response.
A call or a text is all I want.

1 hour ago, feeling sleepy;
Muddled thoughts, it's hard to think deeply.

Just now, I'm starting to regret that
I never left food out for my cat.

obviously not some kinda weird suicide note or w/e. i dont have a cat. or a relationship. or money for alcohol. :c

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I Am Healing
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I am currently:

You're very welcome! Keep up the superb work!
Maybe I should post some of my stuff and start my own thread. *shrugs*

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it's been a while edition

Waste of breath
Waste of time
Waste of hers
Waste of mine

Waste of space
Waste of years
Waste of blood
Waste of tears

Waste of food
Waste of life
Raise the sleeve
Drop the knife

what am i even doing
also this one's terrible, expect something better later.
i literally haven't written a single poem since the last post i made.

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I am currently:

wow i love it

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Towards my

Shuffling feet and

As I step forward with

Agitation, handholds shake

Whilst hands and arms quake in

Every thought I have about you; stop

Holding me down, my hesitation brings up

What is left in my stomach, thoughts that are

Memories I can't forget— as dreams I regret keep

Forcing my feet forward, climbing the stairs forgetting

Whether or not my arms will swing side by side next to me,

Just as you used to swing by my side, but I push myself ahead.

Trying to forget the pain and misery, to search for thoughts I'd left–

And I make my final decision to meet my doom, walking up step by step

btw read it down-up once you're done, if you didn't get that from the last line
i had this thought in my head of a story you read down the stairs, but the story is actually going upstairs
who knows lol

Last edited by MoNo : 16-11-2016 at 09:18 AM. Reason: i changed the font and added an additional line to make the edge flatter
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who even reads poetry in 2016


I'm so tired, my head is thrumming.
Let me sleep-
As I hear a happy bee humming.

I'm so tired, I'll just rest my eyes.
Let me sleep-
As an upset baby next door cries.

I'm so tired, just lying in bed.
Let me sleep-
As the sun comes up, my vision red.

I'm so tired, so I take these pills.
Let me sleep-
As a little bluebird outside trills.

I'm so tired, I tip back the glass.
Let me sleep-
As the man down the street mows his grass.

I'm so tired, door knocked off its beam.
Let me sleep-
As I faintly hear my mother's scream.

I'm so tired, darkness quickly creeps.
Let me dream-
As I drift to an eternal sleep.


I'm stood at the mirror, staring at
The screw in my head;
It's come loose, undone.

I reach for the screwdriver, kept in
A box near my bed.
My routine begun.

Gripping the handle firm, I place the
Head into the notch-
It fits in just right.

Staring into the mirror, I turn
My right hand and watch:
Twist, twist, twist it tight-

As is my prescription for the night.

I'm stood at the mirror, staring at
The screw in my head;
It's come loose once more.

I reach for the screwdriver, kept in
A box near my bed.
It falls to the floor.

Fraught with anxiety, I grip
The loose screw by hand,
But it does not twist.

My efforts for naught, it comes undone
Like fingers through sand:
It slips from my fist-

As the loose screw cease to exist.

I look to the floor and see a box;
Crumpled pill packages missing stock-
And as my vision begins to fade,
I hear a faint tinkling sound made:

My reflection bloodied and maimed.

damn, those escalated pretty quickly
the second one was born from the idea of actually "having a screw loose"
anyway enjoy or whatever. i still feel like i can't write for crap compared to last year, but at least i have ideas now

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im convinced 99% of views in this thread are mine

The Mirror

I'm sorry?
look at you

What about me?
that face

What about my face?
that stomach

What's wrong with it?
kill yourself

But why?
who will even care?

My family and friends.
what friends?

when's the last time your mother even hugged you?

Erm... I can't reme-
when's the last time anyone told you they loved you?

I don't know.

I don't know.
kill yourself

I can't.
why not?

I'm scared.
of what?

I don't know.


just die

Stop talking to me!
Talking to who?


Standing at the train station

Lack of air, it's hard the breathe
When there's people around me.

Eyes are burning, people stare-
Or are they even still there?

Have to check: left right, left right;
Empty peripheral sight.

They're gone, but I can't relax
As I stare down at train tracks.

Little steps forward: one, two-
As my train comes into view.

Throat tightens, it's not the day,
And I take a step away.


i couldn't think of anything interesting to write, so i just wrote my thoughts
i tried to make it interesting through the presentation/style, though.

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This is a story of love gone astray:
A boy with a girl who won't go away.
Begging for freedom
As you hold me in a vice day by day.

You've consumed me in burning cinders
And left me dry in frozen winters.
I'm suffocating
As your hand comes near, I choke on fingers.

Her violent escapades violate me
Like a tsunami, waters rising free.
Our rivers diverged
But you were still a part of my sea,

"Wake up" you whisper, it's time for our date,
I follow her with a hunger to sate.
A predator's smile
As we feast, the vice grip fills me with hate.

I must keep it down, I beg and plead you-
But the mirror can't lie, that stare is true.
Her hand comes closer,
The grip loosens, my ritual is through-

A tale of love at a quarter to two.

im pretty terrible at writing ED stuff, kinda embarrassing for me
it's pretty relevant to me atm so there's not much else i can think about
maybe tomorrow i'll have good ideas

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