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Originally Posted by Pomegranate View Post
Itís a really difficult decision to make. Iím sorry you ended up hurting yourself again. And I donít think youíre getting the right support long term. I think meds can play a part but youíve said yourself itís therapy etc that would prob be more effective.

Itís sounded more and more like you want them to find a bed? What do you think community support could offer right now?

And what do you think IP could offer?
I said I didn't want to be in hospital as it would only keep me safe. That's it. Also I'm worried finically how it would affect my pay. So I actually don't want to go ip given the traits I show.

Originally Posted by Pomegranate View Post
Youíve worked in MH Lauren, what would you advocate for someone who is presenting with repeated ODs and self harm etc over an extended period of time?
tbh I still do.. I would suggest long term support from cmht/ htt and dbt to manage emotions and deal with distress without using sh. If they were too unstable, risks too high, then IP as a short , litrally short 7 days max to get them over this crisis peroid.

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