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Resident pretentious lit student
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calling all people over twenty years of age!

Hello.. Just wondering

Have any of you ever used the maths you learned in school?
I'm talking like how to measure the height of a builidng using shadows, and algebra, and pi and circumferences and everything???

Unless you have a job that specifically requires it, I see know point in knowing these things. they might as well be teaching us the history of spoons.

If i come across a problem that requires maths as an adult, i'll ask someone else, or if i wanna figure it out myself, there is a wonderful vast resource of knowledge called the internet.

If i want to know the height of a building, i'll ask whoever owns it, i wont waste my time fiddling around with sticks and shadows and equations.

and if it is to develop our problem solving skills, dont you think they should give us a more relevant and enjoying format?

Tis just what i think, but I am in school and very annoyed.

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Vicki :)
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I remember thinking this back at school when we were learning pyramid numbers.

Still; you never know when it might come in useful!

(Oops, just read the title; I'm not over 20 but I do work at the moment; and my sister's 24 and she's never used any of it :) )

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No. Not at all.
And that's even doing CSE!!! [I wasn't good at Maths. English was my thing.]
The calculator is my friend!

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magic emily
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No. And, they said all the same crap to me.

My mind just melts when I see numbers, cannot handle them at all and I've never needed to use algebra or anything. I think Maths is pretty much something some people are just naturally good at, and those people should run with it.

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Resident pretentious lit student
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Yeah, and then by the off chance that we actually NEED it, we ask those people who saw the point of maths. there are ways around everything =]

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Bleeding Angel
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No, well i did in first year of uni for a module, tbut that was way complicated.

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charcoal feathers
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pointless maybe, but i like maths, i just decided to fook up my best/fav subject in school because i was/am a ****.

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~ Mandy ~
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Not really, although we did do a bit of statistics in both of my uni courses.

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linder surprise
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not really.
although theres a whole loads of maths **** that i wish i could remember. because my friends was telling me the other day about how they work out our degrees. and the ratio goes 1:3:5 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. and like, i have NO IDEA how to work that out to find out how my 1st year mark contributes to my degree.
man, i was so good at maths. and now i don't remember a thing.

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Head of Chat/Forum Mod.
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^yeh. I suck at maths, currently taking my maths GCSE for the 4th time as cant go into teaching without it. :/

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matt and i have used the circumference of a circle thingy piRsquared?? or was is 2piD? erm.... yeah we had to use it when decorating nursery.

other than that....
and i still can't do long division and i still don't see how a shape can have an IQ. We had to do coursework on the IQ of lots of different shapes. My teachers ended up doing it for me, literally going through each example and showing me how to work it out, then i just copied it into my tables. I still don't get it!!
mand x

Mand, South Wales, Full-time working, single mother to 2 scarily independent girls.

Mand x

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RYL Systems Administrator
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I do use a lot of maths in my work, but then again I am a software developer and I agree that isn't necessarily a 'typical' job. A lot of the maths I learned at school has been incredibly useful, but for other areas of computer science, such as computational complexity theory (used when designing computer algorithms) I've needed to learn quite a bit more maths on top of what I already knew.

As someone said above, the internet is a fantastic resource for anything you don't know/never knew/would like to learn about. I think one of the reasons mathematics is so emphasised in education is because it helps you develop your deductive reasoning powers - something which is exceptionally valuable in later life, almost regardless of your profession.

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nope, never had to use algebra since I left school.. the only maths stuff I need to be able to know is how to work out percentages (for shopping in sales) how to work out the tax at work which is gross/1.175=net and like how to add, divide and takeaway.
I trried to do maths twice at GCSE..still haven't got a C.

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Dicky T

I really don't use maths much. I used to do some very simple addition and subtraction when I worked in a pub, but only because it was quicker than having to type it into the till.

Which had a calculator.


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be positive
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i dont use it alot.
i still need to use simple maths sometimes but thats bout it.
the simple point is...people wanna see that u are good at maths when applying for jobs.
even though u dont realise it you use math alot of the time. just not the very extreme stuff.

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I still use math all the time, but that might be because I'm taking a math class at uni this year
I'm a biology major though, and I use math all the time for that as well, particularly in labs and when I've worked in a research setting over the summer, which is what I was expecting I'd do when I finish school (it's probably actually not going to be, but most of what I'm considering would still involve math as well).

That said, I like math, and I'm drawn to more scientific/mathematical areas for potential careers. People who don't like math probably aren't going to be drawn to mathematical types of work, and so probably won't use much of the math they learned in school.

I do think it's important to know some amount of math. Of course you can use a calculator for arithmetic, and software like Mathematica can get you all the way to multivariable calculus and linear algebra (and I quite a bit beyond what I've studied at this point), but it's still important to have at least a basic understanding of what's going on so you'll know if the results are reasonable. And arithmetic does come up in daily life, for example paying for something and getting change, dividing a class into smaller groups, or paying taxes.

Studying math also shows you a particular way of thinking about things that personally I think is very valuable. You're probably not going to need to work out the height of a building by measuring its shadow in your day-to-day life, but the more general approach of looking at some given information and systematically applying a series of rules in order to reach a logical conclusion is certainly applicable to a much larger range of situations.

Also, I think it's good for everyone to study a full range of subjects when they're young so they'll have more options later on. No matter how sure someone is at the age of 10 or 12 that they will never want to do anything involving mathematics, who's to say they won't be interested in science or even math itself when they're 20?


(O.o )
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R.I.P Mum
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I do think some of it was relevent but not a lot. Only maths i do now is simple maths.

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No, I'm Not An Aussie
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I scraped a 'C' at gcse maths and have never used it since. not a complete waste of time, but near enough.


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cant say I've used anything I learned in maths, seems like a waste of time when I could've been learning something that would be relevant now.

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Day Tripper
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I'm going to school for pharmacy tech. and so need math to some degree.

We have to calculate dosages. Like, a problem we'd normally have is:

Karen weighs 65 lbs
a. Levaquin 500mg qd x 7 days

So that means the adult dosage was 500mg every day for 7 days. But that's mostly formulas we have to learn so we can do child doses and stuff.



If there are 56mg/mL, how many grams are in a liter?

An infant is to be given 0.1mg of a drug, which is available as 25mg/5mL. How many mLs will you draw up into a syringe for this patient?

A total regimen of therapy calls for 10mg of a medication to be given to a patient over several days. In the pharmacy, a solution is available with 40mcg/mL. How many milliliters must be dispensed to complete the regimen?

It's all simple until you do a ton of them in a row and get mixed up with your conversions, calculations, and dosages. Then your teacher is joking that you just "killed someone" which makes you realize you suck. *nods*

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