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If You Like Seasonal Classical Music.

..You might like:

Requiem by Maurice Duruflé..it circulates around Good Friday and is quite hypnotically beautiful if not well known


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Ahh, pretty. Definitely get what you mean about it being hypnotic. I haven't heard much of Duruflé, will give him a listen.

As something else that's pretty cool and hypnotic - this is Whitacre's 'virtual choir' - he asked lots of people to upload videos to youtube of them singing, and compiled them all into one mega song.

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ooh listened to the requiem...pretty. will listen to virtual choir later.

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I like Duruflé's Requiem, though I don't get really why it should centre around Good Friday, more of a general spring theme, I think.

Good choice though, Isoverity. Thought i'd post for once in awhile and why not on such a thread!

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