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Your Thoughts on This - Moving Out

Hi everyone :) I'm not the kind of guy that joins such forums but I would like to hear your thoughts on my decision.

I'm 27, I'm from Eastern Europe and I live in my grandma's house which passed away 1 year ago and now I'm the official owner of her house. I'm about to sell this house and move to a different city away from my relatives and father due to multiple reasons.

My father is a very selfish person, never cared about his mother and insulted her a lot (my grandma that passed away), even stole money from her and he denied that he did, and he has a socially unacceptable behaviour and loses his job very fast (always tries to be the boss in someone else's business, lies a lot and has a rude behaviour all around). I was raised by my grandma since I was 6 months old together with my father but my grandma did most of the job, and I witnessed all the crap that he was talking to her all day long, yelling at her and calling her names and all that. He recently sold some land that was given to him by his parents and the first thing that he did was to buy a car, and now he doesn't even have a job and he's living off those money.

My uncle doesn't have any kids, he is alone, he's working in order to sustain himself but he's unstable, drinks and wastes his money on nothing. I borrowed him some money as he had nothing left, and the same thing happened a few months later. Now he's working abroad for like 8 months but I feel like the same thing is about to happen again and I don't wanna be part of this.

As for myself, I'm a freelancer and I'm doing fine, I can always move out without thinking that I'll have problems with money.

My father is living with his 2nd wife (his 1st wife left him when I was 6 months old due to his behaviour) and they recently married and now they're trying to convince me to stay with them which is something that I'm never gonna do, not even for 1 mil $, no stress and peace of mind is what I want. My father keeps talking with other women on the internet, he doesn't even care, just so you can understand what kind of a person he is (and his current wife has no idea as she's not familiar with the Internet)

So, in conclusion, I'm thinking of keeping some money once I sell my house, so when my father gets older (he's 62) I'll be able to pay for a retirement home for him, but I don't wanna live with him nor stay here in this city because I'll be stressed out all day.

I just don't understand why people like my dad even have kids, when they can't provide anything for them and the only reason behind having a kid is just so they can have someone to take care of them when they get old, this is just sad.

Looking forward to hear your take on this :)

Thank you!

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It sounds like moving away might be the healthiest thing for you to do. You've clearly thought about the future and what the best thing for your own wellbeing and peace of mind will be. I think your grandma would be happy that leaving you the house can enable you to be happy and leave behind the stress your family causes you.

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I agree with the above. I found out that my relationship with my parents improved once I moved out as I was very stressed living with them. Hopefully that will mean the same with your family.

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i agree with all of the above
*hugs you*

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