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Don't know where to start

Well long story..I was a cutter for years.. its been at least ten years since the last time I've done that. With everything being as hard as it is now im just so depressed and don't feel like going anymore...I know though if this is a choice I make its not going to be with a simple cut here and there it would be one to end my life. Im tired of trying and fighting and just don't wanna hurt anymore.. I don't really know why im posting this.

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relax and breathe. you don't need to go for it. maybe you need to go a step back to take two forward. i know it's not the type of advice typical for this place but you don't need to end your life. anywhere else is fine. what you might really need is time to think. if that comes at the cost of 10 years free then so be it, as long as it's not fatal. anything is preferable to death. relax and stay.

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*super hugs you all*
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i agree with mono

just another floating iceberg in this ocean we call life....

Am I a failure from birth
Is misery what I deserve
Am I just so void of love
That I'm never good, never good enough
~citizen soldier-never good enough

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