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What's happening with your family? Can you tell us some more?
My mother kicked me out some time ago and I started living with my grandmother things started to get better but soon took a turn for the worst. My mother likes to angery me and make me cry (she has said this herself) and whenever she is around somthing always happens. My father is out of the picture he was abusive to both me and my mother and I feel he is partly to blam for my mother actions. Not to mention my mother is a drug dealer and I havent seen her sober in 10 years. My mother is emotionly abusive and tho I know longer live with her she blams me for a major of her problems. My aunt has been getting her son to recored me and take photos of me in attempt to get somthing to use to kick me out. My entire family is convinced that I am doing drugs and having sex and that im always getting into trouble and that im the afual kid. I have done nothing but my very best for them. My whole family takes self harm and suicide very seriously for alot of people in my family have attempted suicide and a few succseded. My younger sister cut her self once and it was nothing more then a scratch and my mother saw it and my sister was gone for 3 weeks becuase no one in my family could hadle the stress of my 10 year old sister. If my family saw even one of my cuts I dont know how long I would be gone for or if they would alow me to come back at all. This is just a brif of my family

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