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Everything you've said about medication objectively sounds so reasonable. You've recognised that the antidepressants help you to sleep better (to add, it might be that it is lifting your mood a bit and it would be even lower without it). It's also, unfortunately, normal for many people with mental health problems to still struggle despite treatment. It doesn't mean that the treatment isn't effective in some way. I think a lot of people here would relate to that.

I'm sorry that people don't see the distress you live with so much of the time. You're right that they only know what you're able to report in a short period of time and that often words feel completely inadequate to the experience. I'm not sure if an action would help more, though? Do you feel as though you've been better supported when you've presented with a 'behaviour'? If so, I wonder if it nmight be worth having that conversation with services.

I know we've probably had this discussion in your thread before, so I apologise if I'm repeating. If you were to feel really heard by professionals, do you know what that might look like?

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