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There's no way to escape pain other than suicide. I've tried so many things but things just get harder. And now one of my worse nightmares has come true, the brother is suffering over childhood stuff. Finally he has phoned his GP and someone if phoning him tomorrow. The start of his mental hell journey if he even gets what he needs or has to wait forever. I always said I'd have to kill myself when his issues are causing him so much pain he has to seek help. Because I can't deal with his pain. I am selfish. I'm holding off on the suicide thing for now anyway. I'll never get it right. So what do I do? I need someone to save my brother and then he has a good life and is happy.

How do I deal with the pain of someone close to me? What can I do for him?

(What can I do for me?)

I want to die.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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