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Ummm, hi?

Hey all, I hope everyone's okay. Erm RYL recommends posting a bit about yourself so please bear with me. This whole experience is new for me and kinda confusing. My name's alexiel however I am in the process of transitioning to spencer. My sex is female however my gender is non-binary. Im 15 years old and currently in recovery for SI. Erm, I guess I should give you a bit of background information? So I currently live with my nan and grandad along with my two younger siblings. I was born to abusive parents and have 2 older brothers and a younger brother and younger sister who are twins. Ive bounced around between family members a fair bit in the past 3/4 years. I have multiple anxiety disorders as well as major depressive disorder. I am omnisexual and demisexual and when I was 13 I lost my girlfriend of a year and a half to suicide. I dont really know what I want to get out of posting on here. I just wanna feel normal, yanno? like im not the only one out there struggling. I just wanna know that there are others like me and that its okay to feel how I do. anyway its 11:16pm so imma try get some sleep now. I dont think anyone will read this but if anyone does and they get to this point then thank you so so so much. stay strong everyone my pms are always open if you need to talk I know its sometimes easier to rant to someone you dont actually know.

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