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Honey Being Used For Injuries/Infections

"Honey making a medical comeback"

Potent type used as antibiotic amid fears of drug-resistant superbugs

Healing wounds
Honey dressings and gels, as well as tubes of manuka honey, have been gaining in popularity overseas, fueled by scientific reports on their medical benefits and occasional news accounts of the dramatic recovery of a patient with a longtime wound that suddenly healed...

Kara Couch, a nurse practitioner at Georgetown University Hospital's Center for Wound Healing in Washington, said it works well for patients who have "wound pain" or infected wounds...

One patient who had an open wound that didn't heal for a few years "healed 90 percent in three weeks," she said, adding that the usual rate for chronic wounds is barely 10 percent a week.

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"Honey helps problem wounds"

Medihoney more effective than antibiotics -- Bonn-led study to start soon

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"Harnessing honey's healing"

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