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Not much to report on the situation itself most of indicate nothing serious has happened just an observation based on some things she's posted recently again unrelated to the situation....I still consider her one of my dearest friends but it may have been for the best that a romance never happened I can kinda see now it may not have survived honored to still call her my friend though and still dedicated as ever to make sure she's safe

My conversations with the other girl I've previously mentioned are still a bright spot in my life right now asked her to something that took place recently but she wasn't feeling well but renewed interest in seeing each other soon there's something coming up that may be great

Still keeping an eye on my friend to make sure nothing serious happens if he hurts her or her child I will allow nothing to prevent him from paying for it but right now she seems ok and mostly happy with the exception of these posts.I'm talking about but since we did not get together it's a small thing

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