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Ok so I've been trying to come up with excuses each time I try to check in on it doesn't....sound like I'm checking in on her so last night I told her about the other girl I've been talking to (and I was curious about this as well anyway so I kinda killed THREE birds with one stone here) I asked her how she (again in her words) "kinda knew" I liked her but made it clear that I was looking for a way to tell if the other girl really likes me (which was mostly still true but still)

She said

Oh that's awesome! I hope it goes well you are a great catch. Women are very intuitive and I just got that feeling from you
If course since she's not an idiot she suggested some things I can do to progress things with this girl in spite of lockdown and I actually liked.some.of them I think I'm going to try some (sidebar: still over the idea.of anything romantic with us but I went after her when she was fair game and the friendzone but she says I'm a great catch? A little confusing but I'm not gonna think about it too much hence I typed.sidebar)

So anyway tonight she.messages me back out of the blue

. You there?
Yeah what's up?
I say

Didn't get a response I was just worried
I checked our messages no new ones between last night and this.moment unsure what I "didn't respond" to 🤷

Once we cleared it up I explained how I know this girl I've been talking to and closed.out by saying

she knows I like her and based on our conversations lately I think I might be winning her over but I'm not getting my hopes up too high
(this is 100% true)

She says back
Well I hope you are
So yeah nothing to report on the is she being abused front she's still posting happy things but yeah she just got.super invested in my new relationship prospect out of nowhere with very little prompting

What could this mean? Is she trying to tell me.something?

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