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So far today!

1. took all my vitamins, made it to work, haven't thrown up yet.
2. told my mom about my miscarriage three years ago. that was really hard to bring up, because it was due to drug use, and it's one of those things that eats away inside of me from time to time, so I am actually really proud of myself for speaking to her about it, just letting her know that it's a sad thing in my life right now (esp when there's other issues triggering the thoughts, the ex i was with at the time expecting baby with new gf, etc.) and it felt like a huge load was lifted off my shoulders that she now knows. So, as sad as it is, yay me!!

3. Oh! I also finally got the courage to shave my head into a mohawk of sorts last night! I've been wanting to do it for the longest time but just chickened out. Granted, it was in the midst of a serious manic episode, but Ahhh!!! My head feels sooo free!! Hahah.

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