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MammaMia 21-01-2009 12:55 AM

Sorry I haven't properly responded to posts that were written to me xx

wildly insane 21-01-2009 12:58 AM

*hugs Kahlia* if I were you I'd get another pdoc, you really don't need that, *offers, nice cuddly duvet to snuggle in, and a shoulder to cry on if you need one*

*offers Ileana some antihistamines, hope they work*

*hugs Katricia and anybody else who drops by before I fall asleep*

*goes off to fill up hot water bottle*

ravynsoul 21-01-2009 01:18 AM

*offers hugs*

Hannah - *hugs back* *gives you a teddybear to go with the hot water bottle.* Hope you have a nice sleep. Did the steri-strips come off ok? I agree, stupid nurse :S

Helen - *cuddles back* how are you doing?

Ileana - sorry to hear about your allergies; hopes the anti-histamines work... offers some calamine lotion to reduce any itchiness..

Katrica - *hugs* sorry to hear that people have been making up stuff and that you're feeling paranoid; hope that when you get the fish tank it will only be filled with good memories of the present and future..

Dayna - what's wrong?

Kahlia - *hugs back* you're not selfish at all.. the stupid doc should think about what he says!! he doesn't know what he's talking about. glad to hear about the internet access, but hope the triggeredness passes quickly

Arwen/Zowie - that actually sounds cool with the two different nose rings :)

Katie - *cuddles* hope tomorrow brings better things

Mary Anne - how was work for you today? thanks for the hugs and cookies!

Jade - how are you doing today? *cuddles you*

Emma - *hugs back* how are things going for you?

Jem - *thanks for the muffins* How have you been?

Secrets - hope your exam went well, let us know how things are
man, lots of food in here! *offers hot chocolate and marshmallows*

finally starting to feel somewhat clearer head again... less low, more neutral/numb.. better functioning at least..

*leaves hugs for all those I've missed [stupid brain!] and/or haven't checked in for a while*

ravynsoul 21-01-2009 01:19 AM

wow; sorry that ^ was long; I need to start checking in more frequently..

Damnation. 21-01-2009 04:14 AM

Bleh. Guess I ought to check in properly. Sorry that I'm not gonna reply to people individually; I'm too tired of concentrate. I've been doing that a lot lately...sorry :sweat:

Anyways. My housemate and I went to see the council today (and giggled at the nutter standing outside with a polystyrene sandwich board saying 'CORRUPT COUNCIL' on it), got to see a woman, explained the situation and that.

And what she suggested was to go to court, ask to see a judge and take along proof of benefit and our eviction warrant with us. Then explain that explain that we haven't found anywhere else yet, and that if we're still in the same situation when the bailiffs arrive, it could cause substantial hardship (being homeless tends to do that, I'd imagine =B), and ask if we would be permitted to have more time.

Nothing's guaranteed, either, the judge might still say 'nah, you're out on Tuesday', or we might get an extention on our deadline. We've joined up with SelectMove.com I think, but we haven't been a fully fledged member for long enough for it to actually do us any ****ing good, seeing that we'd be bidding against 4574756645843534756 other different people for a ****ing house. And they tend to go to people who've been on SelectMove longest.

So, if worst comes to the worst, and we still haven't got anywhere to live by the time bailiffs arrive, ONLY THEN will the council get mine and my housemate's medical background and **** from our GP, to see whether either of us could be classed as vulnerable. So, we'll be turfed out of our home, but HEY, at least I'll get classed as vulnerable and put on the high priority list! :thumbup: That'll be a great ****ing comfort when we end up sleeping Christ knows where.

Got my happy pills today, as well (and accidentally licked the one I took today - tasted disgusting x_O), and my housemate seems to have told my gran, who told my dad that I've been prescribed something. I'm...awkward about that. Especially since my housemate discovered that I'm still SI-ing. Heh, that was let slip at the council, when I was talking a bout the stress the eviction had put on me, and she was like 'you haven't started cutting again, have you?'

Just so long as she didn't tell my family <__<;; seeing they all still think I'm in recovery and the like.


EDIT: OH! And there was a place we were looking at for rent, and my housemate got a call saying that they would only accept cash as an advance monthly payment (we're gonna look into getting a loan for that advance payment). So we can't go there, either *sigh*.

It's kind of sad that I've already contemplated ODing on my antidepessants >_< *rocks in corner*

Pomegranate 21-01-2009 07:48 AM

I am sorry things are so hard for you atm Dayna. Hope your housing gets sorted soon. Please don't OD on your AD'S. It won't fix anything hun *cuddles* sorry my words are so **** atm.


I know logically that they aren't against us but I can't make myself take the meds. I need to hurt, to scream, to bleed, to die. I am going to stay up until Rebecca or Sarah start work. I need to be honest to them. They won't lie. I trust them. *sits and rocks* I just want to be safe, safe from myself and the world.

Snuffles 21-01-2009 09:05 AM

*cuddles Dayna* I.. feel your pain to an extent. The house is officially on the market as of today. I looked it up online and it's already had over 200 hits. We looked at a place yesterday but they were asking for a weeks rent deposit (which we would get back if we don't get accepted) but we had to ask his mum for the money coz we have none. Ok I do have some but that is for uni. If I use that money now well by the time i go back to uni I'll have nothing to spend on books etc. It's already going to cost me over $200. Grrr. Another place we looked at today, was a unit. It was good but there were SO many people. I'm starting to stress. It's bad enough I'm just a student and BF doesn't have a job yet so their not going to give it to us if there are people who do have jobs. Then this is the only place i have rented so it's my only experience. I hope the house doesn't sell quickly, but I fear it will and then we will have our own time limit to get out. Argh. Gonna ring my counsellor next week.. see if we can get any help ay. It's just soooo stressful. We looked for a place this arvo.. but there were SO many other people. I just don't feel so confident....

Argh.. anyways, I hope it sorts out for you Dayna *cuddles* thinking of you hun.. please be safe.

Oh we were naughty and got some alochool. Woops. :blush: But better then doing something else right ;-)

Ugh i dunno.. i just want this to be over.. i have uni starting in just over a month.. ack.. wish this all would end.. id look for a job but i know so many other people have had no chance finding one coz of all this economic ****.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

sorry guys. i hope u all are ok. i have read through replies.. im more a lurker these days just devoting posts to myslef *rolls eyes* but *hugs to all* Anyone for smarties??? :-p

ravynsoul 21-01-2009 12:23 PM

Dayna - *hugs* hope things go okay in court and that you some extra time. Sorry to hear that the Council wasn't more helpful to you.. hope things get resolved for you soon! Please don't OD on the AD's... it will just make things worse. *leaves more hugs*

Emma - *hugs* how are things now? Did you get to talk to Sarah or Rebecca; I just saw your post in the other thread [lorazepam is an anti-anxiety/sleeping pill.. i've taken them before]. Hope you are feeling more safe and that they were able to help you. *sits by you to keep you company*

Katie - *hugs back* smarties! sweet! :) Sorry to hear about your housing situation too! If real estate in Australia is like it is here; once the house is "sold"; then there is a bunch of paperwork to be done by the lawyers for the buyer and seller; so it takes a little bit of time. Hope you find somewhere soon.

*leaves hugs for everyone else*

Mary Anne 21-01-2009 01:51 PM

Hi everyone.

Just read through everyone's posts, hope you are all okay.
Dayna - you did make me smile - I think I only ever once tasted an AD - never again, mine taste like when you accidentally chew a paracetamol!

Meant to come in last night but was having a really low night which continued into day, lots of tears and feeling down on myself. Don;t see a way out of this hole :(

Kahlia - glad to hear you are connected again.

Everyone else, sorry for lack of proper reply, will try to drop in again later.

*leaves hugs and brownies* (I just had one - yum)

zowie 21-01-2009 04:11 PM

Had a great night last night. wahaay! xxx

Eclectica 21-01-2009 06:20 PM

**** SAKE. I just typed a whole essay and now the page refreshed.

Basic outline.

SHing more again. Never truely stopped but it's beginning to come back more and more again. Getting the really good release again...

Told my mum my latest bother; an alter (MPD whatever) is really playing up. He's put me in hospital three times with serious SI and is threatening to do it again. But not sure if he will or not, if he's just threatening/pissing me off.

Takes 'control' in a sense with SI and gets THAT close to making it so bad I have to go to hospital, then stops and let's me focus again. And repeat. Kinda like how a kid would play chicken. See how far he can go without putting my life in SERIOUS danger/putting me perm in hospital kinda thing. So as well as general torment of making me come close to panic over serious SI and stopping just before, he's also playing chicken...

Anger rising again daily. Building up again. This is how it all began last year, I think...

MammaMia 21-01-2009 06:35 PM


What a **** day.

Can it be over please?

I make everything worse for myself, why why why?

*rolls eyes and sighs*

wildly insane 21-01-2009 07:25 PM

*hugs all* sorry to hear how **** the day is for some of you.

*Hugs Shell* thanks for the teddy, tis nice a cuddly, all seems okay :satisfied:

*hugs Dayna* hope the house thing gets sorted soon, ODing just makes things worse, not better, tis really not worth it

*hugs Emma*

*hugs Snuffles* hope you get somewhere soon, but Ravynsoul is right, should take ages for a sale to go through.

*hugs Mary Anne and Zowie*

*hugs Kat* sorry I can't offer more, but please rant and rave at us as much as you want in the hope that it will make you feel better.

*hugs MammaMia, offers a cup of tea and a big comfy sofa to relax in*

Me, am okay, am going to be shitting a brick though as my interview is tomorrow and I don't think I've wanted anything more in my life, as long as I go in there and give the best interview I can..... talking of which I need to go and make dinner and prep some more so that I know exactly what I want to get across.

*hugs again* ooh I've just had a thought, can we have a lovely open fire to warm ourselves against in this ward, assuming everybody's safe here? I love fires, they're so cozy...

Damnation. 21-01-2009 07:35 PM


**** It. **** It. **** It. **** It. Just **** It All!!

Eclectica 21-01-2009 07:44 PM

Dayna, i'm still sorry, but... I dunno what to suggest now. It's ****ing wrong. I don't want you hurt even more though. No idea what to do.

Damnation. 21-01-2009 07:46 PM

Kat, please try not to be sorry. It's not your fault

Kahlia1981 21-01-2009 07:47 PM

*leaves hugs for all*

Sorry no words at the present time.
I want out.

Damnation. 21-01-2009 07:49 PM

I know the feeling, Kahlia *hugs tightly*

Kahlia1981 21-01-2009 07:54 PM

Thanks Dayna.
I think I'd like to unscrew my head and take it off my shoulders so that it can sit there and feel like crap on its' own and I can get on with things ...

Pomegranate 21-01-2009 08:17 PM

My CPN called my psychiatrist to see when he could next fit me in so we could come up with a long term treatment plan. My 'urgent' appointment is the 20th April. I'm clearly fine. Everything I am doing to myself is clearly ok.

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