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one_step_closer 06-12-2022 12:40 PM

Oh, it says 3 members. There must be a sneaking mod online so maybe we should behave.

tamobhuuta 06-12-2022 12:43 PM

Let's trash the joint! *pushes over a chair*

one_step_closer 06-12-2022 12:44 PM

Wow Tamo, that's wild! *tips over a table*

one_step_closer 06-12-2022 12:45 PM

You know we'll have to do the clear up too, no ones going to let us away with it. Unless we say it was a bear who done it or something like that.

not_so_insig 06-12-2022 12:53 PM


Afternoon all. I had a disturbed night's sleep. Have a slight headache now. I am bit better physically so I think that I will be phoning the doctor if it doesn't clear up soon.

one_step_closer 06-12-2022 12:55 PM

Hi Dawn, sorry to hear you didn't have a great sleep and are feeling a bit unwell. Do you have much to do today?

one_step_closer 06-12-2022 12:56 PM

*subtly picks up chair and table*

not_so_insig 06-12-2022 01:44 PM

No Lindsay I have Tesco and my parents visiting later but that's about it. Last tesco delivery of the year.

tamobhuuta 06-12-2022 01:46 PM

But it's aaaages till the end of the year!

Zurg 06-12-2022 01:50 PM

NO!!!! Dammit Lindsay!!! A proper rockstar does NOT tidy up after smashing and trashing everyhting in sight!!!! They just rock a nonchalant 'i don't give a blooody ****'-look while leaving the place with a million groupies and an empty Wine bottle in their hand!!!!

not_so_insig 06-12-2022 01:51 PM

Lol Zurg.

not_so_insig 06-12-2022 03:36 PM

Tesco have been. Just the horrible task of putting everything away but am having a rest after having a sandwich.

tamobhuuta 06-12-2022 04:34 PM

Good plan insig.

one_step_closer 06-12-2022 05:06 PM

I'm not enough of a rockstar, Kat. But I was just tidying up after the bear.

You'll have to do little shops through the rest of the year though, right Dawn?

nonperson 06-12-2022 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4338154)
You know we'll have to do the clear up too, no ones going to let us away with it. Unless we say it was a bear who done it or something like that.

I thought it was officially Jenna's job to clean up this place after everyone else makes a mess... :-p

Zurg 06-12-2022 07:20 PM

Omg NP!!! You've cracked the case!!! Jenna is…. THE MANAGER!!!!
Shock!!!! :O

nonperson 06-12-2022 07:45 PM

Oh no, that sounds far too business-like. I was thinking more of a forum caretaker role (in the nicest possible way of course, not trying to be offensive!)

Pi.R^2 06-12-2022 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4338151)
Oh, it says 3 members. There must be a sneaking mod online so maybe we should behave.

It wasn’t me!! I just popped on now for a quick pre-bed browse and see this chaos!!!!


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4338181)
I thought it was officially Jenna's job to clean up this place after everyone else makes a mess... :-p

This made me giggle :P

nonperson 06-12-2022 10:09 PM

Because you know it's the truth!

Cacoethes 06-12-2022 10:13 PM

Why do people feel the need to talk so loud on trains.
They are sitting on OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE AISLE and shout talking. Can hear them even though i have music as loud as it can go.
Just sit next to each other and talk at a normal volume!!!
So aggravating

Cacoethes 07-12-2022 06:25 AM

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 07-12-2022 10:01 AM

Morning, how are you?

Cacoethes 07-12-2022 11:19 AM

Morning! I'm at work.
Gonna be fairly busy today. Plus walk ins and bar so...lol

not_so_insig 07-12-2022 11:19 AM

Morning all. I had a lie in today when compared to yesterday.

one_step_closer 07-12-2022 01:06 PM

Afternoon everyone.

I hope it's not way too busy for you at work today, Beckie.

Did you enjoy your lie in, Dawn?

I'm feeling like I just have a mild cold now and I have no fever so I went out to pick up my meds today.

tamobhuuta 07-12-2022 02:42 PM

Nurse: was that your mum or your dad visiting this morning?
Me: my mum
Nurse: you look really like her


Cacoethes 07-12-2022 02:54 PM

I got told I look like my dad a ridiculous amount yesterday. And also by a colleague today who saw a pic of him....so.

It has been busy. But not overly stressed. On break now. I am so so so tired!

one_step_closer 07-12-2022 05:01 PM

People who knew my Mum always say that to me too. You're bound to look like someone or many people in your family though!

When do you finish work, Beckie?

one_step_closer 07-12-2022 05:10 PM

Crookshanks is walking all over me and licking my face and generally getting in the way because he wants his dinner. Dinner time is at 5.30pm.

one_step_closer 07-12-2022 05:13 PM

I'm the only member online. Come back people, I need you. It's weird and lonely.

not_so_insig 07-12-2022 05:22 PM

My cat told me off for being late with his tea. Tbf I had left him alone for just over 2 hours.

one_step_closer 07-12-2022 05:25 PM

Aww. Is he settling in ok?

not_so_insig 07-12-2022 06:15 PM

Yes he is mostly. He seems quite confident and he has the full run of the flat already.

Cacoethes 07-12-2022 06:22 PM

I'm back!
Finished just after 5 but took a detour to asda on the way home. So just in and changed.

Cacoethes 08-12-2022 07:32 AM

It is -3° apparently! Brrrr!

tamobhuuta 08-12-2022 09:14 AM

-2 here. How are you?

Zurg 08-12-2022 10:09 AM

Hi Tamo and Beckie :)
How are you guys?

It's bright and sunny outside but also really, really cold. Torn between wanting to get some sunlight or staying inside where it's warm….

Cacoethes 08-12-2022 11:19 AM

Hey guys!
I'm ok. Did not want to get out of bed today!

It is sunny. Just cold!

not_so_insig 08-12-2022 11:20 AM

Hello all. It's freezing but I have been outside already to check if they had collected the recycling. I am warm inside however.

Cacoethes 08-12-2022 11:29 AM

I've been out. Had double pilates, then picked up prescription, went to asda, went to aldi and also to a cafe for a hot chocolate.
It's actually not too bad once you're out and doing stuff.
All I have to do now is clean out the boys, taekwondo later and shower. Need to tidy the house a bit too

one_step_closer 08-12-2022 11:41 AM

Sunny, cold and frosty here. There was also a tiny flurry of snow but not much.

I'm glad I'm over the covid chills, those on top of the already cold might have been hard to deal with. Went to the chemist and staying in the rest of the day except to move the bin when it's been emptied.

Do you have a quick walk route you could go, Kat? Just wrap up well. Then you could come home and get cosy again.

That was a zoom of activities, Beckie! Don't be doing too much.

not_so_insig 08-12-2022 12:01 PM

Lindsay your card came today! Thanks for the lovely message.

Cacoethes 08-12-2022 12:03 PM

Are you feeling better lindsay?

It's fine. Once I clean the boys out and tidy the house, I don't have anything to do until 6.
I am stupidly tired!

one_step_closer 08-12-2022 03:39 PM

You're welcome, Dawn. I'm glad it arrived ok.

Yes, I just feel like I have a mild cold now.

Do you know what's making you tired, Beckie?

Cacoethes 08-12-2022 04:00 PM

That's good.
Well, not good but at least you're feeling better!

Just lack of sleep and being busy I think.
I don't have anywhere to be until 11am tomorrow morning so hopefully I'll be able to have a lie in. 8-8:30 would be amazing!

one_step_closer 08-12-2022 04:40 PM

I hope you have a good sleep tonight and manage to lie in for a bit. Doesn't all your busy-ness get you off to sleep?

Cacoethes 08-12-2022 05:10 PM

You'd think it would, but sadly not!
I get all the tired and none of the sleep!

tamobhuuta 08-12-2022 05:27 PM

I hope you sleep well tonight Cacoethes.

I'm quite sleepy already. But recently I've been sleepy but not able to actually sleep.

Cacoethes 08-12-2022 05:28 PM

I probably won't though lol

Zurg 08-12-2022 05:34 PM

Evening all :)
Sorry for disappearing. That seems to be a thing these days….

It's Dark almost all the time. It messes with my head.
I ain't eating right. Haven't been for a wee while. It's this strange thing that i do get hungry but at the same time almost all kinds of food disgusts me.
I was advised to get a light therapy lamp. Tried one a million years ago, it gave me the most awful and persistent headache.
So i end up feeling like a run over gazelle most days. Or maybe, make that an orstrich…!!!

I sit here and am amazed at the stuff you guys manage to get done!!!! I try to praise myself for just leaving my bed in the morning. And it feels quite silly because i'm kind of SUPPOSED to leave my bed. Ack!!

Anyways, i need coffee…

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