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one_step_closer 20-09-2022 12:19 PM

I hate cleaning my cat's litter trays. And he has thrown up this morning which is worse than cleaning poo.

I see you're in Amsterdam now, Beckie. Have a lovely time.

Cacoethes 20-09-2022 12:21 PM

Well that sounds fun zurg! :p

The train was on time! The eurostar generally is!

Yes i am here! Everywhere smells like weed XD
Thank you!

Oh nooo cat sick! D:

one_step_closer 20-09-2022 12:29 PM

Weed doesn't smell nice but you'll probably get used to it and not smell it all the time. Is there a time difference between us?

one_step_closer 20-09-2022 12:34 PM

Question: were you supposed to apply for the cost of living payment that's being given from today? I'm sure something I read said I wouldn't qualify with the benefits I'm on but that might have been something different. This one covers the disability benefits.

not_so_insig 20-09-2022 01:02 PM

If you're on pip Lindsay then it's paid automatically from today. Not everyone will get it today though. You don't have to apply.

Cacoethes 20-09-2022 01:03 PM

It's an hour ahead here. So it is currently 1:02pm!

No you don't have to apply for it. Unless it's different in Scotland.
If you're on DLA or PIP you'll get it

one_step_closer 20-09-2022 05:52 PM

Thank you both for explaining that.

What have you been getting up to so far, Beckie?

How are you feeling today, Dawn?

Cacoethes 20-09-2022 06:25 PM

I came to the hotel, paid for my room and dropped my bag off. Luckily the room was ready (it was 12pm and check in time was 3pm) so i sorted my stuff out and then went to the sqaure near the station for lunch before my tour. Just back to the hotel now! Don't think I'll be going out again. I'm shattered!

Have you been up to much?

not_so_insig 20-09-2022 06:32 PM

I am feeling a bit more positive today Lindsay. I had a mostly good cpn appointment today. Thanks for asking.

tamobhuuta 20-09-2022 07:29 PM

Sounds like you're having a good time Cacoethes.

I'm glad your appointment was OK insig.

Cacoethes 20-09-2022 07:59 PM


Though one of the American ladies on the tour said she was going to London soon and asked if i preferred selfridges or harrods. Like, do i look like i can afford to shop in either of those places?? XD

How are you getting on tamo?

tamobhuuta 20-09-2022 08:28 PM


I'm exhausted because I got up at 8.30 for meds and breakfast.

Cacoethes 20-09-2022 08:50 PM

Hate it in hospital when they hassle you about meds and breakfast!
I'm usually awake by then anyway but it's still annoying!

I've been awake and mostly travelling since 3am so I'm gonna go to bed. I'm so exhausted!

Cacoethes 21-09-2022 08:09 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 21-09-2022 11:08 AM

Morning Cacoethes, how are you?

Cacoethes 21-09-2022 12:44 PM

I'm good thanks!
At the Heineken tour! It's awesome!
And we get 2 pints of Heineken free. Plus a half so we could do the tasting test (like wine testing)
And i got a personalised bottle of Heineken!

How are you?

tamobhuuta 21-09-2022 12:51 PM

That's awesome! I am ok. My mum came to visit and brought me 'plain cake'. It's... plain. But nice!

What are you doing this afternoon?

Cacoethes 21-09-2022 01:09 PM

Yay for cake!

I'm going to the van gogh museum now! Then poets of the Fall concert tonight!

tamobhuuta 21-09-2022 01:46 PM

I don't know where you find the energy!

I've been going through Vogue. Normally I mark pages I particularly want to show people and go, "look how pretty that is" but this issue it's almost every page!

Cacoethes 21-09-2022 01:52 PM

Oh i am constantly exhausted!
But i want to make the most of my time here!
I still have a while before the van gogh museum. I have a ticket for 2:45pm (it's only 1:50pm now)
So I'm chilling in the park bit near the museum.

Vogue is full of pretty things!

tamobhuuta 21-09-2022 03:17 PM

Is the park pretty?

The nurse said I couldn't leave. Just because I don't have leave. So unreasonable.

one_step_closer 21-09-2022 03:44 PM

I'm glad you're enjoying Amsterdam, Beckie. Yay for seeing your favourite band later.

It's not unreasonable not to let you out at this time, Tamo. I'm sure even a tiny bit of you can understand that. Work with the staff and hopefully you'll feel better asap and be allowed to do various things and then get home. You can do it.

tamobhuuta 21-09-2022 04:50 PM

I know she was being reasonable really osc :)

Cacoethes 21-09-2022 05:02 PM

It was a lovely park!

Not having leave sucks.
At least you're not a smoker!
When i smoked and wasn't allowed out it was the absolute WORST!

one_step_closer 21-09-2022 06:04 PM

That must have been tough, Beckie. I'm glad you don't smoke now for ALL the reasons.

I hope you're doing ok, Tamo.

Cacoethes 21-09-2022 06:11 PM

Yeah it was frickin awful!
Caused so many kick offs too!

How are you lindsay?

one_step_closer 21-09-2022 06:14 PM

I missed the unofficial walking group so I'm annoyed with myself.

When is your concert?

Cacoethes 21-09-2022 06:25 PM

That's a shame.
No need to be annoyed with yourself though, it happens!

Doors open at 7pm. Takes about 40 mins to walk there so I'll set off in a minute!

tamobhuuta 21-09-2022 07:30 PM

Sorry you missed your group osc :(

I hope you're enjoying your concert Cacoethes.

not_so_insig 21-09-2022 07:50 PM

Hello all. I am better mentally today. Had an 2 parcels by 2 different couriers both come at exactly the same time before. I was pleased because it meant that I could have a shower :-D . One of my parcels was clothes and a new pair of trainers. They all fit just got the horrible task of breaking in my new shoes. I hate breaking in new shoes.

Cacoethes 21-09-2022 08:01 PM

Thanks tamo!
Support act has just finished, they were pretty good!
Now they're setting up the stage for POTF!!

Cacoethes 22-09-2022 08:41 AM

Morning everyone!

not_so_insig 22-09-2022 08:54 AM

Hello Beckie how are you? Hope you're enjoying your holiday

Cacoethes 22-09-2022 09:06 AM

Hello Dawn!
I'm ok thanks. I'm having a wonderful time!

How are you doing?

not_so_insig 22-09-2022 09:28 AM

I am ok apart from being annoyed that I am awake so bastard early. But my mh is ok. I also had a surprise last night from my energy company I am being refunded some money. Also my amazon parcel which was supposed to come tomorrow is coming today which is much more convenient as I might have to go to the cmht tomorrow.

Cacoethes 22-09-2022 09:57 AM

Getting up early can suck.
I had a bit of a lie in today. Got up at 8:15!
Did have a late night though!

Refunded money is always a nice surprise!

tamobhuuta 22-09-2022 11:12 AM

Morning guys. Wi fi here is rubbish so I'm using my data up really fast :(

Cacoethes 22-09-2022 11:21 AM

Oh no!
Hospital wifi can suck. Luckily at my usial ward is ok. But one ward if your room is not near the office, you're not getting wifi!

tamobhuuta 22-09-2022 11:27 AM

It sucks. How was the concert?

Cacoethes 22-09-2022 11:30 AM

It was amazing thanks!

Going to head off to chinatown and the red light district in a bit

tamobhuuta 22-09-2022 11:33 AM

Why do you want to go to the red light district?

Cacoethes 22-09-2022 11:50 AM

It's one of the things that Amsterdam is famous for. So it's basically a tourist attraction these days. You can even do guided tours there!

tamobhuuta 22-09-2022 02:30 PM

Wow! I hope you have fun...

Cacoethes 22-09-2022 02:45 PM

It was pretty interesting! Bit awkward with all the women in lingerie dancing in windows. Wasn't sure where to look XD
But I'm glad i went. Just something you have to do when you're in Amsterdam!

How's your day going?

not_so_insig 22-09-2022 03:20 PM

Beckie did you know that next Thursday a new series of Taskmaster starts? 9 pm Channel 4.

one_step_closer 22-09-2022 03:45 PM

Hi everyone.

I'm glad you're enjoying your holiday, Beckie. I'd be too embarrassed to go to the red light district!

I'm glad you're doing better mentally, Dawn. Well done for managing everything without turning to dangerous things. Nice, getting a refund!

Are you going to run out of data, Tamo? I hope you can still keep in contact with people and us.

not_so_insig 22-09-2022 04:32 PM

Thanks Lindsay. My cpn said the same. I am slowly cleaning my flat.

It's currently pissing it down here. Fortunately I am not going outside again today as my bins have been collected.

one_step_closer 22-09-2022 05:48 PM

Have you got much cleaning to do, Dawn?

No rain here but it was really early on.

not_so_insig 22-09-2022 06:59 PM

It's stopped raining now. I have a fair amount of cleaning left to do. Hoover the scratch post, dust my living room, put the dishes away, mop the entire flat, clean the kitchen sink, put the laundry away is what's left.

Cacoethes 22-09-2022 07:26 PM

Yes i did know about taskmaster! Thanks dawn :)
Dara O brian is going to be in this series! I love him!

Thanks lindsay!
I was slightly embarrassed! Lol
If i have time tomorrow, I'm going to go to the sex museum.

Hope you got on ok with your tasks dawn!

I've just been on a canal cruise. It was fun!
Got chatting to some lovely Americans. They said they were very jealous of our ability to queue! They even said they preferred the word 'queue' to being 'in a line'
They also asked me if the origin of queueing came from world war 2 when people had to queue for rations. Which is a very interesting question!
Then explained to one man that the 20 notes with the queen on are still ok to use, it's just the old paper ones that you can't use or trade in from the end of the month.

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