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Cacoethes 08-09-2022 09:46 PM

Yes!!! And Ed's reaction to being paired with David too XD

Yes i agree!

Blahria 08-09-2022 10:24 PM

I love angry Ed.

I think almost any of them losing their tempers is brilliant.

Cacoethes 09-09-2022 07:24 AM

Yes he's brilliant!


Morning everyone!
I have paid most of my Internet bill so should have wifi again soon!

Zurg 09-09-2022 10:37 AM

Morning Beckie.
And yay for possibly soon returning wi fi!!!

I'm wondering a bit…. Do you guys Think you need to be royal to have 30 corgis??? Or even 30 bunnies???
I'm wondering how many bunnies i could fit into my flat…??? This is what happens when i have too much time to Think and am left unsupervised!!!

Cacoethes 09-09-2022 10:43 AM

Morning zurg!

My wifi is back! :-D

I had a friend who lived in a one bed flat and her bunnies had babies so they had a great deal of them at one point!
So a few more probably wouldn't hurt :p
Maybe more pee on the couch though!

tamobhuuta 09-09-2022 11:19 AM

Morning. I personally would love 30 budgies.

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 11:21 AM

Morning all. I have Internet for now. I thought that Royal Mail were on strike today yet the postman has been.

Cacoethes 09-09-2022 11:28 AM

Budgies are cool.

Royal mail not on strike here.

I haven't had post in months though.
I don't know why. I doubt I've not got even a single letter in that time but no idea why i haven't received anything.
I guess bills and stuff mostly come online now.

tamobhuuta 09-09-2022 11:34 AM

Mi mam says the strikes been postponed.

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 11:38 AM

According to Google the strike has been called off due to recent events. I am avoiding Facebook as my mh is suffering and I am finding Facebook is making it worse.

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 11:38 AM

Ninja post tamobhuuta.

Zurg 09-09-2022 11:52 AM

30 bugdies, 30 bunnies…. Destruction and mayhem would ensue.
A bunny is destructive. Bugdies even more so is my experience. My first budgie wrecked everything she could reach from her cage. It was pretty much an arms race trying to keep up with her Intelligence.
I do not appreciate my pets being smarter than me!!! That's really rude AND terrible for my self confidence!!

I rarely ever get post either,Beckie. Everything is online now. And when i do find a lonely letter in my mailbox i always freak out because it's usually an unexpected and long forgotten about-bill o_o

Cacoethes 09-09-2022 11:58 AM

I've heard birds are very clever!

I don't think I've forgotten any bills
But you never know! :ermm:

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 11:59 AM

I just had a letter from my bank offering me a loan. Erm nope. I dont know why they didn't send me an email because they have my email address as I do online banking.

tamobhuuta 09-09-2022 12:11 PM

I do online banking, I couldn't keep up with the paperwork.

Cacoethes 09-09-2022 12:50 PM

I do online banking too.
Save the trees!!

Just arrived at work.
It feels like a Monday because I've been off for 3 days!

tamobhuuta 09-09-2022 12:54 PM

Lol I hope you have a good time.

I've been waiting on the phone to speak to the GP receptionist almost an hour and a half!

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 01:26 PM

Hope you managed to speak to someone by now tamobhuuta!

tamobhuuta 09-09-2022 01:34 PM

I did. The GP will call me on the 26th.

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 02:57 PM

That's good. I am trying to get hold of my cpn. I have tried twice and nobody is answering the phone at my cmht so I give up.

one_step_closer 09-09-2022 04:03 PM

Hi everyone. I hope you're all having a good day.

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 04:11 PM

Thanks for asking. I am struggling tbh Lindsay.

one_step_closer 09-09-2022 04:20 PM

I'm sorry about that, Dawn. Are there things that will help?

tamobhuuta 09-09-2022 04:31 PM

Hugs if wanted insig. Did you hear back yet?

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 04:41 PM

I am doing stuff to distract Lindsay. Thankfully I have Internet so I can watch britbox.

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 04:42 PM

Thanks tamobhuuta. I havent tried again as my cmht is terrible for not answering their phone.

one_step_closer 09-09-2022 05:58 PM

Keep going Dawn, sounds like you're doing all you can. Will you try phoning your CPN again tomorrow if you need to?

Cacoethes 09-09-2022 07:04 PM

Had a wake/funeral thing of about 30-40 people in this afternoon. All to be served at the bar. One person bought 16 drinks and by the time he had ordered, (i was making them as he was ordering) he had finished his drink and ordered another! It was never ending!
Plus all the othet people. Non stop!
And for some reason everyone disappeared so N who was working the restaurant saw i was stressed and jumped on the bar with me. She also gave me a lift home!
Glad that's over!
Sorry, i ranted! Just stressed!

not_so_insig 09-09-2022 07:10 PM

Lindsay tomorrow's Saturday and my cmht isn't open on a Saturday. I will try Monday if things aren't any better.

Cacoethes 10-09-2022 09:44 AM

Morning everyone

Zurg 10-09-2022 10:23 AM

Morning Beckie. How are you today?

Cacoethes 10-09-2022 10:32 AM


I'm ok. Going to the cinema with Jasmine today!
We're going to see the league of superpets!
And then probably McDonald's.

How are you?

Zurg 10-09-2022 11:01 AM

Oooh, sounds like an awesome day!!! I hope the movie Will be fun and entertaining. I've always been a sucker for a good animation movie!!!

I'm okay. But for some reason i've just gone totally dead. Didn't see that coming. Feels like my blood sugar has run out. Just had something to eat so i hope i'll feel more normal soon-ish.

Cacoethes 10-09-2022 11:11 AM

Yep! I love animated movies!

Hopefully you'll feel better in a bit!
Low blood sugar can really mess with you.

There's a kid on the bus playing the same song by Ed Sheeran. Out loud. On repeat. Just waiting for the bus i had to listen to it 3 times. It hasn't stopped on the bus.
Thank goodness i have headphones!

tamobhuuta 10-09-2022 11:47 AM

That's a fun day Cacoethes :)

How are you now Zurg?

not_so_insig 10-09-2022 12:01 PM

Morning all.

Cacoethes 10-09-2022 12:07 PM

Yep! Will be a fun day!
Just waiting for my step dad to drop jasmine off now.
Not sure which car they'll be in.

How are you guys?

Zurg 10-09-2022 01:14 PM

I tried to nap but gave up after ten minutes as my bun-bun tried very insistently to destroy my flat.
I'm still tired. Eating didn't help much. I crave sugar-y cola!!! But have none. And i can't find any energy to walk to the shop atm. Fml!!!

tamobhuuta 10-09-2022 01:56 PM

Oh dear Zurg :(

Hi insig, how are you?

one_step_closer 10-09-2022 02:48 PM

Hi everyone.

Your day sounds lots of fun, Beckie. Enjoy!

I'm sorry you're not doing too great, Kat. Sounds like you're trying lots of things. If I could send you some sugary cola I would. Maybe you'll be feeling a bit better later and go and get some. What time is it with you?

Are you feeling any better today, Dawn. Keep doing the safe things that help.

How are you, Tamo?

not_so_insig 10-09-2022 04:40 PM

I am slightly better today thanks Lindsay. I have been to the retail park to treat my cat as there's an pets at home there. Also went to a shop called The Range and bought some art stuff. Then I walked to Sainsbury's and bought some stuff there. I was going to treat myself in the cafe but the bus was only in 5 minutes so decided to catch the bus instead. Some feral kids demanded to be put down in the middle of the road (the bus station was only 2 minutes away) and when the driver refused to they tried to open the doors by jumping up and pressing the buttons by the door. Fortunately the bus driver reacted quickly and shut the door before there was an accident. They were also playing their music out loud on their phones. They looked to be about 9 or 10.

Cacoethes 10-09-2022 06:17 PM

Hey guys! I'm back!
Me and Jasmine had a lovely time. The film was really good! Caught in a massive downpour though!
Then we got the bus back to mum's. Jasmine never goes on buses so it was very exciting for her! And she got to press the button too lol
And my brother was going to a town near here to see a friend so i got a lift all the way home!
Its been a good day!
Randomly found out that a brother is moving to Thailand in a few weeks though!

Cacoethes 11-09-2022 09:22 AM

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 11-09-2022 10:55 AM

Morning, how are you? I'm glad you had a good time yesterday.

Cacoethes 11-09-2022 10:56 AM

Struggling but I'll live!
Also cold!

How are you?

tamobhuuta 11-09-2022 10:59 AM

Sorry to hear that. Hugs if wanted. I am ok, feeling a bit down but it will pass.

Cacoethes 11-09-2022 11:10 AM

Thank you

I hope you feel better soon!

I have just double checked and it turns out I'm not working next week! I have the next 3 weeks as holiday (so i still get paid) instead of only the last 2 weeks of September off. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself!

tamobhuuta 11-09-2022 11:57 AM

Ooo it's good you'll still get paid!

Cacoethes 11-09-2022 12:03 PM

I had tons of holiday days to use up before 1st October. I didn't want to just lose them so that's why i have so much time off!

one_step_closer 11-09-2022 03:47 PM

I'm sorry to hear you're not not doing so good, Beckie and Tamo, I hope it passes soon. I'm here if I can do anything.

I'm glad you had a good day yesterday, Beckie. I hope you can find things that will keep you occupied when you have your time off.

What have you both been up to today?

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