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nonperson 01-07-2022 09:17 PM

Skin is waterproof. That's all you really need.

I'm watching Shang-Chi =)

Cacoethes 01-07-2022 09:35 PM

Very true!

Ooohh i enjoyed shang chi!
I still need to watch multiverse of madness

nonperson 01-07-2022 11:00 PM

Shang-Chi was awesome =o

Cacoethes 02-07-2022 08:24 AM

Glad you enjoyed it!

Morning everyone!

Zurg 02-07-2022 12:03 PM

Morning Beckie :-)

Or noon…. It is noon here.
How are you today?

tamobhuuta 02-07-2022 12:18 PM

Hello :)

Cacoethes 02-07-2022 12:28 PM

Hey zurg and tamo!

I'm ok thanks.
En route to the family's.

How are you both?

not_so_insig 02-07-2022 01:32 PM

Afternoon all.

Am I right in thinking someone here watched Snowpiercer on Netflix? I think it was Beckie.

one_step_closer 02-07-2022 03:11 PM

Hi everyone.

Dawn, it was Beckie (right?) I'm sure I remember her mentioning it a few times.

I hope you're enjoying your day with your family, Beckie.

How is everyone else doing?

not_so_insig 02-07-2022 05:31 PM

Thanks Lindsay.

I am sitting here bored because there's naff all on the telly unless you like sport. Trying to read the book you gave me Lindsay but it's not grabbing me. Still I am persevering with it.

one_step_closer 02-07-2022 05:44 PM

I found it hard to get into too, Dawn. Do you have any other books around that you might like? Being bored is not fun. Did you have any Amazon deliveries today? :laugh:

not_so_insig 02-07-2022 06:16 PM

I have other books. I am up to Chapter Eight.

No deliveries today but I am expecting an delivery tomorrow. It's coming via dpd so I dont have to wait in all day.

Zurg 02-07-2022 07:34 PM

I feel incredibly sorry for myself as i am pretty sure i do have chicken pox. I was at my mum's place this afternoon and coming home and taking off my cardigan i found i was covered in tiny bumps with something infection like inside. This is rude!!! I am too old!!!

Cacoethes 02-07-2022 07:54 PM

Yes it was me that watched snowpiercer!

Oh no zurg :(
Make sure you take care of yourself! Plenty of rest and fluids and all that!

I was listening to random songs on the way home and Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran came on. But it was Ed Sheeran AND Bring Me The Horizon! They made it so much better!

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 10:08 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 03-07-2022 10:36 AM

Morning Beckie.

How are you?

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 10:36 AM

I'm stressed out
But I'll live!

How are you?

tamobhuuta 03-07-2022 11:14 AM

Hi guys.

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 11:14 AM

Hey tamo

tamobhuuta 03-07-2022 11:19 AM

You up to much today?

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 11:34 AM

Just doing some washing and shower later


tamobhuuta 03-07-2022 11:59 AM

Not really. Hopefully I'll be able to do some reading.

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 12:06 PM

That would be good

tamobhuuta 03-07-2022 12:32 PM

I love reading :)

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 12:40 PM

I'm currently reading one of the books that lindsay sent me. Very slowly but I'm getting there!

tamobhuuta 03-07-2022 02:24 PM

Cool, what's it called?

one_step_closer 03-07-2022 02:35 PM

Afternoon everyone. I currently have a cat trying to push my laptop out of the way.

tamobhuuta 03-07-2022 02:37 PM

Cute or annoying or both?!

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 02:40 PM

It's called the fire witness

Haha! He wants all your attention lindsay!

one_step_closer 03-07-2022 02:55 PM

He's always annoying at first and then gives up and settles on my lap. Sometimes he pushes his head on my bum or scratches on the seat where my bum is because he wants my seat. Sometimes when I get up and move over he'll just come back to sit with me!

I enjoyed The Fire Witness, I hope you do.

What are you reading, Tamo?

I've just finished one book and will start another one today. I have rules about the order I read my books in.

nonperson 03-07-2022 02:57 PM

Afternoon all.

I have a couple of books on the go at the moment too. One to read before bed and another that I'm reading on and off in the day.

Beckie, or anyone else for that matter, I can't remember if you like Shinedown or not? If so there's a new album out =)

one_step_closer 03-07-2022 03:06 PM

I'm listening in bits to the new Grey Daze album which has vocals from Chester Bennington on it. I don't know if they inserted them or they've chosen older songs that he was already a part of.

What are you reading NP?

one_step_closer 03-07-2022 03:08 PM

Found my answer “The Phoenix” is a remix album by Grey Daze composed of Chester Bennington's vocals from the 90's over newly recorded instrumentals.

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 03:14 PM

I do like shinedown!
Will have to listen to it!

That sounds good lindsay

one_step_closer 03-07-2022 03:25 PM

I don't think I've heard much of Shinedown but I have heard some and liked it. Do you have some favourite songs?

nonperson 03-07-2022 03:36 PM

I'll have to check out that Grey Daze album.

I'm reading Childhood's End by Arthur C Clarke and Legacy by James Kerr.

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 04:21 PM

'Devil' and 'monsters' are my favourites i think!

My brain has decided it doesn't want to focus on words anymore. Was good while it lasted!
I have such a short attention span. It's annoying

nonperson 03-07-2022 04:53 PM

Those are good songs.

I have too many favourites - Black Cadillac, Cut The Chord, State of my Head, Enemies, Cry For Help and on and on and on.

There's no rule about having to focus on one thing for a specific amount of time.

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 05:22 PM

Oooh state of my head is another favourite of mine

I just find it irritating when i want to do something and my brain doesn't

not_so_insig 03-07-2022 05:42 PM

Afternoon all. I have been for a walk and unpacked my parcel which came this morning. I have also washed and dried my hair plus done some laundry. So semi productive day so far but not as productive as yesterday. Still gotta put the cardboard in the paper bag.

one_step_closer 03-07-2022 06:14 PM

I'm sorry your attention span is being annoying, Beckie. Maybe you can get back to reading tomorrow at some point. Have you found something else to do?

Sounds like I need to be listening to Shinedown. I don't really listen to music much I should do it more.

Well done with getting all that done, Dawn. You don't need to compare today to yesterday, you've done really well.

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 06:17 PM

I'll try again tomorrow unless I'm too tired from work!
I'm currently working my way through criminal minds for the millionth time lol

I only really listen to music on the bus but sometimes i play it on the alexa when I'm bored of tv.

not_so_insig 03-07-2022 06:17 PM

Thanks Lindsay.

one_step_closer 03-07-2022 06:25 PM

Music is too important not to listen to it much. I'm going to try and listen to it when I'm walking to get my prescription/going to Tesco but that makes me kind of anxious.

What is criminal minds about?

Will you be doing something nice once you've put the cardboard in the paper bag, Dawn?

Cacoethes 03-07-2022 06:31 PM

Good plan!

It's about a behavioural analysis unit of the fbi who find serial killers by looking at their behaviour and stuff. Lots of cool twists. It's fictional. Well, the behavioural analysis unit of the fbi is a real thing but apparently it's nothing like the tv show!

not_so_insig 03-07-2022 06:39 PM

Other than cooking my meal I have no plans for today. I will probably have halloumi for my tea.

Pi.R^2 03-07-2022 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4327337)
Good plan!

It's about a behavioural analysis unit of the fbi who find serial killers by looking at their behaviour and stuff. Lots of cool twists. It's fictional. Well, the behavioural analysis unit of the fbi is a real thing but apparently it's nothing like the tv show!

criminal minds. <3 <3 I'm in love with JJ. Have you seen season 15?

Pi.R^2 03-07-2022 06:44 PM

Also like, hi. No idea of the moral stance of the thread on the way I barge in randomly sometimes.

not_so_insig 03-07-2022 06:46 PM

*considers reporting Jenna for being rude*

Pi.R^2 03-07-2022 06:48 PM

Go on ahead, there are several members who have their own sections of the post report bin just for all the troll reports they make; many of which are about me :crying: :crying:
Although due to your signature request, you'd miss out on the sarcastic PM in response :P

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