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shadow-light 06-01-2022 10:44 AM

lots of frost here too! Doubt we will get snow though, rarely do here as the hills get it all and there's nothing left once the clouds reach us :laugh:

tamobhuuta 06-01-2022 10:56 AM

It's like that here, we're in a little bowl.

How are you?

shadow-light 06-01-2022 11:04 AM

Not sure... having some stuff going on, few people have told me it's in my head and I trust them but still having issues with it. Got a zoom meeting in a minute so at least that may distract my brain

Hiw are you?

tamobhuuta 06-01-2022 11:08 AM

Heads can be a pain. I've never done a zoom call, it seems a bit scary.

I am ok, I might have a jama day.

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 11:23 AM

Very frosty here too!

Hope your zoom call goes ok Hazel!

Jama day sounds good tamo!

I went into the piercing place to get my daith ring put back in (it was tricky) and impulsively booked a tattoo for the 25th! Yaaaayy!!!

tamobhuuta 06-01-2022 11:35 AM

That really is impulsive! Do you know what design you want?

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 11:38 AM

Yeah. I've been planning it for ages!

tamobhuuta 06-01-2022 11:52 AM

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo but I don't think I'd be good with the pain lol.

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 11:56 AM

The level of pain depends on where you get tattooed!
Like my foot (a bony area) was quite painful, but my back I barely felt!
It doesn't hurt as much as you think it would though!
I've been getting laser removal on a tattoo and that hurts waaaaaay more!!!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 01:12 PM

I want a tattoo

Zero chance of affording one though

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 01:21 PM

I can only just about afford it because I'm getting it done by a junior artist! (Half the price of a regular artist)
Her work is awesome though. I've followed her on Instagram for a while.
I couldn't afford the deposit today though. So I'm gonna pop in tomorrow morning because tomorrow is payday!

How is it not even 1:30 yet?!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 01:30 PM

Today is dragging I agree...

My income is a mess at the moment :laugh: still waiting for PIP to decide if i can have anything from them

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 01:39 PM

Ugh. PIP do like to take their sweet time!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 01:43 PM

Yep... I applied in March 2021... got assessed in Sep 2021, zero points in Oct 2021 (apparently attending an online college course means I can travel?) and not waiting in mandatory reconsideration
I don't think this waiting thing is helping my anxiety or "paranoia" issues either

What is the taboo you're getting? Have you already said?

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 01:47 PM

They suck.
I was really lucky with mine. I didn't even need to talk to them! They just called my cpn!
I think I'm getting more than I deserve though :ermm:

I'm not telling anyone. Lol!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 02:13 PM

Ooo secret tattoo! I have a small list of ones I want :laugh: but... even without the money issue I don't like being touched, so could still be an issue... I assume they wear gloves though so might be ok

I prefered it back when it was DLA every since it switched to PIP I have had problems with it... this is the 3rd time I've tried, but the first time I have bothered with the reconsideration (and probably the appeal). Last 2 times I just got the zero points and HUGELY over reacted meaning I was in no state to appeal

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 02:34 PM

They definitely wear gloves!
Well, any actual legit tattoo artist will wear gloves!
And they don't even really touch you that much. Maybe sometimes to keep a body part steady (if needed) and to wipe excess ink off you. Other than that it's just the needle!

The whole system sucks.
If it weren't for the cmht, I'd probably get 0 points too.
It's messed up for mental health

shadow-light 06-01-2022 02:38 PM

i'm struggling to even get the CMHT to take me seriously :laugh: let alone the DWP. And then the PIP assesment report refered to autism as a "learning difficulty not a disability" and tried to claim that I had aquired it as an adult... In my first PIP appliation they claimed that I had "recovered from autism and ADHD" and "showed no signs of mentally ill health"... so, ye... they don't even know what they are talking about

Makes sense about the gloves, I get this fear a lot I had the same fear about the vaccine and every GP visit despite KNWOING that they will have gloves on :laugh: damn brain troll

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 02:47 PM

Wtf is wrong with these people?!
I despair

Yeah I get that!
My cpn wore gloves yesterday (when she turned up at my house unannounced at 9am :plain:)
Which was a bit weird. But I'd only just come out of isolation so I guess it made sense!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 02:52 PM

ph! screw unannounced 9am appearances!

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 02:54 PM

Ikr! So rude!
Luckily I'm usually up at around 8 or earlier these days!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 02:57 PM

as a rule on;y time i am up before 9 is when I haven't gone to bed :laugh: usually lucky to get any sense out of me before 11

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 03:03 PM

That's what I used to be like! Haha!
No idea why it suddenly changed!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 03:07 PM

i dont like it because i feel like i'm missing half the day, but on the other hand it's not like I have all that many appointments or whatever... I'm lucky if I get the sleep before about 3am so that's my excuse :P

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 03:08 PM

That's a pretty good excuse!
I sometimes wish I could still sleep in. On days where I don't have anything going on. Otherwise the day goes soooo slowly!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 03:12 PM

they can

I used to be a really active sort of person, and never needed a whole load of sleep. Always found stuff to do and had stuff going on... now though, day just drag as although I do still have stuff going on none of it seems to keep m attention like it used to so I end up doing nothing most of the time
As much as I hated my job it's one thing I do miss about working :laugh: least I had a sense of time and something to do

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 03:16 PM

Yeah I totally know what you mean.
So many years I spent doing nothing but appointments and it was sooo boring!
You just don't feel motivated to do anything!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 03:33 PM

pritty much, just constantly waiting for appointments... or worrying about what to say in appointments :laugh: I have just sorted out the laundry I intended on doing yesterday though so I guess that's something

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 03:37 PM


Oh that's good!
I need to put away my laundry. Ugh

one_step_closer 06-01-2022 04:14 PM

Hey everyone.

I hope you've put away your laundry Beckie. Well done with sorting yours Hazel. I always do it right away so it's not on my mind and another task to add to my to do list.

So windy here. It was also raining really cold rain this afternoon which was being blown into my face.

shadow-light 06-01-2022 04:17 PM

I may be in part using it as an excuse, but I blame my ADHD :laugh: laudry has like 20 steps and doing all 20 takes me like a week... the very idea that some people do it all in one go or straight away blows my mind :P

I have another zoom meeting at 5, for 2 hours. Starting to hate zoom

nonperson 06-01-2022 04:27 PM

What sort of laundry are you doing for it to have 20 steps? O.o

shadow-light 06-01-2022 04:31 PM

i may have pulled a number out of the eather if i'm honest...

- empty laundry backet into washing machine
- find the laundey liquid/powder which I will have inevitably lost
- read it as I will have forgotten how much is needed
- turn on washing machine
- move to dryer
- turn on drier
- empty dryer into other basket
- sort and fold
- put away

9 steps...

I am lucky if I do 2 steps in a day. I often get to the "put in drier" stage then forget about it for like 4 days meaning I need to wash it all again too... though sometimes dryer sheets can save things, depends

shadow-light 06-01-2022 04:33 PM

or I will put it in the washing machine find the washing liquid/powder, read the packet, then turn on the washer without putting it in :laugh:

My brain is fecking usless at adulting

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 04:38 PM

I have not yet put away my laundry!
Though I have put the clean laundry at the bottom of the stairs to take up next time I go up!

2 hour zoom meeting?! 0_o

shadow-light 06-01-2022 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4316804)
2 hour zoom meeting?! 0_o

ye, it's for a volunteering thing. We have a 2 hour meeting each month to discuss projects and stuff

not_so_insig 06-01-2022 04:52 PM

Hello all. It's brass monkeys outside. I have been to the hearing voices group.

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 04:55 PM

I don't think I'd be able to concentrate for 2 hours!

I have a psychologist appointment for probably about an hour next week and I don't know how I'm going to focus on that!!!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 04:59 PM

i'll admit i do struggle with 2 hours of focus, I just try to pay attention to the bits relivent to me. THey send notes and transcripts out afterwarsds anyway

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 04:59 PM

Oh that's good!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 05:18 PM

Also an hour with a psychiatrist! I am seeing one on Monday for a medication review and been told it will be 15-20 mins :/

Also yes, 17 mins into zoom and already on here on my phone :laugh:

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 05:22 PM

Next week is psychologist.
But my psychiatrist appointments are usually about an hour too! Because he doesn't know when to shut up lol
I'm going to try and rush tomorrow's appointment though because it's in the middle of my shift!

Haha! Don't blame you!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 05:40 PM

I got re-referred to mental health services 17 months ago and next weeks psychiatrist appointment will be the first psych of any type I'll have seen in that time :/ last time I saw a psychiatrist is about 4 years ago and cant remember how long that appointment was to be honest

They are talking in so many circles in this zoom :laugh:

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 05:55 PM

That's awful!

Oh no!

I've put washing away, showered and put the back and stand on my new mirror!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 05:56 PM

Ooo very productive!

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 05:59 PM

That's all I need to do for the rest of the day!
I can relax now!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 07:13 PM

Eugh, a 2 hour meeting and still it overran...

Ish as in can't actually relax or ish as in technically still got stuff to do but meh to it all?

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 07:21 PM

Ugh! Is it all over now?

Ish as in I've got a lot of stuff going on in life in general but I don't actually need to physically do anything until tomorrow!

shadow-light 06-01-2022 07:25 PM

Are, intangible stressy ish. Got ya

Not sure, I made an excuse to leave after it had gone 10mins over time :laugh:

Cacoethes 06-01-2022 07:31 PM


Ah I don't blame you!

I'm in that kinda mood where I'm half watching TV but there is nothing on that I feel like half watching. So I've just put it on a random channel

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