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nonperson 27-10-2021 09:27 PM

Yeah I did one of mine just to the tutor too. Much easier.

Ugh. *flails* D=

Cacoethes 27-10-2021 09:29 PM

So much easier!

At least it's early on in the day so you don't have to spend the entire day stressing about it

nonperson 27-10-2021 09:33 PM

Just the evening! Might try to get to bed early and read or something... Otherwise I'll just be sitting here stressing for too many hours.

Cacoethes 27-10-2021 09:35 PM

That sounds like a good plan
The bed early and reading plan, not the stressing plan!

nonperson 27-10-2021 09:37 PM

Stressing is never a plan. It just happens!

I was thinking of going after Star Trek but 9pm might be too early o.O

Cacoethes 27-10-2021 09:42 PM

Yeah I feel that!

I'm usually in bed by 9pm (because I'm that rock n roll)
It's the olanzapine though. Always knocks me out!

nonperson 27-10-2021 10:04 PM

I'm often asleep on the sofa by 9, lol.

Cacoethes 27-10-2021 10:33 PM

I can't fall asleep on the sofa
Has to be a bed

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 09:49 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 28-10-2021 12:00 PM

Hiya! How are you?

nonperson 28-10-2021 12:05 PM


I survived my talk. It wasn't too bad but I got nervous and couldn't look at anyone and babbled a bit. And my brain woke me up at 4am to worry about it for a few hours before work so... yeah. It's all done. *collapse*

tamobhuuta 28-10-2021 12:10 PM

Well done np!

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 12:12 PM

Hey tamo and np!
I'm ok thanks!
How are you guys?

Very well done np!

tamobhuuta 28-10-2021 12:21 PM

I am ok, I might phone CMHT to see if my CPN is actually around. Do you have plans?

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 12:29 PM

I have work at 6 but other than that no plans

tamobhuuta 28-10-2021 12:31 PM

OK, so I phoned CMHT and A is indeed on holiday. But Duty said said they would tell the psych on Monday - she only works Monday and Tuesday.

tamobhuuta 28-10-2021 12:31 PM

I hope work goes well.

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 12:42 PM

Doesn't A tell you when they're on holiday?


tamobhuuta 28-10-2021 01:13 PM

No lol!!!

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 01:25 PM

That's really bad!
I always get told

tamobhuuta 28-10-2021 01:30 PM

A text would have been helpful.

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 01:32 PM

Yeah. It would take 2 seconds to send a text!

one_step_closer 28-10-2021 02:12 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Well done NP.

I hope your shift goes well Beckie.

I hope you're CPN comes back soon if you need his support Tamo.

I had to buy a bottle of Coke Zero because the shop had no Pepsi Max Cherry and I *might* have been converted or maybe I'm just sick of drinking the cherry Pepsi Max and the normal Pepsi Max might taste better.

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 02:17 PM

Hey lindsay!

Thanks :)

Yessss convert to coke zero!
It is far superior!

nonperson 28-10-2021 02:20 PM

Yuck to it all. :-p

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 02:22 PM

How dare you!

nonperson 28-10-2021 02:22 PM

I dare.

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 02:35 PM


tamobhuuta 28-10-2021 02:36 PM

Coke zero is great, I stopped having the original years ago.

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 02:39 PM

I've been drinking coke zero for years now
Though if I'm working a busy shift I will buy a small bottle of original coke to keep the sugar levels up!

Work have just asked if any of the 6 starters could start at 3 instead and I have volunteered for some reason
I will get a 30 min break though!

shadow-light 28-10-2021 04:25 PM

i prefer pepsi max

shadow-light 28-10-2021 04:26 PM

though if I am honest I mainly drink either ginger beer, dandelion&burdock, or irn-bru...

nonperson 28-10-2021 04:27 PM

Sucker for punishment, Beckie.

Coke and Pepsi whether full sugar or not all tastes like cough syrup. Gross. What flavour is it even meant to be? Brown, I think.

shadow-light 28-10-2021 04:40 PM

i was once told that pepsi is citrusy and coke is raisiny

but i think that persons taste buds are broken

one_step_closer 28-10-2021 04:40 PM

You just can't say no Beckie can you? You might need to learn that skill in case something isn't going to be right for you to do in the future.

Brown flavour is tasty NP!

I like Dr Pepper too and sometimes Irn Bru Xtra.

shadow-light 28-10-2021 04:41 PM

ewwwwww can not stand dr pepper

one_step_closer 28-10-2021 04:42 PM

I'll have to do a wine tasting but with Pepsi and Coke to see if it's true that Pepsi is citrusy and Coke is raisiny. I don't like raisins.

one_step_closer 28-10-2021 04:43 PM

I drink it as a treat sometimes because the sugar one is best and I generally don't drink juice with added sugar.

shadow-light 28-10-2021 04:43 PM

i think coke is flavoured with coca leaves? not that I have eaten them to know what they taste of

one_step_closer 28-10-2021 04:45 PM

Imagine if there was a tree where the leaves fully tasted of coke and nothing else was needed just some water.

shadow-light 28-10-2021 04:46 PM

coca leaf tea? :P

shadow-light 28-10-2021 04:46 PM

i'm genurinely going to see if i can find some dried coca leaves to turn into tea and see if it tastes like coke now

nonperson 28-10-2021 04:55 PM

I like raisins and citrus but not coke or Pepsi or Dr pepper!

Maybe the first original coke with real cocaine in it might make it more appealing, lol XD

one_step_closer 28-10-2021 04:56 PM

There might be a bottle of cocaine coke hiding in someones basement or attic from a long time ago.

Cacoethes 28-10-2021 06:21 PM

I currently have a pepsi max!
(We don't do coke)

It is very quiet here today

shadow-light 28-10-2021 06:24 PM

here here, or "here" where you are?

nonperson 28-10-2021 06:59 PM

In the pub I'm guessing because it's been very lively in this thread today!

shadow-light 28-10-2021 07:42 PM

i'm half suprised you understood my question :laugh: reading it back I could have worded that better

nonperson 28-10-2021 07:54 PM

I understood it perfectly because that's exactly how I would have phrased it too!

shadow-light 28-10-2021 08:09 PM

:laugh: good to know I'm not alone in my sometimes odd wording of stuff

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