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Sketchy 16-03-2017 04:24 PM

I'm really sleepy. I've just been out for lunch with my dad and sister and it's made me all sleepy. It was good though.

How are you?

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 04:31 PM

Glad you had a good time.
Maybe have a rest now!

I'm ok. I survived maths! Lol!
Got clubbercise tonight which I'm lookin forward to!

Sketchy 16-03-2017 04:35 PM

I'm going to have a nap.

That's good you are going to clubbercise again. It's good you enjoy it.

not_so_insig 16-03-2017 04:43 PM

I got two pairs Lorraine. One was only a cheap pair though.

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 05:02 PM

I love getting new glasses. Takes me forever to decide which ones though.
Last time I took photos of some on and sent them to my mum for her opinion! She's always VERY honest if things look **** on me! Lol!

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 05:08 PM

My boiler has been fixed, so now I'm all squeaky clean. Have been out for noms with the mother and now I'm rather tired.

Yay for new glasses guys.

Awesome you are going to clubbercise again Bex :-)

Glad you enjoyed lunch Lorraine! Hope you have a nice nap.

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 05:17 PM

Yay that's good news amy!
Did you enjoy your noms? What did you have?

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 05:22 PM

Yeah we went to a new cafe thats only been open just over a month. It was very nice, I had a veggie burger and chips and it came with this amazing salsa.

chinahorse 16-03-2017 05:24 PM

Yay for a fixed boiler! Did you enjoy your noms?

New glasses are always so exciting!

My meeting was a head****ed.

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 05:37 PM

Sounds good amy! Between you and Lorraine talking about veggie burgers, I really want one now!

Sorry to hear that Lillie. Are you going to do something nice for yourself now?

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 05:39 PM

Yep the food was lovely.

Oh no Lillie *gentle squishes* would it help to write all the stuff thats on your mind from the meeting and how it's made you feel? I used to have a journal when I was in rehab and it helped to scribble my thoughts down, just got it out my own head a little.

chinahorse 16-03-2017 05:51 PM

Yay for nice food.

I can't even remember half of what was said. I might try journale though. Atm I'm just hiding in my room dreading dinner.

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 06:03 PM

That sounds so difficult Lillie :(
Could you talk to anyone about it?

not_so_insig 16-03-2017 06:08 PM

My mum met me in Boots so she was able to suggest various glasses and give her opinion. I basically went for a similar pair to what I currently have. The optician asked if I had any eye treatment in the past and I said I thought I had an operation to correct a squint as a kid. But I admitted that as a kiddie you don't take much notice of such things!

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 06:15 PM

If you feel unsafe try and reach out for support lovely. Try and remember they are there to help you.

It's good idea to take your mum to the opticians with you. It's so hard to see what you look like without the right lenses in!

chinahorse 16-03-2017 06:20 PM

I've taken myself to the dining room and am colouring. I don't directly want to talk so it's a good compromise to me.

That's a good idea dawn. As yup darned hard to see yourself in glasses that don't hae your prescription in.

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 06:24 PM

Good o the compromise Lillie, I hope you find the colouring to be calming.

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 06:46 PM

Colouring sounds good Lillie. Take it easy <3

chinahorse 16-03-2017 07:35 PM

Thanks guys.

What're you all up to this evening then?

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 07:41 PM

I don't know what to do with myself this evening. I'm so tired but it's to early to sleep, I really should eat something but I have nothing in, and then there is the fact that I really cba to move.


How about you?

not_so_insig 16-03-2017 07:42 PM

Nothing much Lillie just watching tv and doing some tidying up. I have ate some Christmas pudding.

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 07:56 PM

Christmas pud is yummers, especially with brandy sauce!

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 07:56 PM

I'm waiting for clubbercise to start. Loads of people are chatting in their groups and I'm just standing at the back like lol forever alone! :p

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 07:57 PM

Go speak to the humanoids Becky!

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 07:59 PM

Noooo!! I'll just look like the weirdo girl with no friends just randomly talking to people. Like the standard weirdo at the bus situation :p
I'm writing here to make it look like I have people to talk to XD
Think we're starting now

Wonderland. 16-03-2017 08:03 PM

But if you don't talk to them you won't make new friends. Duh! And you are definitely not a standard weirdo, your are of the special variety ;P

chinahorse 16-03-2017 08:05 PM

Amy is wise!!

Sketchy 16-03-2017 08:53 PM

Hello everyone.

I just ate some yummy grapes.

chinahorse 16-03-2017 09:05 PM


I'm drinking Pepsi max out of a mug I decorated last week.

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 09:15 PM

That's a good point! I shall try and be more sociable!
Home, showered and had a snack! Good workout! Zumba tomorrow morning! I feel I should add a hashtag like those annoying people who CONSTANTLY talk about all the exercise they are doing. Omg I'm becoming like them!! D: :tongue2:

Grapes are yummy! What colour grapes were they?

Decorated mug sounds cool! What did you put on it?

Sketchy 16-03-2017 09:37 PM

I have both green and red grapes. Yummy. I'm really into my fruit just now, trying to be healthy.

It's good Beckie that you are enjoying it. It's inspiring too.

Cacoethes 16-03-2017 09:42 PM

Lovely! I prefer red grapes but green are good too!
That's great that youre getting into fruit now! :)

Thanks :)
Think I'll head off to bed now. Got to be up in the actual morning tomorrow! Lol!
Night night and sleep well :)

Sketchy 16-03-2017 09:43 PM

Good night and sleep well. :)

chinahorse 17-03-2017 06:51 AM

Morning all. 4 hours sleep is not enough!

It has hearts and flowers and swirls on it beckie.

[Luna] 17-03-2017 07:07 AM

Morning Lillie, I'm sorry you didn't sleep well.
What are you up to today?

chinahorse 17-03-2017 07:45 AM

Today is my busy day. I have firm, work group, food group, art therapy, teas and then the 6 hour journey home.

How about yourself?

[Luna] 17-03-2017 08:05 AM

Sounds extremely busy. I hope it all goes well. Can imagine it will be a strain on your body. Do you have painkillers and stuff?

I want to finish my assignment. I see my support worker later and need to go to the shop.

chinahorse 17-03-2017 08:39 AM

I will have to buy some painkillers they aren't big on giving you them as TTAs.

Your day is busy too Luna I hope it goes well.

[Luna] 17-03-2017 08:43 AM

Yes, make sure you get some painkillers. That reminds me I need to take my meds. I'm in quite a lot of pain already. Not looking forward to going out later.

chinahorse 17-03-2017 08:47 AM

Does your pain ease up if you move around a bit? Mine can sometimes. Like obviously not my foot though.

Cacoethes 17-03-2017 08:50 AM

Morning guys!
You were all up early!

I hope today goes well Lillie and Luna! Definitely plan some rest time and do something nice for yourself.

I'm off to zumba gold in a while. Rather nervous!

[Luna] 17-03-2017 08:52 AM

It seems to ease a bit if I do some walking about but if I do too much then it makes it worse. It's difficult trying to find the balance.

[Luna] 17-03-2017 08:52 AM

Morning Beckie, what the heck in Zumba gold?

Cacoethes 17-03-2017 09:07 AM

Take it easy Luna! X

zumba gold is zumba but for older adults and beginners so it's low impact.
It's a dance fitness thing.

[Luna] 17-03-2017 09:15 AM

Sounds fun, hope you have a good time! You're doing a lot of exercise at the moment, do you feel better for it?

Cacoethes 17-03-2017 09:23 AM

Thanks! :)
Yes I feel so much better for it! I come out of exercise classes absolutely buzzing! Must be the whole endorphins thing! :)

[Luna] 17-03-2017 09:25 AM

That's great! Yes, the high afterwards is almost worth the pain during it haha

Cacoethes 17-03-2017 09:59 AM

Haha!! Yep! I always take the feeling of 'omg I'm going to die!!!' As a good thing because it means I'm working hard!!
At zumba gold now. I'm the youngest here by probably about 30 years :p
It's a good low impact class!
And yet again, they're all standing around in groups and I'm just here like Lolz.

[Luna] 17-03-2017 10:23 AM

Oh dear! I hope it goes well. Let us know how you get on!

Cacoethes 17-03-2017 11:29 AM

It was really good! I can really feel my confidence building already!
I never thought I'd say I like exercise but I do now!
I hated the gym because it was boring but the classes are fun!
And I did end up talking to people in the end! :)

What are you up to today Luna?

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