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Cacoethes 02-11-2020 12:07 PM

That is sad.
I hope L is doing ok

I'm ok thanks. Just been to asda

tamobhuuta 02-11-2020 12:11 PM

Well done :)

She's up in Liverpool so we haven't spoken yet.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 12:18 PM

Thanks :)

That's a long way away

tamobhuuta 02-11-2020 12:27 PM

Yep! I will text her later.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 12:29 PM

Good plan!

Do you have much to do today?

yoyogirl 02-11-2020 12:38 PM

Felt really thank thing X whist watching europhoria, Rue is is my sense of normal.

tamobhuuta 02-11-2020 12:42 PM

Sorry yoyo, I didn't understand that?

yoyogirl 02-11-2020 12:47 PM

>= too!

nonperson 02-11-2020 12:51 PM


I love Euphoria. =)

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 12:55 PM

Np! Hello!

nonperson 02-11-2020 12:57 PM

I am again not avoiding work at all. >.>

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 01:03 PM

Haha! Tut tut :p

tamobhuuta 02-11-2020 01:04 PM

What is your job np?

nonperson 02-11-2020 01:09 PM

Technically, I'm a propagator/horticulturist.

Right now I'm doing the uninspiring job of sweeping out and reorganising the shed where we keep all the pots. It's grim.

tamobhuuta 02-11-2020 01:18 PM

It sounds it!

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 01:19 PM

Ugh that sounds so boring!

nonperson 02-11-2020 01:30 PM

It really is boring. It's making me sneeze loads too.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 01:33 PM

How much do you have left to do?

nonperson 02-11-2020 01:57 PM

Depends how anal about tidying it I want to be. =P

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 01:59 PM

Haha! Don't you have any students you could order to do it? :p

[Luna] 02-11-2020 02:08 PM

Afternoon lovelies.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 02:09 PM

Hi Luna! :)
How are you?

one_step_closer 02-11-2020 02:09 PM

Hey everyone, hey Luna.

[Luna] 02-11-2020 02:11 PM

I'm okay, just bored. How are you guys?

one_step_closer 02-11-2020 02:16 PM

Being bored is annoying. Are there no easy things you can manage to do that would hold your attention?

I'm low and about to be bored too.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 02:19 PM

Hi lindsay
Sorry you're feeling low and bored.
Is there anything you like doing?
Like crochet or something?

I can imagine you're bored being stuck inside Luna

[Luna] 02-11-2020 02:19 PM

I'm watching TV. I tried some colouring but my son kept stealing my pens lol

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 02:32 PM

Me too Luna.
Haha! Naughty little munchkin!

[Luna] 02-11-2020 02:57 PM

What are you watching?

Yeah and now I'm missing lots of pen lids. Little pickle.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 03:00 PM

Border patrol! It's probably my favourite programme on normal TV lol

Oh no!

[Luna] 02-11-2020 03:02 PM

Nice. I think I've watched it before. Is that when people try to smuggle drugs and stuff through airports?

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 03:14 PM

Yeah. Drugs, cigarettes, food etc.!
In new Zealand and Australia you have to declare ANY food and can be fined $400 for bringing in undeclared food

I know far too much about this for someone who has never been to these places....

[Luna] 02-11-2020 03:21 PM

I did know that Australia are particularly strict about what you can bring into the country. Probably from watching Border patrol lol

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 03:29 PM

What are you watching?

not_so_insig 02-11-2020 03:39 PM

I booked my flu jab before. It's on a Saturday at 8.40 am! Thankfully it's only a ten minute walk to the doctors so I dont have to get up too early. Early to bed I think the night before and a ton of monster energy i think when I wake up.

[Luna] 02-11-2020 03:55 PM

Gosh 8.40 is an early start on a saturday.

Beckie, I'm currently binge watching Taskmaster.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 03:56 PM

Good choice Luna!
Taskmaster is excellent!

nonperson 02-11-2020 04:10 PM

I still haven't watched last week's one. Keep forgetting!

My surgery are supposed to be sending a text to tell me when I'm allowed to book my flu jab.

So it'll probably never happen...

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 04:14 PM

You must watch it np! So we can talk about it!
No one else I know watches it

Oh dear :/

I think I'm entitled to the flu jab because of epilepsy but I never get it

nonperson 02-11-2020 04:42 PM

I will watch it soon, I promise!

You should get it if it's available to you, especially at the moment as it will lessen the strain on the NHS if less people get flu.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 05:02 PM

Good! :)

Yeah I should do really.
I don't think I've ever had the flu though!
Maybe I'm immune to it??

not_so_insig 02-11-2020 05:32 PM

Nonperson I only had the flu jab reminder text on Friday so it's time yet. My parents had their jabs 10 days ago but they're over 65 and an different surgery.

not_so_insig 02-11-2020 05:40 PM

Beckie according to the epilepsy society you are entitled to the free flu jab. You might be entitled if you have a high bmi also.

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 06:01 PM

My bmi isn't high enough for that. Just checked!
I'll get on booking because of the epilepsy though

nonperson 02-11-2020 06:21 PM

It's not a reminder text that's being sent - I haven't and won't forget - my surgery are literally not allowing me to book an appointment until I have received a text from them. Usually it's just a drop in clinic so this is a totally new system. And they've been pretty useless in general lately so my expectations are low. =P

I've had flu once. It's what kickstarted my diabetes. *double thumbs up*

not_so_insig 02-11-2020 06:34 PM

Fingers crossed it gets sorted nonperson. I was getting worried about my flu jab as I hadn't had an reminder/letter until then. According to my Facebook post I hadn't had my flu jab until mid November last year.

nonperson 02-11-2020 06:53 PM

Thanks, I'm sure it will and I'm just being impatient.

That seems quite late! Mine is usually done by early October. =/

Cacoethes 02-11-2020 07:19 PM

I didn't know flu could start diabetes! 0_0

not_so_insig 02-11-2020 07:20 PM

Yeah I was getting kinda worried until I read my Facebook post. I think the first year I had it was in September.

nonperson 02-11-2020 07:43 PM

It doesn't, Beckie. Don't panic. =o

Having the flu just kind of accelerated the process for me, it was going to happen regardless of flu or not!

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