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youngatheart 21-12-2009 01:05 PM

fallinstar ( laura?) sorry things arent so good for you right now. As long as you and your boyfriend know you are ok, thats all that matters.

Scarletdreamer 21-12-2009 01:32 PM

*cuddles for Laura* I'm sorry that things are rubbish in your head right now, love. Is there anyone you can talk with about it other than us? (not saying we aren't any good, but someone IRL can be much better!!) And I agree with youngatheart ^^, as long as you and your boyfriend know you're okay, that's what matters. *hugs* What's going on in your head? care to chat about it? 'cause maybe that'll help.

Listening to Mannheim Steamroller right now... wondering how they got their name, hehe. :) Trying to figure out what to do today... agoraphobia is kicking in and I don't want to leave the apartment. I know I ought to, but I really don't want to. It's so difficult to do so!! and I have plenty to do here. I can clean, I can read, I can play WoW, I can post here, I can email people, I can call friends... but I can also purge and cut, which is why I need to get out of the house at least a few times a week, if not every day. BOO HISS.

*hugs everyone*

[Fog] 21-12-2009 10:28 PM

Hey guys, hope you all had a good if not bearable day today. Sorry no individual replies but I read all of your posts and I'm sending you all some loves.

My boyfriend came over today which was really great. We did some Christmas shopping (I needed him there as I got arrested last week thanks to being a klepto) and just spent time together. This evening I'm struggling with not binging because my family are around and watching me like a hawk so I can't purge. So f*cking hungry but I must not eat must not eat...

I agree with what's been said about hospital. I was officially discharged today after a 3 week bit of "respite". I hate it but I love it there too. Having everything taken care of is helpful and well I'm still alive. It's good to be able to admit that I am not coping and to be able to go somewhere where I don't have to pretend to cope, where I can just do and feel what I need to. I met a few wonderful people there, caught up with a few others, and avoided a lot of others who drove me mental excuse the phrase!

Blah. x

[Awakening] 21-12-2009 11:37 PM

*walks in with a huge blanket, pizza and coke to share*

*hugs* everyone, sorry not up to individual replies

My girlfriend wasn't too good today and i spent 2 hours driving home because of the snow! I want to stay with her in hosp but because i can't i'll have to stay here.

Not feeling great today. Wanted to cry but i just kept laughing instead.

I'd like to share some pizza and coke with u guys and cuddle up please???

Anyone got a pizza topping preference? x x x x

Scarletdreamer 22-12-2009 12:58 AM

Veggie lover's all the way!!! :D Hehe... that is, if no one minds. I'm a lacto-ovo-fishy vegetarian (lol) so I don't eat red meat if I can help it. As the vegetarianism was/is an eating disordered thing, though, I'm doing my best to get rid of it. :(

Kiera, how old are you? If you're over 18 your parents don't need to know. Everything can be kept confidential as 18 is the magical age for confidentiality. And since you're posting in the Veteran's Corner, I'm guessing you're 18+. So... you don't really need to be worried about that, I don't think. *hugs* Although it is scary getting help on your own... but relieving maybe that your parents don't need to know? Sorry if that was a waffle, my brain's a bit muzzy at the mo.

Scarlett, sorry to hear about your girlfriend. :( Hopefully she'll be doing better tomorrow. And yeh, I've been hearing about the snow and how it really shuts London area down when you get a bit!! Funny rather. We just avoided a storm that dumped 9+ inches only 50 miles south of where we live. Although I wouldn't've minded... but driving in snow isn't much fun at all. *cuddles gently*

Banana, glad that you got to go shopping with your boyfriend. It must be difficult being klepto, never actually met anyone who was. My great-grandmother was but I never really knew her, as she died when I was 3 or 4 or something like that. :-/ How are you feeling now? any better than earlier? And yeh I totally get that family looking after you like a hawk... I told my parents today about my bulimic urges and when I went to the bathroom my mum was like, "ARE YOU OKAY?!?!?!?" ... so that kinda sucked. I wasn't going to purge, just had to, well, you know, use the bathroom!! lol.

I kinda wish that I could go back into ED treatment. I think I would really benefit from it now versus when I had it. But nope, insurance doesn't cover the place I went and it is WAYYY too expensive otherwise. And I'm not seriously ill enough to get into any of the free programs. Boo hiss. Plus that would interrupt schooling... I'm supposed to be done in August. :D So I don't want to ruin that...

BLAHHH!!!!! I want to purge too, ate a yummy supper but it was yucky to my brain. I feel physically fine but mentally I'm a mess. :'(

[Fog] 22-12-2009 12:19 PM

Good morning guys, hope everyone slept well. *Hands out coffees (or hot choc if you would prefer!) *

Kiera on the one hand it might help to have some support from your parents, but then I don't know what they are like about your illness. But as Scarletdreamer said, if you're over 18 then they don't have to know. Either way I hope that you're ok and that you can get some help and support from somewhere.

Scarlett sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Hope she gets better soon. *Takes some pizza, puts it into the magical calorie-remover machine and munches*

Scarletdreamer yeah it is hard being klepto. It's just so unacceptable and the guilt that goes with it is unbearable. Plus there's the fact that most people don't realise that klepto is different to shoplifter. I don't want what I steal, I don't plan it and I rarely remember taking the stuff. Last week I got arrested for it but luckily I had the nicest policewoman on the planet and I got off with just a caution. Not nice though. Lol bless you with going to the toilet. My mum does that too, it's annoying! Urgh... Christmas food... I know what you mean about ED treatment and I'm sorry to hear that you can't afford it at the moment. I don't know how the healthcare system works where you are, but can you get support from a dietician or therapist or something just to get a little bit of a helping hand? I'm on a never ending waiting list for an ED support group and for ED therapy, I wish they'd hurry up because I just can't eat "normally" any more. No idea what normal eating is to be honest. I did try it... but that set me off on a really bad B&P phase... I'm the lowest weight I've ever been at the moment. My psych's advice was to "just eat" as it's not a "proper illness" for me... I told him to **** off as he clearly hadn't studied EDs properly at uni!!

Anyway sorry I'm rambling... but I hope you all have a good day xxx

Steel Maiden 22-12-2009 01:22 PM

Hugs to all.

All I can think about is KILL.

Scarletdreamer 22-12-2009 02:43 PM

Banana, I'm in the States and I do have a therapist, but she's currently unavailable due to a death in the family. I tried texting her last night, hoping that she wouldn't be occupied as I needed someone to text/talk with, but she texted back saying that she was at a funeral, blah blah blah. So now I feel really bad because I think I interrupted the funeral with a text message!!! :( I'm going to have to call her office >_< to make an appt because I don't have one set up yet... grrrr. I also have a NP (nurse practitioner - she takes care of my meds and I love her to pieces!!) that is very supportive and kind, although she doesn't always respond to texts/voicemails (GRRRR!!!!!). So yeh. That's what's been going on with me as far as support for stuff goes. My N (nutritionist) is way too expensive to see frequently so I am kind of stuck where I am. :(

I am at the highest weight I've ever been at the mo... but I am going to lose it. I'm betting that a LOT of it is water weight as I haven't been drinking properly and have a tendency to retain water like nothing else. :( So I need to drink more fluids... have a lot of Propel and VitaminWater and flavored drink packets for our icky-tasting water. And tea, too. Lots and lots of tea!!! :P

Hopefully you'll get the help that you need soon... *big hugs*

*hugs Steel Maiden* Sorry to hear that things aren't going too well right now. "KILL" - as in yourself? or am I totally missing it. >_<

*hugs everyone, leaves some calorie-free chocolates on the table, and pops out*

one_step_closer 22-12-2009 03:01 PM

I need to find a way out of life without hurting my brother. I can't stand being alive any longer.

[Awakening] 22-12-2009 03:20 PM

*Offers cuddles to everyone*

*hugs scarletdreamer* It sucks that you have to be desperate to get the help you need. I think its the same everywhere and with all mental health disorders, from what ive seen anyway! It shouldnt be like that. I'm really sorry you cant access help easilly atm :( can i have some tea please???

Banana, I couldnt imagine that! It must be so hard. Do you have a leaflet or something that you could carry arround with you that explain Klepto and what they (shopkeepers and police etc) should do in certain circumstances? I love the magical calorie-remover machine! I wish i'd had it last night! Can i borrow it later please?? Im gonna have a mac donalds - yum yum!

*Hugs Steal Maiden* I'm sorry you're struggling atm, are you able to keep urself safe? Does distraction work at all? I'm here if u want to talk or rant..

One step closer, If you mean what i think you mean then i don't think there is a way i'm afraid :( can u try doing something to relax urself? How about spending some time with your brother to remind yourself that u want to stay around for him? Are you getting the help you need right now? *gives u a big hug and runs a lovely bath for you*

mmm *scoffs loads of calorie-free chocolates and works up the energy to go to the laundrettes and have a yell at some Psych Nurses* wish me luck!

[Fog] 22-12-2009 05:10 PM

*Hugs to Steel Maiden*

Scarlett Dreamer - that must be so frustrating not being able to get hold of your support workers. It's similar for me, endless waiting lists and answer phones etc. Do you live with anyone who is supportive and understanding of what you're going through who you could tell? In the mean time keep talking to us :-) Yeah sounds like a lot of the weight is water. Try not to panic and lose weight (sorry, hypocrite alert), eating consistently and healthily will be better for you and will help with your weight as well. If you tend to be up and down with eating your body will just hang on to whatever it can get and your metabolism also slows down when you don't eat. Sorry if you already know that. It's just I don't want you to end up in the miserable place that I am at the moment. *Hugs*

One Step Closer - I know the feeling, the only thing that has kept me alive is not wanting my family and boyfriend to suffer because of being involved with that girl who killed herself. I don't want them to have to go through more than they do at the moment with me being alive. Hang on in there, it WILL get better. If you want to talk about how you're feeling we're here for you.

Scarlett Whore - that's a great idea actually about carrying a leaflet around about it. When I got arrested I told them it was kleptomania but I guess they must hear that a million times a day. I think they probably still don't believe that I'm klepto but it fast became clear how ill I am so they were a lot nicer to me than I deserved. Just hoping and praying it doesn't happen again because then I really will be in the ****. Haha yeah I wish I had a real life calorie removing machine! Mmmm pizza chocolate cake spaghetti bolognaise... Why can't they make no-cal food?! Enjoy having a good yell, hope it helps :-)

Done some Christmas shopping with my bros today (and I have all the receipts yay!) and stared at the DLA application for a while. Feel a bit agitated today so I might pop out again in a while to keep myself out of trouble. Seeing my care worker tomorrow which should be good, she's really lovely so looking forward to seeing her. Also will be getting my hair even more redded up and visiting a good friend of mine in the ward so should be a good day.

Hugs and loves to all xx

SoMuchMore 22-12-2009 05:30 PM

*hugs april* I wouldn't worry too much about interrupting the funeral. I am sure your therapist isn't mad at you or anything. Getting text messages and calls kind of comes with the territory of their job. And.. drinking fluids is good. I always find that I feel better (physically) when I drink a lot of water :-)

*hugs one step closer* Sorry you are feeling so badly hun. Can you talk to anyone?

*hugs scarlett whore*

*hugs banana* yay for xmas shopping lol, I did that all day yesterday... Even though it was ridiculously crowded out. Its good that you like your care worker so much, it must be nice to have them there for support. Hope you enjoy visiting your friend.

*hugs everyone else.... sorry I didn't reply to everyone... The ward seems to be very busy lately*

I am at the 30 day mark for being SI free... again... it always seems that 30-ish days is my breaking point, but I'm hoping that maybe things are easier this time... I dunno why they would be easier, nothing is different heh, but I still hope it is. Anyway, got a disaster haircut yesterday, going to get it fixed today lol, and then baking xmas cookies! yummy!

Absynnthe 22-12-2009 08:17 PM

*cuddles onto April* Meeeegh, sorry I wasn't here yesterday... Christmas shopping. >.< Damn Christmas time! Damn it to hell!

*huggles to everyone else* Hoping everyone is okay...

Not had a good day today. Aaaaat all. I'll hide this, cuz...
The following content has been hidden - Reason : Triiiiiiggering...
Self harm, binging, throwing up, refusing food, voices, flashbacks, switching between me and Zack...

Arrrgh. :Crying:

Scarletdreamer 22-12-2009 09:04 PM

Aww *cuddles Franz gently* It does sound like an utterly rubbish day... I wish I could help more but maybe have a few calorie-free chocolates and talk to us? *more cuddles*

Have missed you over the past, well, day. Haha. You're good company. :) I bet it was crowded Christmas shopping!! wow. I got all of mine done on Black Friday (THAT was effing crowded... >_< ...but was my husband's idea so we went for it, heh). I'm rather excited about Christmas myself, but I can understand why it would be annoying, etc. I think. Heh. Why don't you like it?

*hugs Laura* Yey for 30 days SI-free!! That's awesome. :) Don't beat up on yourself, if you can help it, if you slip up... it's baby steps to get out of that pit and you can do it. You're a strong person. In the meantime, celebrate!!! You have done an amazing job of not SI'ing in the past month... you deserve something special. Make yourself a cuppa and go sit and read or do something you enjoy. :) Pamper yourself. *more hugs*

*hugs Banana* Yeh, I know that about the water/weight loss thing. It's just frustrating now, especially, because I don't have classes to tell me how time is passing. Usually I get through a day now and realize that WHOOPS, I've only drunk about half what I'm supposed to - or less. That's never good... but I never try to make it up. And just like eating, you have to drink constantly... and I hate that. Urgh. :(

I'm kind of frustrated about my weight but that's not why the purging urges are coming up. It's because I want to self destruct... I dunno. I posted more about this in the ED forum. Don't want to take up too much space in here about that. :( Blah. Feel stupid.

*hugs Scarlett* How you doing today?? :)

*gentle hugs for One step* Honestly, there is no way of getting out of life without hurting those around you, those who love you. No matter how you do it, you'll leave a legacy of pain. People who remember you will feel sad but also effing ANGRY that you chose to kill yourself rather than fighting your way out of whatever you're in. You can survive. You can make it through. You are so much more resiliant than you know.

Guuurgh... I feel like sh*t. I ate lunch, which was one of those microwaveable bowls of soup. It had so few calories but I still wanted to purge it along with the mug of (gingerbread!!) tea with honey that I had. And I called my T's office to see if I could get an appt with her tomorrow as she said yesterday that she thought she had a cancellation (cx?) tomorrow... but no go. BOO HISS!!!! That means I won't be able to see her until like the week of the 10th (of January). That SUCKS!!! I need all of the support that I can get right now and I really wish that I had all the support that I need. :(

Just shoot me... shoot me now, put me out of my misery... I HATE MY LIFE!!!! *cries*

Absynnthe 22-12-2009 09:21 PM

I are loved. :D *huggles onto April* Yeeeeees, it was fairly busy. o.O It's not that I don't like shopping. God help me, that's not what I'm saying AT ALL, XD I just don't like being stabbed in the back by grumpy old women with umbrellas. Who then complain that you got in the way. D;

*chomps on low cal chocolate and sits on April* I shall NOT shoot you now. For many reasons;

1. I have no gun. Which is probably a good thing, to be honest.
2. I would MISS you!
3. I would get blood and brainds all over the virtual Psych ward. D;
4. You're too special to shoot. And your husband might be a bit annoyed. o.o


Scarletdreamer 22-12-2009 09:43 PM

*huggles Franz* Yeerhhh, I guess you have a point about not shooting me. Haha. My husband "might be a bit annoyed" ... rofl. :P

So I guess I'll stick around for now. I do have a gun, but not here at the apartment... it's my baby, a 1911 Springfield .45 caliber pistol. :D But it's kept locked at a place far, far away (okay, only 20 minutes away... haha - and I have a key to it) so I don't have immediate access to it if I do get suicidal. Which is good.

I don't FEEL special. :( I feel fat, ugly, stupid. Grrrrargh.


one_step_closer 22-12-2009 09:55 PM

*hugs everyone*

Absynnthe 22-12-2009 10:04 PM

Well he might! :O *snuggle!*

And I am glad there's a walk to get to it. o.O Although I just looked it up, and oooo. Prettyful gun. :O Damn me for being English!

*sigh* Me knows how you feel. Currently venting negative thoughts and feelings into writing and drawing. Ahm designing a new tattoo. :)

*huggles Lindsay* :) Hihi, you okay?

Scarletdreamer 22-12-2009 11:06 PM

*hugs Franz* Yeh it is a prettyful gun. :D I'm glad you agree with me. My husband thinks I'm cute for thinking that it's cute... but it IS!!! This http://www.gunshopfinder.com/springfield/PW9609L.jpg is not the exact model that I have, but you can see what it looks like. Mine currently has the wood grips on it (but they don't say "US" - they have a more prettyful design :D) but I'm gonna switch 'em to plastic (black!! woohoo) as the plastic is MUCH more durable.

Ooh tattoo. I don't have any and don't plan on getting one, but it's cool that you design them. What does it look like? I'm more into piercings, just got my nose done (stud on the right side) on 5 December (I think). And my ears are pierced 8 times (total) - four of which I did myself. Afraid that's a bit of a self-injuring technique but oh well. They look good. :P Wouldn't recommend it though, unless you aren't doing it for SI and are more sanitary about it than I was.

Hrm. I don't feel great. Tummy hurts - I think I ate too much or something, dunno. Blahhh. I am so tired, too!!! just want to sleep but it's way too early, only a bit past 5pm. :(

*hugs everyone*

Absynnthe 22-12-2009 11:17 PM

All of my peircing's are self done. :) Except for my scaffold peircing. I have my ears streched as well, also self done. Yeah, it's basically another version of SH, but hey... >.< I'm sanitary though!

Well, the one I'm currently designing is a treble clef with Plumiera flowers and butterfly on it. Both of which are linked to RYL. :) The treble clef is to signify the effect that music has on my life, both as a musician and listener.

*cuddles and rubs tummy* :( Get better, silly tummy...

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