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youonlyliveonce 21-06-2009 03:42 PM

happy birthday banana

shadowedseraph 21-06-2009 04:53 PM

*hugs banana* Happy Birthday

*hugs zowie* i hope you can be strong for your dad but it must be hard *more hugs*

*more hugs for everyone on the ward thats struggling or just feels the need to be here*

I want to hurt myself so badly it feels like an ache, i want to cry but i can't seem to, everything seems to be going wrong. I want to get better. Its not fair *end whine*

zowie 21-06-2009 09:12 PM

I had a nice day at the pub :) x

realflifefaerie 21-06-2009 10:09 PM

happy birthday Hannah.

Am way too tired for individual replies, shall try tomorrow. I'm really struggling today with food and stuff.

*leaves hugs and bread an butter pudding*

~*Rainbow*~ 21-06-2009 11:07 PM

Hye guys sorry i havent been around much!! been working to damm much!!!

trying to save up for my new chosen career in Falconry!!! YAY

me and himself are ok!! we may even be sorting things out tot he extent we will be together again!!! YAY!!!!!

wildly insane 22-06-2009 02:01 AM

Dayna, you could always accept her under a limited profile?

Hey guys, I'm back :) there was way too much for me to read as it's late and I'm tired, but sending you all big massive hugs and hope the next new week brings things a lot easier. I have had a fantastic holiday, and have just had a brilliant weekend visiting friends in manchester who I haven't seen in ages. Am now triggered because I had a good time and because the guy I like has just told me he likes someone else :P bleh

Huggles and squidges

Damnation. 22-06-2009 03:35 AM

I dunno how to do that O.o. I took the risk and accepted her anyway. She sent me a message saying she was surprised but glad that I accepted her (and typed like a n00b, lol >.>)

MammaMia 22-06-2009 04:28 AM

I am so angry woohoo :)

Kahlia1981 22-06-2009 08:32 AM

*hugs all*

My surgery is going ahead but they want me to stay with my cast on for at least another month. D:

*hugs all again*

~Kaytee~ 22-06-2009 12:16 PM

Ooh *hugs kahlia* hope the surgery goes well :)

Welcome back Hannah! *squishes*

And a late happy birthday to hannahbanana :D Hope it went well x

zowie 22-06-2009 12:31 PM

Ugh. I had a horrible dream that just reminded me how snubbed I feel by my ex and how bitter I am that he dumped me for a girl he hardly knew after being together for three years.
He's a ****.

shadowedseraph 22-06-2009 12:36 PM

*hugs to all on the ward* Well its monday again, and although its sunny outside here on the ward it is a nice moderate temeperature. *slumps on the sofa and cries quietly*

realflifefaerie 22-06-2009 12:37 PM

*hugs Rainbow* I'm glad things are going well.

*hugs wildly insane* I'm so glad you had a nice holiday, hope you feel better this morning.

*hugs Damnation* was a brave thing to do.

*hugs MammaMia*

*hugs Kahila* Good luck with you're surgery.

*hugs BigBear*

*hugs zowie* I can sympathise with you about horrible dreams, however it sounds like you're better off without him honey.

I feel rubbish this morning I have the shakes and all sorts.

*leaves hugs for others lurking around*

zowie 22-06-2009 12:45 PM

Thanks secrets.
*Hugs* Hope you feel better. xx

shadowedseraph 22-06-2009 04:51 PM

*Hugs secrets* Hope your feeling a bit better

*hugs zowie* how are you feeling now hon?

zowie 22-06-2009 06:13 PM

Much better thanks. I had a nap on the sofa for a couple of hours and all the bad thoughts have passed. For now.

shadowedseraph 22-06-2009 07:02 PM

I'm glad your feeling a bit better :)

wildly insane 22-06-2009 07:17 PM

I'm trying so hard not to do anything to myself I feel sick and I just want to give in :(

*hugs Arwen* he sounds so not worth your pain hun

*hugs shadowedseraph* hope you are okay

*hugs Secrets back* feeling worse :( hope you're feeling better though

*hugs Katie* thanks :) how are you?

*hugs Kahlia* good luck with your wrist, hope you are okay too

*hugs Helen* hope tv tonight is good :P

*hugs Dayna* hope it's okay with your mum

*hugs everyone else, sorry it's not more*

*curls up in a corner and buries her head under a blanket*

realflifefaerie 22-06-2009 07:37 PM

Argh I'm so so stressed.

I don't want these panic attacks again

~*Rainbow*~ 22-06-2009 08:50 PM

*hugs Secrets* - Why you stressed out sweetie??

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