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l.e.g.o 07-07-2007 09:16 PM

sorry everyone-thank you

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:17 PM

ty hunny *hugs up to newlife* i hope you dont mind me hugging you

D-liscious 07-07-2007 09:18 PM

huni you have nothing to be sorry for thats whar we are here for
*buts blanket round newlife, to protect her*

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:20 PM

does anyone else want a hug....

l.e.g.o 07-07-2007 09:21 PM

no its fine-feel so sick-it should be me that took the od not him-its me that deserves to die

D-liscious 07-07-2007 09:23 PM

oh huni thats not true *hugs* what makes you say that
*accepts hug from stevevaijr*i never refuse hugs, *wishes it was a real one*

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:24 PM

hunny no one deserves it please *sits in a corner and starts feeling blue* is there any hot chocolate left

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:24 PM

*gives another big hug and wishes the same*

l.e.g.o 07-07-2007 09:27 PM

sorry really sorry

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:28 PM

newlife hun please listen you have nothing to be sorry for and it wasnt your fault your amazing mwah please be okay please

D-liscious 07-07-2007 09:29 PM

*hugs stevievaijr* *hugs newlife*

*crys cos she cant help*

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:32 PM

Dont cry S pod come here *sqidges S pod tight* and *squidges new life tight* mwah big kisses for you

l.e.g.o 07-07-2007 09:33 PM

sorry *hugs*

D-liscious 07-07-2007 09:36 PM

hey thanks * goes to check on stevevaijrs food* your not vegi are you? its chicken!

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:39 PM

no i am not vegi chicken sounds lovely hunny ty

D-liscious 07-07-2007 09:44 PM

*brings in morrocan chicken* my brother in law taught me this its amazing, we have to eat it with our hands! * chicken is on a large plate. covered with sauce, it has green olives and chips over it*
*has plate of yummy fresh bread for dipping*
tuck in theres enough for everyone!
*opens bottle of white wine* i really shouldent but its a treat!

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:47 PM

can i only have a little glass of wine *tastes the chicken* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... beautiful

l.e.g.o 07-07-2007 09:48 PM

*takes some wine*i shouldnt but could do with losing myself-sorry

thanks for doing the food just not that hungry

~KemicalRain~ 07-07-2007 09:51 PM

wow that was amazing thank you *hugs S POD* can i have another glass of wine please

D-liscious 07-07-2007 09:52 PM

*settles down in front of fire with glass of wine* - so glad you guys are here tonight

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