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Kathryn_Anna 18-04-2016 07:07 PM

So totally frustrated. I really want to give up at this point.

Eir 18-04-2016 07:15 PM

Mark - I feel for you. Your nan, the nephew. All of it.
Kathryn- sick sucks. Anxious worse.
Drew- wonderful news.
Yoda- *safe hugs*
Matthew - * offers squidges and chocolate*

Me, I'm just gonna crawl under something, Matthew got me back here so I is safe. Ish. I cannot stop thinking I ruin everything.

Doikers 18-04-2016 07:40 PM

*Sits with My Magical Tea Machine to make anyone any Tea they'd like*

Kathryn_Anna 19-04-2016 12:30 AM

*sits with Mark* it OK if I sit here? I'm not much of a tea person but since it's a magical tea machine in willing to try a cup :)

Doikers 19-04-2016 10:04 AM

Of Course it's Okay , Kathryn :) How are you doing?

Kathryn_Anna 19-04-2016 05:07 PM

I'm feeling done. I don't know how to describe it. I slept for quite a bit last night but woke up looking like I hadn't slept at all. I've got a million things to do and don't feel up for doing any of it.

Doikers 19-04-2016 06:19 PM

I'm Sorry you feel Rubbish , Kathryn , I'll be be knocking about for an hour or 3 if you want to chat . Magic Tea?

Kathryn_Anna 19-04-2016 08:10 PM

Thanks Mark. I'd love some magic tea! I'm so tired of being a parent. Screaming kids all day today. Therapies all day. Scheduling appointments but the dates available don't work because I have another kid with an important appointment that same day around the same time.

I'm beginning to feel done with sh all together and more OK with just giving up completely.

Eir 19-04-2016 08:25 PM

May I try some too? I think I can deal with magic tea.
Its 5 something in the morning and I've not slept. Again. Am about to attempt. But YAY for meds tomorrow. Mostly. Shall try better to not run out with so many days left to pay day. Cannot do without this long.
Fresh home-made bread for anyone who wants it.

CaiteeBug 20-04-2016 04:07 PM

gross, I've got a doctor's appt at 1 today. I'm hoping my blood sugars and A1c numbers went down and I also hope I lost a little weight.

YodaBearInterrupted 20-04-2016 05:16 PM

*hugs all in here and puts out more cookies*

Got put on new meds and they are pretty strong... am at work, yet I want to do no work since I feel tired and don't feel like doing anything at all

*sits in the corner again*

Kathryn_Anna 20-04-2016 07:25 PM

How did your appointment go Caitlyn?

Thanks for the hugs and cookies Matt. Sorry you are feeling so tired. Hopefully as time goes on you'll get adjusted to the meds and won't feel as bad.

It has been just go, go, go today. I'm exhausted. And now I'm feeling a bit paranoid so that's heightening my anxiety. Ugh. Not good.

Kathryn_Anna 21-04-2016 11:53 AM

How is everyone doing today?

Doikers 21-04-2016 01:15 PM

Fairly Unwell , this bug is taking it's toll :(

How are you Kathryn? And everyone Else?

Eir 21-04-2016 02:54 PM

24+ hrs of meds has done wonders. My skins no longer crawling with the need to hurt myself. Only figured out what that itch was just now cos it's gone.
Unfortunately, have zero motivation to do my uni assignment. Started it. But so difficult to focus on it. Given up for the night.
Matt I know the feeling. Mine do it everytime my dose is adjusted or i go a week without. Titrating my meds up as we speak cos I cant afford to be bombed whilst I adjust to my normal dosage.
Mark, have you tried honey and lemon and ginger tea? If your flu-ey, it may help you feel a bit better.
Kathryn, I hope things slow up a bit so you can feel less exhausted.

Kathryn_Anna 21-04-2016 07:24 PM

I'm very thankful I have a calendar. All these medical appointments for my kids is making it hard to schedule anything else. I've had to decline dates again because of conflicts with other appointments. I'm so busy there is little time for me. *sigh* I really need to start scheduling stuff in like showers and taking care of me.

CaiteeBug 21-04-2016 08:16 PM

I am heartbroken. The legendary musician Prince has passed way

Kathryn_Anna 22-04-2016 01:34 AM

It's a very sad day indeed Caitlyn. :(

Eir 22-04-2016 04:10 PM

Well done for your organisation skills. Scheduling you time sounds like a great idea

Drewbles 22-04-2016 09:26 PM

*leaves blankets and pillows for everyone*
I've been on a waitlist for a doctor's appointment for almost 2 months and it's finally this coming Thursday and I'm so anxious about it :(

It feels like every time I go to the doctor about mental health somehow the message doesn't get across. I went to the hospital once for it and came away with a diagnosis I know isn't right.

I just feel like I'm too bad at talking to ever explain to anyone in a way they could understand. I keep worrying I'll leave there really stressed out without getting what I need :( I can't wait around forever for help.

Sorry for disappearing and returning to rant.. Hope all is ok with everyone

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