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Sketchy 31-03-2018 07:53 PM

Glad you are surviving. Remember I’m here for you. *hugs*

chinahorse 31-03-2018 09:20 PM

*loves on buttons*

I'm home! ! Aaaannnnddd it's freezing and I have no want to shower and I have no clean uniform for tomorrow.

Aubergine 31-03-2018 09:21 PM

Heya. :)

chinahorse 31-03-2018 09:36 PM

Hey you :) how's things?

Now to shower. I have washed up and chatted to my mum so thats something. Decided I'll just borrow a work top tomorow. Cba for doing washing this late. Still need to shower though.

Sorry I'm waffling away again.

Aubergine 31-03-2018 09:45 PM

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No need to apologise, Lillie! It's OK to waffle. I do it all of the time! :) Showering is a good plan. Can you hop in the shower now so you get it over and done with? Not nice if it's cold, mind. Borrowing a work top tomorrow is a good plan!

I'm alright. Was really anxious about doing kid's church tomorrow, but I told my friend and she's going to do it with me so I don't feel as worried about it. :)

These are Alec's parents. They look very chilled; I hope Alec is just as content when he moves in with me. :)

Serendipity. 31-03-2018 10:07 PM

*wanders in* Hello!

I hope you've managed to shower Lillie.

They are lovely Ducky! I'm sure Alec will love living with you - though to start with I imagine there might be more curtain climbing and such antics than chilling out :P How long now until you get to take him home?

chinahorse 31-03-2018 10:11 PM

I am clean! And laundry is on a timer. Just the mass of wet hair to deal with now.

Haha what chilled kitties! Must be taking Alec home soon now?

Aubergine 31-03-2018 10:11 PM

Hey Hannah! How goes it?!

Yes, my curtains sure are going to take a bit of a bashing, I think! And I'm going to have to remove all of the ornaments I dont want broken off of my shelves. :P

Serendipity. 31-03-2018 10:13 PM

Well done Lillie :) How are you doing?

Haha, probably a good idea Ducky! :P He will be worth it though!!

Aubergine 31-03-2018 10:19 PM

Well done, Lillie. Think of how lovely bed will be once you've dealt with the mass of hair. :)

Nope, not long at all! I'm collecting him at 11am on Saturday the 7th. :D

Serendipity. 31-03-2018 10:20 PM

Oh that's so exciting, just a week to go!! Make sure you show us many many pictures once he's settled in!

Sketchy 31-03-2018 10:26 PM

Hey Lillie, Aubergine and Hannah. Hannah, haven’t seen you around this thread in a while. Good to see you.

Aubergine, Alec’s parents are adorable. Won’t be long until you get your kitty. My friend is getting a new kitten called Wilbur. He already has an adorable older cat. I hope they get along. I get to see Molly tomorrow! I have an Easter present for her. A bunny rabbit soft toy, foil balls and kitty treats. She gets spayed on Wednesday, so I’m spoiling her.

Serendipity. 31-03-2018 10:33 PM

Hey Lorraine! How's it going? Good to see you too :)

Aww, I bet Molly will love her Easter presents!

Sketchy 31-03-2018 10:36 PM

I’m ok. You?

She’ll be one spoiled cat, because my sister got her presents too.

Aubergine 31-03-2018 10:39 PM

I will show you MILLIONS of pictures when he's settled in. You'll all be very bored of pictures of him. :P

Hey Lorraine! How's it going? Spoiling her is a good plan! Will you spoil her again after her operation?

Serendipity. 31-03-2018 10:39 PM

I'm alright thanks :)

Haha, lucky Molly! I'm cat-sitting for my parents in a couple of week, I'm planning to spoil the cats with lots of treats to try and bribe them into loving me :P

Serendipity. 31-03-2018 10:40 PM

Ducky, I can assure you I NEVER get bored of kitty pictures!

nonperson 31-03-2018 10:40 PM

Alec's parents look amazing! Love the poses. *chuckle*

Aubergine 31-03-2018 10:55 PM

Bribing the cats to love you is an excellent plan! I feel I shall find myself doing the very same thing. :P

Hey Person! Good to see you. How's tricks?

Sketchy 31-03-2018 11:48 PM

Yes Aubergine, I’ll spoil her after the operation. My sister is working all day Thursday and Friday, so I’ll be going over to look after her and make sure she doesn’t lick her stitches. She’ll be really sleepy, so I’ll set out her favourite blankets and cuddly toys. My poor baby!

Sketchy 31-03-2018 11:48 PM

Hey Nonperson. How are you?

Sketchy 31-03-2018 11:49 PM

To bribe a cat all you need is a bag of dreamies!

Aubergine 31-03-2018 11:51 PM

Will she have a cone of shame, Lorraine? Sounds like you'll make her nice and comfortable. :)

Sketchy 01-04-2018 01:31 AM

Probably, I’m not sure. She won’t like that! I just keep reminding myself this is for her good in the long term. My sister is worried and feeling guilty too. But Molly will be fine. She’s a tough cookie and has both me and my sister to spoil her.

I’m off to bed. Goodnight everyone.

Aubergine 01-04-2018 01:41 AM

She'll be fine, Lorraine. :) You don't need to feel guilty - it's really important that she has it done to protect her future health. 100% the right thing to do.

Night night. :)

chinahorse 01-04-2018 08:26 AM

Good morning :)

What's everyone up to today?

nonperson 01-04-2018 09:38 AM


I'm meeting my friend for a walk in an hour... which means I desperately need to shower. Her not-so-little baby should hopefully cheer me up.

Have you got to wear bunny ears again today?

Aubergine 01-04-2018 10:01 AM

Morning. :)

Pomegranate 01-04-2018 10:45 AM

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Morning all x

Aubergine 01-04-2018 10:58 AM

Thanks Emma! Just at church. :)

How are you guys?

Eska 01-04-2018 10:58 AM

Morning, how are we all?

Aubergine 01-04-2018 11:00 AM

Morning Eska. :)

I have a sore neck and back. :( How are you?

Eska 01-04-2018 11:02 AM

Oh no, do you know why? I hope it feels better soon.

I'm ok. Going to have a nice quiet relaxing day.

Pomegranate 01-04-2018 11:25 AM

Not too bad. Got to go to two appointments in half an hour then seeing my friends for roast. Still need to pack!

What’s everyone upto today?

Eska 01-04-2018 11:28 AM

Emma I hope your appointments go ok! Good luck with the packing too.

I'm just getting ready to go back from my boyfriend's to mine, and we're then I'm having dinner with my housemates this evening.

Aubergine 01-04-2018 12:21 PM

Was doing kids church, but got sent home for being too much of a cryey mess to be any use. :wow:

I hope the appointments go OK, Emma. Roast sounds nice. :) Packing is the WORST.

Dinner with housemates sounds good, Eska. :)

Eska 01-04-2018 12:55 PM

Aw Aubergine, I’m sorry you’re not having a great morning. What are you up to for the rest of today?

Pomegranate 01-04-2018 01:21 PM

Awww Aubergine, I’m sorry things were so crappy. Have you got anything nice planned for the rest of the day? Are you seeing your mum?

Eska, dinner sounds good!

chinahorse 01-04-2018 01:33 PM

Aww aubergine sorry to hear that honey. Can you do something nice now?

That sounds nice eska :)

Emma, busy day! Hope the appointments went ok?

And yes I'm a bunny eared idiot again. More so as my boss won't wear them.
But meh. Mostly just want to go home so I can cry. What a cheerful notion. Not.

Eska 01-04-2018 01:46 PM

*sends hugs to those who want them*

Pomegranate 01-04-2018 01:55 PM

Seems like everyone is having a bit of an off day :-(

I can’t believe your boss expects you to wear them but won’t wear them themself!

Appt was ok- got an infection so going to have to fill prescription at the airport tomorrow :-/

Pomegranate 01-04-2018 01:56 PM

*takes a hug*

Aubergine 01-04-2018 02:44 PM

Thank you. :) *also takes a hug* I'm seeing friends later.

I hope you get the prescriptionOK tomorrow, Emma.

Sounds difficult, Lillie. I'm sorry that things are so hard.

I'm off to OOH GP because my back hurts to walk but is numb to touch, which is not normal...

MunchBox 01-04-2018 03:36 PM

Hey guys.

Sorry I haven't been around but would like some company if that's okay.

Hope you're okay, aubergine.

Aubergine 01-04-2018 04:10 PM

Hey Mary. *sits with you*

GP was very kind. Have pain relief. Should go after a few days. :)

Serendipity. 01-04-2018 04:24 PM

Hey everyone. *leaves hugs for you all*

I'm glad the GP was nice and you have pain relief Ducky, I hope it helps :)

Aubergine 01-04-2018 04:41 PM

Hey Hannah! How are you?

one_step_closer 01-04-2018 04:46 PM

Hello. I ate the Easter egg I bought for my friend. I'm not surprised!

not_so_insig 01-04-2018 04:48 PM

Oops Lindsay.

My mum gave me 2 easter eggs.

Aubergine 01-04-2018 04:53 PM

Oops Lindsay! Did you enjoy it?

I got no easter eggs. :(

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