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Pomegranate 29-12-2021 03:48 AM

Oh, and I don’t cover your area :-p. But even if you were, I’d have to ‘hand you over’ to somebody else :-p

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 03:53 AM

Beckie- HALP! Are buses back to normal today??

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 03:54 AM

Maybe just a little blunt :tongue2:
Just talking would probably have been helpful!
I was going to attempt to contact cpn. She was going to call on Friday anyway but that seems rather far away!
But if she's on leave tomorrow then I'll live!

I can imagine it would be a little awkward if you did cover my area :tongue2:

I don't see why they wouldn't be!
They were even running on Christmas eve in my area which was quite odd

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 03:56 AM

Just checked my local bus and it's running today on a normal timetable!
Tbh the only non normal timetable it has is Sunday times which = no buses at all

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 03:57 AM

Hey! At least you know it’s my honest opinion :-p

Tbh, I don’t even know what day of the week it is. Christmas screws everything up! Aside from trying to call CPN, what are you doing today/tomorrow? (Unless I’ve slept or it is gone 7am, I still count it as tomorrow!)

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 03:58 AM

Thanks re buses. Got a five year pass when my licence was suspended a few years ago due to mentals- it hasn’t expired yet but I also haven’t had to use it for three years or so

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 04:06 AM

I do definitely prefer an honest opinion!
Especially when it's fair like you usually are!

I know what you mean!

I have an amazon delivery coming. That's it!
I would have had work if it wasn't for the 'rona.
But seeing as I haven't slept at all and only slept a couple of hours the previous night/morning, it's probably good that I don't have work!

It's good you've still got a pass!
Buses are expensive these days!

Have you got plans?

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 04:38 AM

I have been crazy busy since the 22nd. I hosted a pre christmas party on 23rd (everyone required to do laterals before, although tbh most have to for work anyway). Did an anonymous Santa drop and lots of running around 24th. Hosted 14 Christmas Day and cooked (nobody has died thus far), then christmas with my dad 26th and my step mum 27th (long story). Today I did NOTHING though and slept more in one night than in the previous four or five combined! Then randomly went to a friends house and got very intoxicated ��.

Tomorrow, I know I’m supposed to be doing something. I just can’t remember what day/time I’ve agreed to see different people. I had extended family over from America. I think I’m taking them to British Costco and the gaming shop.

But I also have the main body of my dissertation due next week- argggghh!

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 04:40 AM

Have not started the main body of my dissertation. This is a problem :-p

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 04:50 AM

That is a great deal of things!
I do not know how you can deal with all that!

Yeah...that does sound like a problem!

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 04:52 AM

I mean, if you want to volunteer to write it for me, you would be more than welcome :-p

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 04:55 AM

I totally would!
Unfortunately my cognitive abilities have declined so much in recent years I struggle to read a single page of basically anything and retain the information!
So you probably wouldn't want me doing it :tongue2:

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 04:58 AM

It’s a literature review and really structured- that’s the problem! I know roughly what my recommendations are etc, but I HATE the structured research analysis. It’s on whether or not addiction recovery models such as AA can be applied to adult self harm.

I think you should do some upcycling! Like, pick a piece of YOUR furniture and upcycle it whilst you’re isolating

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 05:01 AM

That sounds both interesting and complicated!

That would be pretty good tbh!
My sofa could defo do with some upcycling!
Wouldn't even know where to start though!

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 05:10 AM

Maybe start with something like a table :-p. You’ve got time! When does your isolation finish?

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 05:19 AM

I have my little side table I could try and do something with!
It finishes on Monday! Obviously assuming I test negative then! Which I will do

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 05:25 AM

Order some PVA glue or some paint stuff and use some of the time to start planning the side table :-D

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 05:30 AM

It's not really paintable material though.tbh
I can't remember what the name of it is but it's shiny like laminate floors but it's not that! Lol
I must have SOMETHING i can modify!

My body has been trying to sneeze for 2 hours but still nothing!
Most annoying!

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 05:35 AM

Sounds like it might be time to paint a feature wall :-p

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 05:38 AM

Totally would if it wouldn't get me kicked out by the landlord!
They are very fussy!
They nearly kicked me out because I wasn't cleaning up to their standards! Even though the house was far from a mess!

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 05:48 AM

Thank **** my landlord gave zero ****s and never did an inspection in the eight years I lived there!

Right, I’m gonna try and nap for a couple of hours. Maybe you should leave phone downstairs and try the same? You’ve got a lot of time to kill before Friday :-p

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 05:50 AM

Mine does an inspection every 3 months :plain:

Okie dokey!
Good luck with your nap!
I've given up on sleep/am too scared to.go into my bedroom so I'll probably just continue being bored and watching crap TV!

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 05:55 AM

Remember what you read about excessive tiredness causing some of the symptoms you’re experiencing?

#just sayin’
#still got the bluntness :-p

Pomegranate 29-12-2021 05:55 AM

Sofa is a pretty good napping place

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 06:07 AM

Ok ok that's fair enough! :tongue2:

I could indeed nap on the sofa!

Elmer 29-12-2021 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by Pomegranate (Post 4316011)
Itís a literature review and really structured- thatís the problem! I know roughly what my recommendations are etc, but I HATE the structured research analysis. Itís on whether or not addiction recovery models such as AA can be applied to adult self harm.

Answer: I really hope this never happens.

Elmer 29-12-2021 09:05 AM

In other news, hi!

Hope everyone has a day, and there are some good things in it.

I’m meeting up with my friends who live in Ireland today.

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 09:12 AM


I hope you have a wonderful time Lio!

tamobhuuta 29-12-2021 10:24 AM

Hi guys.

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 10:26 AM

Hey tamo
How are you?

tamobhuuta 29-12-2021 10:38 AM

I am ok, though it took me a while to get to sleep. How are you?

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 10:55 AM

I haven't slept at all

tamobhuuta 29-12-2021 11:00 AM

Oh no! I can't remember ever having not slept.

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 11:09 AM

Its been happening to me a lot lately!

tamobhuuta 29-12-2021 11:11 AM

Do you lie in bed or get up?

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 11:20 AM

I lay in bed for about 3 hours then got up

nonperson 29-12-2021 11:25 AM

Omg I fell asleep and missed loads of activity here!

tamobhuuta 29-12-2021 11:28 AM

Hi np, how are you?

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 11:35 AM

You did np!
Did you sleep ok in the end?

nonperson 29-12-2021 11:40 AM

People need to come to this thread more. *points at all the people*

Hey Tamo =)

Yeah I slept ok enough, kept waking up though, probably got about 4 or 5 hours. =/

I'm about to go attempt gluing the catflap back on the wall...

tamobhuuta 29-12-2021 11:42 AM

Gluing the cat flap?

tamobhuuta 29-12-2021 11:43 AM

We've got a lock on ours...

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 11:51 AM

4 or 5 hours isn't *too* bad I suppose!
Though waking up during the night is annoying

Have fun with that!

nonperson 29-12-2021 11:59 AM

Nah, that's an ok amount of sleep. I can function. Not that there's anything happening today to really function for.

Didn't make that clear - I don't mean gluing it shut, tamo! XD

The cat flap goes through a really thick wall, it's like a tunnel! It's kind of double flapped - one on the outside hole and one on the inside... but the inside flap bit has no drill holes, they're not meant for this kind of set up, so I just glued it on a good few years ago but it's eventually worked its way off so I need to do it again!

Not sure if my No More Nails is all blocked up or not. This could be messy... =|

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 12:03 PM

That does sound rather messy!

nonperson 29-12-2021 01:13 PM

Not messy at all when the glue has dried solid inside the tube...

So I've done some tidying and stuck draft excluder tape around the cupboard under the stairs.

What're you up to?

Cacoethes 29-12-2021 01:21 PM

Time to get some new glue?!

Well done!

Nothing really!
Managed to get someone to pick up my pcr test but she can't come until later. So I'll do it later.
And I'm waiting on an amazon delivery

nonperson 29-12-2021 02:01 PM

Yep new glue is on the list for tomorrow.

I'm also waiting on an Amazon delivery. Apparently they're 1 stop away but haven't moved for about 5 minutes.

nonperson 29-12-2021 02:02 PM

They're here!

nonperson 29-12-2021 02:04 PM

I'm not at all being creepy and watching through the crack in the curtains. I thought Amazon drivers were really pushed for time - this lady was walking so slow down the path that she was looking around at my garden o.O

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