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tamobhuuta 29-07-2020 06:19 PM

Did you get any sweeties china?

not_so_insig 29-07-2020 06:27 PM

I have washed and dried my hair :-)

Cacoethes 29-07-2020 06:29 PM

I hope you did get some sweeties Lillie!

I got some pick n mix online the other week

chinahorse 29-07-2020 06:47 PM

Lol its more like hang around for a train which wont coincide with when the bus arrives to take me home so hang about bit more.

I got apple sour boiled sweets that the lady tried to talk me out of buying and huge white jazzies.

Cacoethes 29-07-2020 06:50 PM

Very irritating!

Good good!
Why did the lady try to talk you out of buying them?
I love jazzies!

tamobhuuta 29-07-2020 06:52 PM

Mmmm tastey.

nonperson 29-07-2020 07:08 PM

Ooh the giant white jazzies are the best.

Cacoethes 29-07-2020 07:12 PM

Hey np
How are you?

nonperson 29-07-2020 09:34 PM

Hey, yeah I'm alright. Went out for a walk with my friend this evening. How're you?

[Luna] 30-07-2020 08:58 AM

Hey lovelies, just popping in to say I hope you all have a lovely day <3

tamobhuuta 30-07-2020 10:18 AM

You too Luna x

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 10:42 AM

You too Luna! <3

Morning everyone

chinahorse 30-07-2020 11:48 AM

Morning all :-)

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 11:59 AM

Morning Lillie!
(Only just!)

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 12:00 PM

ok it's afternoon now :p
How are you?

tamobhuuta 30-07-2020 02:17 PM

Hi again Cacoethes.

I'm in a maxi dress in honour of the sunshine.

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 02:20 PM

Hello again!

Sounds nice and cool!
It is very warm today. Meant to be worse tomorrow! Highs of 33!!!
I'm in my usual dress and leggings

[Luna] 30-07-2020 03:48 PM

33!! urgh. I really must dig out some summery clothes.

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 04:18 PM

I know it's awful!
Yep probably best

I got all my shopping done today so I don't have to go out tomorrow
Overheating is really not good for epilepsy!

[Luna] 30-07-2020 05:09 PM

That’s good Beckie, well planned!

nonperson 30-07-2020 05:22 PM

Just popping in to state the obvious - bit hot today, isn't it!

[Luna] 30-07-2020 05:29 PM

haha! Sure is, it sure is.

How are you NP?

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 05:34 PM

I also had a carer take me to the shops today so didn't have to walk and could carry more back!

It is rather hot today np!

nonperson 30-07-2020 05:35 PM

Quite tired and I need to find some motivation to shower and then make something proper for dinner...

How're you?

nonperson 30-07-2020 05:36 PM

Ninja Beckie. That's quite excellent about having a lift to and from the shop today.

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 05:48 PM

Motivation can be hard np!
I believe in you!

Yes I was very grateful!

nonperson 30-07-2020 05:55 PM

Hah, thanks. I will do it soon.

Hope you managed to get a load of extra stuff to keep you going. =)

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 06:15 PM

Good good!

Yes I did!

nonperson 30-07-2020 08:03 PM

I am cleeean and now waiting for the oven to heat up.

What's everyone had for dinner tonight?

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 08:22 PM

Yay well done!!

I had gammon steak with a 'butterbean crush' which is basically new potatoes mashed together with butterbeans with some fromage frais. Accompanied by some courgette and cherry tomatoes.
First real thing I've cooked in a while that isn't pasta and pesto!!

tamobhuuta 30-07-2020 08:23 PM

Quorn wraps :) what do you have planned?

nonperson 30-07-2020 08:45 PM

Ooh Beckie that sounds yum apart from the courgette!

Wraps are good, Tamo. I'm also having quorn escalope and salad.

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 08:48 PM

Wraps are nice

It was yum! I am very full now and had to have a yogurt because I had hiccups so I feel like I'm overflowing!

Sounds good np!

nonperson 30-07-2020 09:23 PM

Eww, overflowing!

Cacoethes 30-07-2020 10:01 PM

Yeah it's not a great feeling!

[Luna] 31-07-2020 09:52 AM

Morning thread dwellers.
I hope today isn't too hot for you guys.

tamobhuuta 31-07-2020 10:20 AM

I'm not ready for the hot.

[Luna] 31-07-2020 10:26 AM

Hey Tamo, have you got much to do today?

Cacoethes 31-07-2020 10:31 AM

Good morning Luna and tamo!

I am also not ready for the hot!
I hate it!
But I have nowhere to go today so lucky!

Are you up to much today Luna?

[Luna] 31-07-2020 10:33 AM

I'm in the middle of packing. I also have some work to do and some college work (as well as some housework). All of which can be thankfully done indoors.
How about you?

Cacoethes 31-07-2020 10:43 AM

Going anywhere nice?
That sounds like a lot to do! At least it's all indoors though!

I have absolutely 0 to do today!
Will go for a walk when it gets cooler so about 8pm probably.
Epilepsy does not get on well with heat!

[Luna] 31-07-2020 10:47 AM

Just going to Devon for a week.

That's really good that you're putting things in place to look after yourself.

Cacoethes 31-07-2020 10:57 AM

Lovely! Devon is nice
Hope you have a great time!

Thanks :)

tamobhuuta 31-07-2020 11:00 AM

I've got a phone call in a second., that's it.

chinahorse 31-07-2020 11:15 AM

I've done 1 bus journey and am on my second train. It's far too hot for this!

Cacoethes 31-07-2020 11:21 AM

Oh no Lillie!
That's not what you want on a day like this!

chinahorse 31-07-2020 11:29 AM

Really is not.

[Luna] 31-07-2020 11:30 AM

Public transport is definitely not the one on hot days.
I hope it isn't too unbearable Lillie.

Tamo, I hope the phonecall goes well.

Cacoethes 31-07-2020 11:50 AM

Hope you get to your destination soon Lillie!
And that it's a bit cooler!

My cpn is meant to be calling today but I don't know when

[Luna] 31-07-2020 11:55 AM

I hate no knowing when people are going to call.
I hope your CPN doesn't keep your waiting all day.

I hate packing :pinch:

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